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"One Leap... Many Hearts"


raised during the charity auction and raffles!

$8,904 auction + $2,925 raffles










It's time to clean out that drawer or that closet or that carton. Not for old clothes nor worn out shoes but for treasures that will make a Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula or Dean Stockwell fan drool with delight. Plus, in doing so, you'll also help make a hospitalized child's life a little better!!

We are now gratefully accepting donated items for the Charity Auction and raffle drawings to be held during Leap Back 2009, the 20th Anniversary Quantum Leap Convention taking place next March 27-29th (www.leapback2009.com). Our beneficiary, of course, is the wonderful Starlight Children's Foundation (www.starlight.org).

We are looking for any/all items and memorabilia related to the classic TV show or to either of its stars, Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, even if it's not QL related. Suggested items include but are not limited to photos, magazines, books, posters, props, clothing, playbills, newspaper articles, DVDs, CDs, artwork and memorabilia of any kind*.

We're also planning to have either or both of our stars personally autograph some of the items before they're auctioned off.

As a 'thank you', the names of all those who so generously donate items will be listed in the convention brochure as a permanent keepsake.

This event is destined to be a huge success, both for the charity and for the fans in attendance. We hope you will open your hearts and your stashes and donate some goodies. We also hope you're planning to join us next March when you'll have the opportunity to also open your wallets and do some bidding**! Tickets for this event and all its festivities are still available for purchase at the website www.leapback2009.com

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email them to helene@leapback2009.com or carol@leapback2009.com.

All donations (except oversized and/or heavy items like books, sets of DVDs/CDs) shipped BEFORE January 1st should be sent to:
H Kaplan
PO Box 9232
Bardona, NY 10954

All oversized and/or heavy items such as books, DVDs and CDs and anything shipped
AFTER January 1st should be sent to:
Carol Cartwright
526 E. Cypress Ave.
Glendora, CA 91741

If you have a mixed shipment or are unclear in any way as to where to ship your items, please email helene@leapback2009.com or carol@leapback2009.com for instructions.

Deadline for all shipments is on or about February 1st.

If possible, please include your email address with the donations so that you can be notified when the shipment has arrived. In addition, please let us know the exact name you would like printed in the brochure. Feel free to also include any additional applicable information about the item you are donating, such as date and place, photographer's name, show title, etc.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!


How it works


The convention committee is planning to take all the items so generously donated and group them into separate auction lots. Each numbered lot will have one or more items included in it. We plan on having some lots include one item personally autographed by Scott Bakula and/or Dean Stockwell or another of our great guest stars. A printed, descriptive list of all the numbered lots will be available at the convention itself and all items will be on view to be seen 'up close and personal'. Available viewing times of the items will be announced at the convention.

Every convention attendee will be asked to fill out a simple bidder form and, in return, they will receive a keepsake bidder 'paddle' with their convention number on it. During the actual auction proceedings, they can raise the paddle in the air if they wish to bid on a particular lot. There may well be a back and forth of bids, but in the end, the highest monetary bid will win the lot. You can be sure that our auctioneer will make it all both easy to follow and fun and the paddle will be yours to keep regardless of your participation in the bidding.

The auction itself is generally a must-see event. Even if you don't plan on bidding, the shenanigans are often quite entertaining. Plus since EVERY LOT MUST 'GO'; we expect that there will be all price ranges and that some will undoubtedly be sold at remarkably low prices! Payment** and pickup of items will follow immediately at the conclusion of the auction itself. With the proceeds going to the Starlight Children's Foundation, everyone is a winner!

In addition, there will also be a variety of donated and purchased items that will be reserved as raffle prizes. These special items will also be on view during the convention. Everyone attending the convention will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the drawings to be held during the convention itself. This will also allow an opportunity for those that may not wish to participate in the auction itself to have a chance at winning a keepsake for the price of a raffle ticket.

One way or another, everyone will have the chance to go home with wonderful collectible/keepsake items related to Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula and/or Dean Stockwell and you can make all that possible with your donations. Nothing is too small or inconsequential to donate!

*Please be advised that we cannot accept items that include unauthorized copies of copyrighted material.

**You can pay for winning auction lots by cash, credit card or traveler's cheques ONLY (no personal checks). Be prepared so you won't be disappointed!

items for auction


Below are photos of some of the items we offered through the charity auction and raffles throughout the weekend!

Scott Bakula agreed to autograph this official QUANTUM LEAP crew jacket!


Our own graphic artist Maryse Worrallo created this work of art to be auctioned for Starlight Children's Foundation! Very detailed and professional - high bidding on this one!

