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Default Quantum leap a leap for donna leap date 1 Jan 1999

Hi please find below a brand new adventure of quantum leap which I have written even tho the story is complete if you find spelling errors etc please let me know and the story can be updated at any time I hope everyone who reads it will enjoy it please leave me feedback of what everyone thinks.

Thank you john

Quantum leap a leap for donna

Quick leaps

Short storys based in the world of quantum leap.

A leap for donna

Leap date Jan 01 1999

Sam was floating through time and hoping that his next leap would be the leap home........

The blue light passed through Sams body and the electrical energy flowed from his head to toe and after the light faded away Sam found himself wearing a technicans outfit wearing a cap on his head Sam turned around and in front of Sam he saw ziggy!

"oh boy!"

Meanwhile present day project quantum leap

Al walks into the control room after another yet busy day at the project having had his 3rd cup of coffee of the morning already and placed his hand on the blue section of the muit coloured device in front of Al and a beem of blue light shots out of the console and hits ziggy and he says.

"so ziggy where is Sam this time?"

"admiral I can pinpoint that Dr beckett has leaped with a 93.4 per cent certainly that Sam has leaped right here in new Mexico 3 months in the past"

"Really? So close Sam has never leaped into anyone so close to his present day before so why is he here?"

"I am still processing the data and situation admiral try me again in 7.3 hours"

"what if Sam doesn't have 7.3 hours?"

Ziggy says "I will have the data when it becomes available."

"you useless pile of gummy bears."

The handlink comes out of console flashing in the usual way Al grabs it and heads to the imaging chamber.

While walking up the ramp he says to himself "I will try and work it out with Sam"

Al taps the door controls and it slowly opens
And he walks into the white room.

Al stands in the centre of the room and says outloud" OK Sam, buddy lock on lock on to me buddy." Al taps the device in his hand and Al locks onto Sam.

Al appears like a ghost out of no where.


Al is dressed in his admiral uniform

"we need to talk quickly over here"

After another tap on the handlink Al disappears and Sam leaves the control room and walks into a near by corridor just outside the main control room.

Al "great we can talk now..."

Sam "Al am home am back this is amazing"

Al smokes his cegar and says

"I know kid" taking the cegar out of his mouth and smoking smoke rings.

"but we need to be careful Sam you have never leaped so close to your present before"

"really how close?"

"three months" after looking back from the handlink.

"really three months"

"OK Sam you'll leaped into Adam Peterson a technican assigned to the project you are a engineer and its Jan the 1st 1999 and you are here to do..."

"Al are you here?"

"what do you mean of course I am here I am with you right now"

"no younger you, earlier you i mean"

"no actually I am at Vegas with Tina right now."

"sorry I asked"

"actually if I could turn back time that would be one day I would love to change. But back to business."

Al taps the handlink while it's flashes in his hand. Red, yellow and green.

"actually I haven't thought about that. My mission Al, Al I don't want to go."

Al looks up from the device and says

"I know but you can't forget about the quantum rules."

"too hell with the rules Al am home and am staying"

Sam walks back into the control room.

Al taps the hand link with a serious look on his face and he reappears in the centre of the control room in front of Sam, sam walks boldly into the room and says

"ziggy am....."

"stop Sam there is a 80 per cent chance you've here to resolve a mistake in time."

Sam looks at Al dump founded and freezes on the stop to hear what Al has to say next Al "OK"

Al taps the link again and the white imaging chamber door opens behind Al and he says

"ill go back and get more information but in the meantime tell no one here that you are you. OK Sam. "

Sam nods

After a few more taps Al disappears into thin air.

Ziggy says "Adam are you quite alright?"

"am good no problem just forget it."

"actually where is Dr beckett now? "

"that information is restricted and only available to higher auth personal only"

"of course I forgot I won't trouble you any more "

Gooshie walks up to Adam and says

"We need some more work on ziggy to make sure she stays cooled and on tip topped shape and performance."

Sam says "Gooshie it's you" and he hugs him with a big surprise on Gooshie's face.

After a few minutes Sam remembers where he is and stops hugging and Gooshie leaves saying

"that was highly irregular."

Looking at Adam oddly.

After the door closes behind Al, Al says to ziggy

"do we have any more data on Sams mission?"

"yes admiral I can now tell you with a 90.9 per cent chance that Sam is there for donna alessi beckett. "

Donna steps forward "for me why?"

From behind the console

"to comfort you and to fulfill his promise to you."

Donna stays silent for a moment and then says to her self after a moment of reflection "of course the last time Sam was here, here when he leaped with you Al he said he would be back."

She looks at Al and Al replys

"well I think it's about time he fulfilled his promise."

Sam walks down one of the project corridors happy humming a tune to himself and the imaging chamber door opens in front of Sam and closes again after a few more taps of the handlink.


"you're here for donna Sam"

"Donna? Who's Don.... Of course how could I forget the love of my life how could I forget?"

"it's not your fault Sam. Speak of the devil you need to do it now Sam"

Sam turns around and Donna is walking down the same corridor waking towards Sam, Sam runs to Donna and says


"yes do I know you?"

"it's me Sam beckett am here am home."

"you can't be Sam, Sam's in the past right now"

Looking at him oddly.

"he is but I am his future self"

"Sam!" both Sam and Donna hugs
"why are you here Sam?"

Al reappears next to Donna

"tell her Sam it's OK that's why you've here" tapping into the handlink

Sam looking uncomfortable and uneasy "I am here for you"

"why am I in danger?"

"no I don't think so"

"you don't think so? What's that supposed to mean? "

"Sam according to ziggy your here to tell Donna that you will always be there for her and to never lose hope and one day when you're travels through time is done you will come back to her."

"Donna right now I can't be with you I need to be out there leaping from one life to the next putting right what once went wrong but one day, I don't know when when it's complete I will come back home to you so please never lose hope."

"but Sam it's not fair?"

"I know life isn't fair but stay strong and I will be back again."

"oh Sam"

"I love you Donna"

"I love you sam"

Sam embraces Donna he kisses her on the head and says "I swear to god I will come home to you" he embraces her in a loving embrace.

And in that moment Sam is covered from head to toe in blue light and and like a wave of blue light passes through his entire body and Sam leaps out.

After the leap fades away Sam finds himself alone in the dark looking at a grave stone in a cemetery in the middle of the night it starts to rain and Sam says to himself

"leaping around in time always seems like a surprise to me each leap always telling a new story but sometimes I feel like I am always alone out in the cold."

Sam shines the touch in his hand and the grave in front of him the stone reads "here lays Dr Sam beckett"

Sam looks in amazement at the stone and he feels like in that moment someone has walked across his grave. And Sam did it to himself by mistake.

"Sam! Sam!"

" Al? "

A man walks towards Sam walking passed the nearby grave stones and as soon Sam can see the stranger walk more closer towards Sam coming into view Sam sees a much older Al and he replies

" get ready Sam I have quite a story to tell"

"oh boy"

To be continued

Written by John Gerrard
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