The Leap Back 2009 DVD Set



The 4-Disc DVD Collection
Press release from Starlight.org

Watch the trailer for the convention DVD below!

Thanks to Jo Fox for the footage in the trailer!


        DVD Cover, Insert & Disc Artwork


The Complete DVD Set
Total time: Approximately 12 hours 40 minutes
Watch on YouTube below!

Disc 1: Compilation Disc
Total time: Approximately 3 hr. 15 minutes

YouTube Playlist

1. Welcome & Introductions
     Marc B. Lee & Brian Greene

2. Deborah Pratt Q&A

3. Dealers Room & Fan Trivia Contest

4. Evening Party Clips & Costume Contest
Featuring Erika Amato & The Enterprise Blues Band
5. Starlite Charity Auction and Check Presentation

6. Deborah Pratt & The Vision Quest Book

7. Novels & Comics Panel
     C. Winston Taylor, Julie Barrett, Mindy Peterman, Chris DeFilippis

8. Credits

Disc 2: Guest Panels
Total time: Approximately 3 hr. 15 minutes

YouTube Playlist

Guest Panel #1
Holly Fields, Cynthia Bain, Lydia Cornell, T'Keyah C. Keymah, Jim Townsend, Ken Foree.

Guest Panel #2
Rich Whiteside, Mike DeMeritt, Joe Napolitano, and Chris Ruppenthal

Guest Panel #3
Rob LaBelle, Lisa Jane Persky, Erika Amato, Natasha Pavlovich, Fabiana Udenio, Susan Isaacs, Michael Gregory

Guest Panel #4
Michael Gregory, Jane Sibbett, David Newsom, Jarrett Lennon, Donna Magnani, Carolyn Seymour

Total time: Approximately 3 hr. 45 minutes

Guest panel #5
Claudia Christian, Vaughn Armstrong, Richard Herd, K Callan, and James Harper.

Guest panel #6
Deborah Pratt, Diamond Farnsworth, Ron Grow, Mike Beche, Harriet Margulies.

Guest panel #7
John D’Aquino, Brad Silverman, Susan Griffiths, DeLane Matthews,  Marjorie Monaghan, Harry Groener, Liz Torres

Disc 4: Scott Bakula with Velton, Jay, & Don
Total time: Approximately 2 hr. 15 minutes

Jay D. Schwartz (& his dog, Max)
Scott Bakula's Publicist

Scott Bakula with Velton Ray Bunch & Deborah Pratt
Somewhere In The Night performed by Scott & accompanied by Velton

Scott Bakula with Jay D. Schwartz
Bakula vs. Schwartz Trivia Challenge

Scott Bakula with Donald P. Bellisario
With surprise guest via phone: Dean Stockwell

Slideshow: Photos from The Leap Back 2009

Deleted Scenes
Events not included on the official DVD

Guest Panel: A Leap To Di For Fan Film Cast
Director/Producer Christopher Allen and the Cast of the Film

Friday Night Party featuring Erika Amato
Erika Amato from Velvet Chain

Magician: Joshua Chaikin
The Magic of Joshua Chaikin

Want more videos from the convention?
See our
Video Page!

“The Leap Back 2009: A 20th Anniversary Quantum Leap Convention” four-disc DVD was available through the Starlight Children’s Foundation donation page http://www.starlight.org/onlinestore/The suggested donation was $30.00 and all funds went directly to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  On the donation page there was an option to donate even more to this wonderful charity, if you were able.


You may contact us at this email address or join our forum with additional questions. DVD sets are no longer available for purchase.  However, you can now watch all footage from the DVD set on our website, below on this page!


Your purchase of this DVD set was considered a donation to Starlight Children’s Foundation (Fed I.D. #95-3802159) and was tax-deductible. 100% of the donated amount went to the Starlight Children's foundation. Refunds or exchanges were not possible.  Below are some issues related to the set:


1.  Because the set contains nearly thirteen hours of material from the Convention, the discs are dual-layered (not double-sided).  Older DVD players and some computers may not be able to play dual-layered discs.  Please make sure you will be able to play dual-layered discs before you order.


2.  At some points throughout the DVD set you may experience a change in sound quality or picture.  This is due to original tapes being affected by the sound feed.  The faults include a break-up of the video along the right side of the screen or a green line along the bottom, but these problems do not exist on all panels.  These do not constitute a defect in the DVD set and should not affect your viewing enjoyment. 


3. ONLY Region 1 NTSC format, which is the North American Region, is available. Most European players are multi-regional, but please make sure you can play Region 1 before ordering.



The DVD Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get this DVD set and when will it ship?
All you have to do is make a minimum donation ($30) and Starlight will send you this DVD set! Please allow at least four weeks for it to arrive if you live outside the U.S.A.

How long is this set available?
This set is available in very limited quantities. If it "sells out", there are no extra sets available. Get yours today before they are gone!

Who gets the donation?
100% of your donation goes to the Starlight Children's Foundation. We've already raised over $41,000 for this charity through ticket sales and a fantastic auction last March, so please help us in joining one last time to raise money for this very worthy cause.

How much do I donate?
$30 is the suggested minimum donation and includes shipping charges to anywhere in the world. You can donate more than the requested amount if you prefer. It's for a great cause!

Will my DVD player be able to play this set?
This DVD set is being produced in Region 1 format and is playable only on DVD players capable of playing Region 1 Dual Layer DVD's. If you can not play Region 1 and/or Dual Layered discs, do not order this set.


Thanks to everyone who made this convention and DVD release possible! Without our committee, our special guests, our volunteers, and the wonderful fans like you, Quantum Leap would still be but a memory. Thank you - it has been a leap worth taking for all of us at The Leap Back 2009, Inc.

Due to potential copyright issues, we could not include scenes from Quantum Leap on the upcoming convention DVD release. Therefore, many videos shown at the convention that could not be included on the DVD set are being presented on our Video page instead. Be sure to visit the Video page after purchasing your DVD set!

This set is not produced with or by Universal Studios or anyone legally responsible for the Quantum Leap property. It is being produced in whole by The Leap Back 2009, Inc. for fans - by fans. All proceeds will be donated to the Starlight Children's Foundation.

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The Leap Back 2009, Inc. 2006-2009 has been closed as of December 31st, 2009. This website remains as an archive of the convention and as an informational venue maintained by Al's Place Quantum Leap Fansite.