CHARITY AUCTION LOTS*       (SB = Starting Bid)

1.  Quantum Leap T-shirt, Novel cover art, 5 novels inc “The Odyssey” (autograph) , The QL book, bookmark, ornament   SB  $15

2.  Quantum Leap   4-“Leap Before You Leap” fanzines, 1-QL “Leaps Unbound” fanzine, deck/cards  SB $10

3.  Three Guys Naked From the Waist Down framed LP cover (autographs); SB $20

4.  Star Trek The Magazine (autograph), Enterprise Hallmark collectible, Art Asylum figure, Star Trek Communicator and TV Guide magazines, “Fast Chat” interview – article SB $15

5.  Venice Magazine (autograph), 8x10 picture authentication, Quality of Life playbill and collage of stage door pics SB $20

6.  First printing of Quantum Leap comic book #1 (autograph), full set of QL comics, bumper sticker, dogtag Scott/Dean publicity shot  SB $20

7.  Mr & Mrs Smith picture (autographs), TV Guide, script (copy?), Video: CBS Sneak Peak 1996  SB $15

8.  Detour Magazine (autograph), Scott/Dean star ceremony photo, 8x10 PR Scott photo, full binder of articles/pictures of Scott, ornament.    SB $20

9.  Original artwork (16x23 illustration) “Sam and Al  (autograph)    SB $35

10.  Lord of Illusions poster (autograph), T-shirt, Cinescape and Fangoria magazines, Ad & review of film    SB $20

11. Classic TV magazine (autographed by author/can be personalized), SciFi Now, 2- TV Guides, Leaper article, Not of This Earth (photocopy), Scott promo shot, ornament   SB $15

12. Enterprise Captain Bear plush (autograph), Art Asylum figure, Star Trek and TV Guide magazines, Las Vegas Convention program, newspaper interview    SB $25

13. Dean’s Walk of Fame program, 6-videos, 8x10 photo    SB $10

14. Shenandoah playbill,  NPC luncheon sign (autograph), picture authenticating autograph, table sign, NPC plaque photo    SB $20

15. Quantum Leap A-Z (autographed by author/can be personalized), The Making of…, QL Book and Time Tripping Guide plus 19 QL novels inc 2 autographed by Scott and “Song and Dance” autographed by author, ornament      SB $25

16. The Invaders media pack (autograph), Scripts Parts 1 & 2, Starlog Magazine     SB $20

17.  Major League 3 DVD, lobby card, 3- 4x6 candids (cast at Shea Stadium), Necessary Roughness VHS, Star Trek Communicator Magazine (fitness) and LA S&F magazine (autograph)    SB $20

18.  Quantum Leap Calendar (1993), Future Boy picture (autographs), VQT banquet report (copy), Don B letter (copy), dogtag   SB  $15

19.  Enterprise TV Guide 35th Anniversary (autograph), TV soundtrack CD, Art Asylum figure, 2-Star Trek Communicator magazines, Entertainment and TV Guide (large) magazines, local newspaper TV magazine     SB $15

20.  Theatre program lot includes Quality of Life (autograph) and many others, 8x10 picture authenticating autograph     SB $20

21. Future Boy picture (autographs) and 7 issues of “Quantum What?”, book, deck/cards    SB  $10

22. Cats Don’t Dance Press Kit (autograph), Scholastic paperback book, 3- Subway toys, Subway paper bags,  DVD    SB $25

23. Kirkwood HS 1973 yearbook (Scott’s senior year), small folder with various articles, St. Louis Dispatch article    SB $25

24. Quantum Leap baseball cap (autograph) and mug, 2010 calendar, SFX Magazine (autograph), deck of cards, cup from ’94 convention, bumper sticker, ornament     SB $20

25. Three Guys Naked From the Waist Down theatre playbill (autograph), CD, book of play    SB $25

26.  Quantum Leap ‘So Help Me God’ script (leatherbound, autograph by Deborah Pratt), 7 other scripts, lge ornament   SB $20

27.  Prowler: parking sign from set (autograph), script; Promises Kept script, poster     SB $30

28. Enterprise Porthos plush (autograph) 2-TV Guide magazines, Art Asylum figure, SFX magazine,  music video (CD)   SB $20

29. An Evening with Scott Bakula, invitation w/envelope (autograph), poster    SB $20

30. Quantum Leap –Original oil painting by C.Winston Taylor, 3-comic books, Starlog magazine (autograph), SB $20

31. Lord of Illusions: Playgirl Magazine (autograph), video, script, LA Times, Clive Baker book    SB $25

32. Dean Stockwell –11x14 framed movie poster (autograph), 5-videos, book     SB $20

33. Quantum Leap T-shirt, Starlog magazine (autograph), 9 issues “The Observer”, Calendar (2010), collage (every ep), ‘Leapin-in’ newsletter issues 1-24 (copies), VQT table report (copy), bumper sticker, dogtag  SB $20

