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Call Sheets

Animal Frat Call Sheet

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Used by permission from Stuart Fratkin.

Nowhere To Run Call Sheet

Lee Harvey Oswald Call Sheet

Project Quantum Leap ID Badges

Produced for "The Leap Back"

Tina's ID badge has the number 462 on it! It was screen-used, but the others were not seen clearly on-screen.

Thanks to Gene Crowell, Matt Dale, and T R Solano for photos.

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Project Quantum Leap Wristlink

Thanks to T R Solano for photos.

Sam's Wristlink worn in "The Leap Back" while back in his present time at Project Quantum Leap.

Project Quantum Leap Star Pin

From Morgan Feldon:

So hopefully I can contribute some information about this prop.

It is the M007 Star mini neon badge imported into the US in the late 1980's, likely for Spencer Gifts and possibly sold in their spinoff store called GLOW!


One year, Deborah Pratt bought a bunch of them and sent these out as gifts for Christmas to friends and Quantum Leap crew. 2 years ago, I was extraordinarily lucky to receive one of these from her. Alas mine does not light up as the neon has stopped working, but I now have the physical prop in hand and have the opportunity to replicate it. Here's a couple of photos including one of hers which works.

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Future Boy Helmet  |  Moe Stein Hat - Future Boy  |  Time Cadet Headwear - Future Boy

Sam's Suit - A Tale of Two Sweeties  | 
Al's Costume - A Leap For Lisa

Future Boy Helmet

Worn by Scott Bakula as the children's television character "Future Boy" from the season three episode of the same name.

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Moe Stein Hat from Future Boy

Actor Richard Herd wore this hat as his character, Moe Stein, in the third season episode "Future Boy."

Thanks to owner Matt Dale for these images. Matt received this directly from Richard Herd.

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Time Cadet Headwear from Future Boy

This weighted paper hat is adorned with silver coating and screen-printed outline.

It was one of several hats worn by the child actors during the birthday party scene.

Owner Brian Greene received this directly from actor Richard Herd, who played Moe Stein in the third season episode,
Future Boy.

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Sam's Suit from A Tale of Two Sweeties

This suit, designed by series costumer Jean-Pierre Dorleac, was worn twice during the series run by actor Scott Bakula.

He wore it first in a promotional photo for the first season in early 1989 (pictured right).

Five years later, he would suit up again for the 1993 fifth season episode, A Tale Of Two Sweeties (pictured bottom left).

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Al's Costume from A Leap For Lisa

This red and black costume with matching pants and jacket was designed by series costumer Jean-Pierre Dorleac. It was worn by actor Dean Stockwell in the fourth season finale, A Leap For Lisa.

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Costume Accessories

Sam's Belt Buckle from The Leap Between The States Al's Lapel Pin from So Help Me God

Sam's Belt Buckle from The Leap Between The States

In the fifth season episode, The Leap Between The States, actor Scott Bakula wore this belt buckle as part of his Union Army costume. Images to the left appear gold, while the same buckle (pictured right) appears silver in different lighting.

Thanks to Gene Crowell (left) and Matt Dale (right) for the images.

Episode Screencap

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Al's Lapel Pin from So Help Me God

Thanks to Alison Pregler for the image.

Lapel pin worn by Dean Stockwell as seen in the episode image above.

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