Official Flyers





Please print, make copies, and distribute these official flyers at your favorite conventions, local schools/colleges, retail store bulletin boards, or anywhere you can get The Leap Back 2009 convention some attention!

Thank you for your help! However, please do not alter these flyers in any way.
We have a contract with Universal Studios and Starlight Children's Foundation
regarding the use of their logo properties. Flyers may not be reprinted in any for-profit
publication without express written permission of The Leap Back 2009, Inc. convention committee.

Full Color

Print this smaller (4 to a page) here.


Black & White

Print this smaller (4 to a page) here.

Party Flyer


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The Leap Back 2009, Inc. 2006-2009 has been closed as of December 31st, 2009. This website remains as an archive of the convention and as an informational venue maintained by Al's Place Quantum Leap Fansite.