34.  Shenandoah playbills (3) from 1977, ‘79 (autograph) copies?, 2006 playbill Ford’s Theatre     SB $35

35.  Enterprise Starlog Magazine (autograph), 3-TV Guides, Star Trek Magazine, Enterprise patch   SB $15

36.  Original artwork (Sam and Al)    SB $35

37.  American Body Shop “Juicy Lou’s” script (autographs) and 4x6 BTS photos    SB $25

38.  No Strings poster (autographs), promo card, playbill, postcard, collage, NYC production playbill  SB $20

39. Quantum Leap ’93 calendar (autograph), con bag, mug, postcard, bookmark, buttons, watch    SB $20

40. Enterprise “Storm Front” script (autographs), Art Asylum figure, ST Communicator, Dreamwatch and Newsday magazines, book, set of bookmarks    SB $25

41. Murphy Brown “It’s Just Like Riding a Bike” TOWEL (autograph/framed), picture, script, filming tickets, Boston Legal – TV Guide article       SB  $200

42. Quantum Leap – 6 scripts (“Catch a Falling Star” w/autograph), QL video, ornament     SB $20

43. “You Gotta Have Friends” – Hamilton HS theatre 2001, 2002, 2004 various programs/promo cards, poster (autograph) photo charm bracelet, I Do! I Do! St Louis playbill     SB $15

44.  Romance Romance hardcover book (autograph), vocal selections bk, collage, CD (2) entire show   SB $20

45. Quantum Quarterly issues 1 (autograph) - 36 in binder, dogtag     SB $15

46.  Dancing in the Dark playbill, flyer (autograph), collage of scenes     SB $15

47.  Importance of Being Wilde  CD (full show), BTS picture, Our Time Theatre benefit playbill (autograph)  SB $25.

48. Enterprise Art Asylum collectibles (2), photo (autographs), TV Guide, ST Communicator and Cinescape magazines     SB $20

49.  Quantum Leap photo (autograph), Classic TV mag (autograph), Starlog Yearbook and TV Zone magazines, music cassette, collage from every ep, notebook of articles (copies), ornament    SB $20

50.  Men, Movies & Carol script (autograph), Luminarias (4x6 mini poster), Nowhere to Hide poster   SB $25

51.  Quality of Life poster (autograph), playbill, photo authenticating poster auto, pictures    SB $35

52.  Quantum Leap original artwork- “Sam”, Enterprise – “Archer”    SB $35

53.  I Love My Wife ’81 playbill (autograph), TV Night at the Hollywood Bowl –photo, playbill    SB $30

54.  Lord of Illusions script (autograph), Press packet, postcard, Starlog and Dramalogue, ticket and promo props    SB $35

55.  Quantum Leap “Green Eggs and Ham” 6 fanzines, ornament    SB $15

56.  Scott’s 50th birthday photo (autograph), BC/EFA newsletter, framed/regular photos, ornament  SB $20

57.  Enterprise Capt Bear plush (autograph), TV Guide, Starlog and Star Trek Communicator magazines, Captain Archer mousepad, Shockwave novel     SB $25

58.  Dean – 5 videos, photos (2), Navy Seal switchblade (must be 18 yrs old)     SB $10

59.  Love Letters –Chelsea/Scott photo (autographed), promo flyer, playbill, CD entire show    SB $20

60.  Shenandoah – playbill, poster (autograph), 2 articles/magazines, collage of scenes, SB $20

61.  Enterprise SciFi Now (autograph) and TV Zone magazines, photo, cassette tape, Quantum Quest 1 issue, Double Vision issues (2), dog tag     SB $15

62.  Theatre playbills (various) inc Quality of Life (autograph)     SB $15

63.  Quantum Leap T-shirt (autograph), mug, calendar (2010), buttons, bumper sticker, patch, ornament SB $20

64.  Anyone Can Whistle playbill (autograph) postcard, songbook, CD, ticket envelope, photo     SB $25

65.  Rock n Puck T-shirt (autograph), program, parking ticket, Ice & Asphalt video, hockey article (copied), hockey pix (2)    SB $35

66.  Quantum Leap original artwork/illustration “Play it Again, Seymour” (autograph)     SB $35

67.  3” binder Scott Bakula’s career (extensive!)     SB $35

68.  Quantum Leap  large handpainted ornament (autograph)    SB $35

69.  Convention Bell/Buzzer Scott vs. Jay Trivia Contest  (autographs to done after contest)    SB $35

70.  Convention banner (autographs)  to be p/u after convention ends     SB $100

71.  “A Leap to Di For” fan film Control Panel prop (shipping charges to be paid by winning bidder) SB $100

*Items/lots subject to change.     Please be sure to read the Charity Auction page in the brochure for more information and check for updates in the auction preview room.  Thanks for your generosity.



