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Old 06-18-2014, 12:19 AM   #26
blue enigma
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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
The one thing that was off putting about the death in the family was the plane crash. This is an element used quite frequently in television which falsely portrays how common plane crashes actually are. An Airplane is actually one of the safest if not THE safest mode of travel, you're at least five times more likely to die in a car crash. I believe I've heard that you even have a better chance of being struck by lightning...or is that something else?
This is what I've heard too -- it's just that when you're driving the car you feel like you have more control over things. Which is not necessarily true, since you have no control over what someone else on the road will do.

But this leap takes place on February 2, 1974, 40 years ago, and the crash would've happened a year or so before that (they're due to pick out a headstone for Danny and have the unveiling, which takes place a year after the person's death). So there may be a difference in quality of technology.

This site lists plane crashes in 1973: http://www.planecrashinfo.com/1973/1973.htm

Nearly 10 of those crashes happened around a year before the leap date. The episode was likely not specifically referencing any of those crashes but they might have had one of them in mind to use as a guide.

This is one of my favorites of all QL episodes. Very powerful, great acting and the girl who played Karen was so good.
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Sam Beckett Fan
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Interesting blue_enigma, ten crashes around the year of the leap? Dang.
Perhaps then I have heard wrong.

One thing I forgot to mention in my review was the line of Al's when Sam thought he'd finished the leap when he swore not to be Irene's lover. (Silly Sam XD)
"Try clicking your heels together three times and saying 'theres no place like home'"
It always crosses my mind hearing it how actually correct that joking statement was or at least according to Al the Bartender.

The first time I saw Mirror Image when ATB says "You could have gone home anytime you wanted" or something to that effect the first thing that came to my mind was the line of Al's in this episode.

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Glenn L
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Originally Posted by alsplacebartender View Post
Thou Shalt Not...
February 2, 1974

Los Angeles, California

As a rabbi, Sam must prevent a Jewish family from falling apart when the wife of his brother contemplates having an affair. Her husband is a bitter man due to the loss of their son and has stopped communicating with their daughter as well. Sam has to bring them all together and save the family.

Written by: Tammy Ader
Directed by: Randy Roberts

Rate and comment on this episode!
My favorite scenes:

(1) At the very beginning, when Sam, instead of saying "Oh boy", instead says, "Oy vey, I'm the Rabbi!" LOL!

(2) When Sam performs the Heimlich maneuver, only to learn seconds later that he just saved "Dr. Heimlich" himself from choking to death.
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Old 01-16-2016, 12:45 AM   #29
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I liked this episode, being Jewish myself . But there's always been one thing that's bothered me about it - the timeline.

Sam leaps in on 2/2/74, which is a Saturday when Bar/Bat Mitzvahs occur. So far so good.

Is the trip to the gas station still Saturday? Then when they're having dinner is that Saturday night? I mean they just had a big feast 10 episode minutes earlier. So the bake sale on Sunday?

Then next thing you know Irene wants to go away for the weekend. Did we suddenly fast forward five days??

Overall a great episode, though the ending was a little sappy and the timeline doesn't seem to make sense.
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Old 10-16-2017, 02:51 AM   #30
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A very emotionally powerful episode, well played by everyone involved. You could tell from the get-go that something was eating this family up. You could see it in them at the Bat Mitzvah and the reception after - even before Irene's husband (sorry, I'm horrible with names) turned down her request to dance.

We learn a little bit more about Al in this one. He can dance! And he's okay with one-night stands - as long as the participants aren't married. Or did you quickly add that bit in for Sam, Al?

I think it worked out for the best that [the husband] thought it was his brother who was having an affair with his wife, and didn't find out about Burt the Slimeball, who I'm assuming just disappeared after Sam called him out on his lies.

The final scene in the cemetery was very powerful - just as powerful as the scene in the son's room. The whole episode was well-acted by all.

This one gets an Excellent in my book.
"What's left after you go is the good you've left behind."
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Old 04-22-2019, 01:23 AM   #31
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The first minor blip of season 2. This one is very, very forgettable to me. I used to remember it as the "Jewish episode" (largely because the best scene, in my opinion, is the insanely catchy hava nagila dance scene). In fact, it only makes an Average grade because the subject matter is interesting, and in some scenes the episode as a whole is very powerful. The death of a child is something I cannot imagine. I have known loss, but I can't dream how terrible and horrific it must be to lose your child.

Unfortunately, some things drag the episode down. First of all, it's very downbeat in tone. Yes, the subject matter is serious, but the whole air of this episode is just very dark. They could have done more to keep an even mix of tone. Also, Russ Tamblyn's character feels tacked on. As though the episode needed a villainous character so they cooked him up on short notice. Also, there's one really bad scene where Sam kisses the mother. It just feels wrong under the circumstances. I know it was to establish that Sam suspects his host is the one who she's going to cheat with, but it feels wrong that Sam goes along with the kiss at first.

My rating. Average. Not a bad episode, but too downbeat and with a few problems.
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