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Default China bans Quantum Leap!

Got this link via a twitter...


Nice photo.

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It's a shame a country that large has such an ignorant government in many respects. It could give so much to the world but instead it lives in the past. Ironic, considering the time travel theme.

Brian Greene
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Wow, I agree with you, Brian! That's... really kind of stupid; time travel is a fictional concept! Lighten up, China!


~Sometimes "That's the way it is" is the best explanation.
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Dear China,

I wouldn't know anything about the JFK assassination and the corresponding conspiracy theories if it wasn't for Quantum Leap.

A viewer of Quantum Leap who suffers from tangential learning.
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I was just reading about this in the morning over at a Star Trek board and I almost can't believe this is happening in the 21st century. It's really a shame and I think this will do more harm to the Chinese people than good. They might as well censor imagination altogether.
Scott at FedCon XX
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I heard about this today on a topical comedy show. And I was thinking "That probably means QL as well."

I'm so glad I live in a free country.
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