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You know, this episode is exceptionally close to being considered not just an excellent one, but a contender for my top 10 episodes of all time. Yes, I think it could have been that good... But it fails. Why it fails to make an excellent grade I'll explain later, for now let me just gush for a second about the greatness of this episode.

First of all, I love the start of this episode. That GTFW just put Sam on the spot and forced him to go with his gut, knowing that Sam would see the truth in Lila's eyes. I usually enjoy the episodes that deal with racism and prejudice, and this one is right up there with The Color of Truth. The whole mystery surrounding Houston's death is very well done, leading to that climatic scene in the court room. The first time I saw that I was shocked. A great twist.

Unfortunately, the episode is terribly damaged by the lack of Al's presence. I don't know if Dean was off work doing something else, but it seems as though he's hardly in this episode. In the past, lack of Al scenes are just a small gripe, but here it's a huge blow. Why? Because he doesn't appear in the last 10 minutes. Not at all. Not only should he have been present for the reveal regarding who really killed Houston, but also, we don't get any data from Ziggy regarding the fates of all this episodes characters. I'm not just talking about Lila, but also about the Captain and his wife. But yes, seeing Lila go off on that bus not having a clue what the future holds for her is a little disconcerting. It just seems mindless not to use Al at all in these final two scenes. He was desperately needed.

My rating. Good. A great effort by Deborah Pratt, but it could have been so, so much better.
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