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Default Quantum leap time tracks

Part 1

After each leap Sam felt like he was flying above the clouds and it felt like God, time and fate or even himself was guiding his way through time and the heavens it felt like he was going to be on this journey forever with his hologram guide, guiding him forever.

Sam longed for home even tho he was living his dream by traveling through time at times he felt like he was a lost sheep that could ever return to his rightful farm in his rightful place in space and time a part of him was OK with that idea while another part of him was scared of the idea even to death.

But he would let the hands of fate and God guide his way and hopefully he would get home soon he hoped.

And like always Sam was covered in a wash of blue of quantum leap light and as he leaps in to his next host.

When the blue light faded away Sam finds himself in a theme park and Sam was surrounded by rides and the cheer of the fair ground.

Everyone around him was enjoying themselves and familys where all around him.

Deep down Sam loved theme parks but he didn't have much time for them in his normal day to day life and it felt great that this time round he leaped somewhere enjoyable this time.

But then without warning Sam felt a little weakness and his whole body started to flicker blue and he looked at himself and within a blink of a eye.

Sam found himself lying on a bed in a hotel room.

Sam quickly gets up and says wondering to himself and said to himself

"wasn't I just in a fair ground?"

Feeling puzzled by why he suddenly just jumped time zones without warning he looked at his watch and the date on his watch said

January 1 2020

And Sam says out loud

"oh boy!"

Meanwhile project quantum leap

AL was nursing his morning headache with his fourth cup of coffee of the day while he was sitting all by himself in the canteen of the project.

The handlink starts to Goan himself his pocket Al takes the link out of his pocket taps the device and reads the display and quickly gets up and leaves.

As soon as Al enters the control room he taps the link again and says to Ziggy.

"what's going on?"

Ziggy remains silent and a blue beam of light hits Ziggy as if Sam was leaping again.

Being really confused Al says to the head programmer.

"what's going on?"

The programmer looking really worried.

"it looks like Dr Beckett is leaping uncontrollably."

Al says "oh boy!"

End of part 1
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Default Quantum leap time tracks

Part 2

The next minute Sam was yet in another time zone he said to himself

"great, a fair ground, hotel now a really old fashioned looking street."

Sam was wearing old Victorian clothes and as he was walking down the street he noticed big Ben Sam was in London England.

Sam was beginning to get really confused he felt like he was traveling on a leaping ride and with each leap it was bringing him either further into the past or further into the future feeling really lost at this point Sam was hoping that Al and Ziggy could find him soon otherwise he didn't know where he would end up next?.

Project quantum leap

"so where is Sam now?"

"were not sure we were tracking his leap and suddenly he disappeared from his time steam he could be anywhere Al"

Said the head programmer

"OK keep trying to find him"

Al taps the hand link and suddenly another blue beam of light hits Ziggy and Sam is leaping again.

Al looking really surprised says

"how many times has Sam leaped now?"

"this is his 4th leap within a matter of minutes. We're tracking Sam again he is leaping back within his own life time."

Ziggy suddenly says out of the blue

"temporal error, temporal error Dr, Beckett, Beckett, Beckett"

Her voice suddenly goes funny and the whole time machine goes off.

And smoke suddenly slowy starts rasing from the time machine.

Gooshie says

"this is bad really bad"

"how long is it going to take to get Ziggy back online?" Al says looking concerned.

"admiral it could take hours to fix ziggy"

"get on it Sam may not have hours to achieve his mission keep me posted."

Gooshie nods

Al looks at the imaging chamber door and says to himself outloud

"where ever you are Sam hang in there Sam."

End of part 2
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