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Default if sam aged????

ok sam is a saint but not an angel he is still a human beeing so i was wandering if sam continued leaping into other poples lives,and he was 40 when he first leaped to someone,and say now he is 70 then wouldnt that leap affect the leapie.becouse he would be traped into an old body wating to die ok you can forget donna and others,but noone can beat TIME AND AGE.i know its kinda dumb question But like other times i was just wandering.And if you remember in trilogy part when sam leaped in to the laywer who was 70 something that age thing affected him .he had a minor heart attack.
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Not sure what you're asking there, but I'll give it a whirl.

1) Young Sam, in Old Body
Sam will be able to do what he can normally do as it is his body that leaps and the leapee's physical aura surrounds Sam's body, giving the illusion that the leapee is still there. However in some leapees, part of the leapee's physical form can be left behind. As in Trilogy Part III.

2) Old Sam, in Young Body
Old Sam will still be old Sam. He will only be able to do what he would normally be physically able to do.

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I agree. Samuel travels IN time, not outside of it or around it. He still experiences time the same as everyone else, consciously or not. His calender just works differently from ours. So a year to Gloria or Jimmy, for example, is the same amount of time for Sam. When he Leaped in 1989 (or in the show was it 1995??), he started aging from there as he normally would. Wouldn't it be a trip if he IS still Leaping when he is 70 and he DID have a heart attack?? I would not want to be the Leapee back in the Waiting Room.
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Default re: if sam aged????

Originally Posted by HologramIAm
Wouldn't it be a trip if he IS still Leaping when he is 70 and he DID have a heart attack?? I would not want to be the Leapee back in the Waiting Room.
Hence my point, Sam is in a coma, after he had a heart attack that's why he's leaping. Okay, enough said before I reveal more of my ideas on QL that woke me up again at 4 am. Darn, I still have to work today, I would've wanted to write my fan fic.
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Default Time could slow down for him

First off, if leaping started in May 1995 and he was born Aug 1953, then he was 41 going on 42 when he leaped. As of now (2006) he'd only be 53 years old. To be 70, it would have to be 2023. But that is assuming linear time which it's possible that Sam does not experience.

Yes, time would go forward, but it is possible that inbetween leaps he is "outside time." That is, he doesn't age between leaps. It is a stasis. If you add up all the time that he was actually living in a leap (the clock ticks as he is traveling IN time during a leap), it doesn't add up to normal time. Thus, Sam may be MUCH younger than he would be had he been living on our plane of existance.

I'll say that the coma idea is intriguing and I'd like to read it. However, I would count it as an AU. I don't think that Sam is in a coma. I think he figured out a way to travel in time and that's exactly what he is doing.

BTW...Donna is older then Sam (do the math...when he arrived at StarBright in 1982, he was 28 or 29 (depending on whether before or after his birthday), Donna had just turned 30. Depending on her birthday and when he arrived, she could be almost a year older then he is. She is living IN time all the time. Thus, in 2023 she would be 71.

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His body never stops aging... it's not in suspended animation!
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Yes, I think Sam would still age, even if he ages more slowly because of all the time that he "skips" between leaps. But he doesn't have to be 70 to have a heart attack either. He's past 40 to begin with, which is the age when the risk starts to rise. He seems very healthy, but look at his family history--both his father and grandfather died relatively young. So if someone wants to think about a heart attack scenario, there you go.

If it was fatal, I think we would simply see the same thing that happened in Revenge of the Evil Leaper when Zoe died--she disappeared and the leapee returned to where she belonged. So Sam would be the only one harmed. If it's not fatal, it might be different.
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Sam doesn't age because he is in the future.Not sure if you are just being hypothetical?But time is going day by day even though the show was on for five years so I am assuming in their world just 2 or 3 months past by.
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I tend to agree with the Sam-doesn't-age-between-Leaps theory. It just wouldn't seem fair if he lost large chunks of his life in the between-times.
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There is time between leaps. The show talks about that. Sometimes a few days, sometimes longer. Sometimes the leaps happen right after another.

I didn't say Sam was in the future between leaps. I said that time may move differently or not at all between leaps. That may mean that Sam may not age the same way as people living day to day existence.

From a physics standpoint...particle acceleration generally raises the speed of the particles to just below that of the speed of light. Einstein showed that if a person was traveling at the speed of light, they would seem to age normally to themselves, but if compared to a person living day to day existence on the earth, they would be aging slower. Thus, when the person traveling at the speed of light came back to earth (usually the concept of twins is used to present this), the twin on earth would have aged more then the twin who was traveling at light speed.

Sam stepped into the accelerator and vanished. By definition, he is most likely traveling at or close to the speed of light (or...if one wants to use science fiction concepts like warp in Star Trek...even faster) He would in that case age slower then his counterparts at the project. Then there is that possibility that he is outside of time (as I said before) during the time in-between his leaps...and he might not age at all during those moments.

Hence...Sam may be much younger then he would be if he were experiencing linear time as we do.
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