Tickets must be placed in appropriate lot container

Raffle Tickets – GREEN
$ 5.00 = 5 tickets;  $10.00 = 11 tickets  $20.00 = 25 tickets                                               

Raffle (SP lots only) Tickets  - RED
$5.00  each


A.  QL - 5th Season DVD set, many collectibles ’94, ’94, ’96 Cons inc autograph, 2 issues Quantum Quarterly, ornament

B.  Prowler-script, Bachelor’s Baby  aka Here Comes the Son poster and article.

C.  Quantum Leap - 12 rare fanzines, ornament

D.  Shenandoah – calendar (autograph), tkt stub, 2 articles, stage door photo.

E.  Godspell (1973) CD of entire show, large folder of Scott career printouts, Scott article

F.  Enterprise 2003 calendar (autograph), TV Guide set (4), 2 mag, trading cards, winning fan ST music video

G.  Star Trek – various  7 action figures; 3 collector cards, sci-fi letterheads

H.  Quantum Leap – 5 scripts, 1 VHS, 1 photo (autograph), wristwatch

I.   Passion to Kill –script; In the Shadow of a Killer DVD-R (includes interview/BTS footage) and photo (autograph), Cats Don’t Dance Subway bag, Infiltrator DVD-R w/various interviews, Mr & Mrs Smith TV Guide preview.

J.   Dancing in the Dark – flyer (autograph), playbill; No Strings – playbill and collage

K . Quantum Leap  19 novels (including one autographed by author and one by Scott) and 3 non-fiction BTS, ornament

L   Romance Romance –book, songbook, caricatures

M.  Star Trek Original Series – 5 different (some rare) posters and 1 magazine

N.  That’s What Friends Are For-playbill, poster (autographs); I Do! I Do!-playbill; Anyone Can Whistle Stagebill; An Evening with Scott Bakula- invitation

O.  Original artwork  (“Sam/Al/cast”)

P.   The Invaders: ‘TV book’ (autograph), script and magazine

Q.  Enterprise bear plush (autograph), 5 articles/magazine inc Communicator, ST Mag and TV Guide

R.  Huge Scott theatre playbill lot including Quality of Life (autograph)

S.  Various TV movies/QL eps  PAL format or Region 2 DVD

T.  Quantum Leap Quantum Quarterly 12 issues; photo (autographs), ornament

U.  Set of 6 Scott theatre caricatures, theatre montages

V.   Star Trek (various) Action figures, magazines, book, hobby kit and napkins

W.  Lord of Illusions Press packet (autograph), script, magazine/articles, book, VHS tape

X.  Three Guys Naked From the Waist Down CD set (2) (Entire show); Marilyn: An American Fable CD set

        (2) (entire show); playbills from Quality of Life, No Strings, Shenandoah and TV Night at Hollywood Bowl

Y.   Quantum Leap various innovation comics (12), fanzine, T shirt, ornament

Z.   Enterprise – Entertainment Weekly mag (autograph), TV Guide, 2 action figures, Con program and 3 photos

AA.   Men, Movies & Carol script (autographs- copies), Prowler script, Promises Kept/NetForce/Above Suspicion mini posters; The Last Fling VHS

BB.   Dean’s career- 4 VHS, 1 DVD, photo, 2-coaster set w/POW/MIA logo

CC.   Quality of LifeVenice magazine (autograph), playbill, collage

DD.  Netforce – 2 books, “TV Week” (autograph), poster

EE.   Quantum Leap – photo, VHS,  3 books (“The Wall” w/autograph), coaster, dog tag

FF.   Shenandoah – 5 original caricatures (1 w/autograph), calendar, articles (2)

GG.  Passion to Kill ad slick (autograph), script; Role of a Lifetime-DVD, Cats Don’t Dance paperbags

HH.  Quantum Leap Laser Disk jacket, ad slick (autograph), 9-VHS, ornament, deck/cards

II.     Cats Don’t Dance media packet, VHS, Subway bags,  Philadelphia Chickens Book/CD (autograph)

JJ.     Star Trek TNG action figures (4), micro machines, color poster – various ships

KK.  Anyone Can Whistle original playbill (autograph), CD, invitation/envelope

LL.   American Body Shop “Juicy Lou’s” script (autographs)

MM.  Enterprise - 7 related books (1 w/autograph)

NN.  The Baker’s Wife –CD entire show, early Scott resume pic (autograph), large folder printouts, article (copy)

OO.   Quantum Leap 5-scripts (one w/autograph), photo, ornament



SP 1:  Quantum Leap crew jacket

SP2:   Quantum Leap full set DVDs (seasons 1 -5)

SP3:   30x40 original oil from comic author C. Winston Taylor

SP4:   Handpainted ornament set (1 large/3 small)

SP5:   2 tickets to Universal Studios


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