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I assumed everybody in QL were very close friends.

Even well before sam lept.

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Was only just introduced to this show recently and finally got my hands on the last season DVDs and watched.

Must say very surprised and a little disappointed in the ending.

Does Al still work with him as a hologram?
Does Beckett now have the ability to return home for visits when he feels like it and actually spends time with his wife? And if not, does she even know he's never going to return?
Is it Sam's choice to keep jumping?

I suppose it may be one of those endings I have to re-watch to fully understand but I was a little saddened by it.

Have been loving the show though. I think I was mainly surprised by the level of accuracy and care they took in each episode. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular when I began watching but I found not only this made me laugh but it explored all of mankind's biggest issue when dealing with equality and common respect for all living beings.
Very impressed by this. Still can't decide who I like better though...Scott or Dean...
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I had forgotten how much the B******** episode scared me as a kid. They had it on ION yesterday. I'm 26 and that episode still scares me. I am so pathetic.
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Originally Posted by Errowyn View Post
I had forgotten how much the B******** episode scared me as a kid. They had it on ION yesterday. I'm 26 and that episode still scares me. I am so pathetic.
Classic episode! The first Horror thing I ever saw in my life. I remember I used to skip that episode everytime it was on TV because I didn't like anything dark or scary, but I was like 12 when I got to see it in its entirety and I was absolutely astonished. The second it was over, I knew I had been born to like all Horror-related things, like the Fantasy and Thriller genres. I didn't even know who Poe, Lovecraft or King were until I saw that episode. Of course I had heard about them before, but never really cared for them until that amazing viewing experience.

If it wasn't for that episode, I probably wouldn't be a reader (and I'm not only talking about the Horror genre, but in general) or a writer. Crazy and weird, but true. Now it's almost like "The B**gieman" is a part of me or something. Like it's an entrance to all those dark and wonderful (but often edgy, sharp and dangerous) places, at least in my mind.

Anyway, I wanted to share this because I thought it could count as a thing that surprised me from the show, so don't worry, Errowyn, I'm even more pathetic.
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I would have to say the one episode that surprised me the most was Shock theater when Sam and Al switched spots. I remember watching Quantum leap during one of my summers when it came on USA at midnight. I always stayed up late purposely just so I could catch QL. I remember seeing that episode for the first time. I did not want to wait until the next night to see it. I wanted to see the next episode right away. My mind was reeling that whole next day as I waited for QL to come on that night.
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What suprised me the most about quantum leap is how far the show was willing to leap Sam. I thought the first time I saw the chimp episode that was WRONG.
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Hi everyone-

I hear what you are saying. It should also be noted that in an interview Scott has mentioned that as a parent he at the time wouldn't let his own kids watch some of the episodes because of the content.
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Hi, QL fans!
As for me, I was bad surprised with the episode about Oswald. To my honest opinion it was the only unsuccessful one, because of touching some political moments. They don't form the spirit of QL but usual life events.
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I didn't like the LHO episode,too. In my opinion - the worst episode of the entire series.
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