Convention Policies

Photography / Video
Still photography is permitted. Tripods or other camera stands are not permitted in the Grand Ballroom. You may not enter the aisles in the Grand Ballroom to take photographs. Video photography is not permitted. Be courteous of those around you when taking still photographs. By purchasing your ticket(s) and entering the convention venue, you are agreeing to have your image and/or voice on video and/or in photographs that may be shown publicly.

Our celebrity guests are not compensated for their appearances, so they may charge a small fee for their autographed photos. You are under no obligation to buy anything from our guests, but if your budget allows, pick up an autograph or two to thank them for coming to the convention! All patrons with any level of ticket are invited to visit the autograph room.

No solicitation of any kind will be allowed at the convention.

Seat Changes and Ticket Upgrades
We do allow seat assignment changes within one's own ticket level (I.E. You wish to trade seat number 25 for 31 to be seated next to a friend). Seating changes are subject to a $15.00 clerical fee. We also allow ticket upgrades (I.E. You wish to trade your Silver Admission ticket for a Platinum Admission ticket). This service is free of charge, other than the cost of the upgrade.

Right to Deny Entry
The Leap Back 2009 reserves the right to deny entry to the convention to any patron for any reason.

Refund Policies
No refunds on tickets will be issued. You can transfer the ticket into another name for a $15 clerical fee. The person you sell the ticket to would be responsible for paying you for the ticket. You must notify us via email if you wish to transfer your ticket(s) into another name. We must verify the new ticket-holder and that person will have to provide government-issued photo identification at the door when registering.

No refunds can be made at the event for any reason. If you are due a refund for a pre-agreed upon reason, a refund check will be mailed to you within 10 business days after your request.

No partial refund will be given for unused days (ex. If you attend on Saturday but cannot attend on Sunday, no refund will be given for the unused Sunday portion). The same applies for any special events you may have ordered tickets for, such as a party or VIP event - as the Hotel will have billed us for a specific number of patrons at that point, and we would not have time to re-sell that ticket.

No refunds will be given for the cancellation of any celebrity guests. Please note all guests have given their approval for their name to appear with convention materials before they are advertised, however they are subject to their potential work schedules as work may come available for them which may conflict with the convention dates. This is outside of our control.

When registering on-site you will be asked to show government issued photo identification. Your photo identification must match the name we have for your ticket/badge number or you will not be admitted.

We require the names of attendees for all tickets purchased at the time of purchase. This is to prevent ticket scalping. Do not purchase a ticket from anyone other than The Leap Back 2009, Inc. online as it will definately be fraudulent.

The Leap Back 2009, Inc. will protect it's rights in the event of fraudulent chargebacks which are an attempt to force a refund outside of the refund details described within these policies. Any patron who files a chargeback in such an attempt will face legal recourse by The Leap Back 2009, Inc. including the amount in question plus any other expenditures made by the company in the attempt to recover said losses including but not limited to airfare, hotel and transportation, attorney and legal filing fees.

General Regulations
Anyone who does not abide by the regulations set forth in the policy guidelines, disobeys or ignores explicit instructions by the convention committee or their agent and/or exhibits behavior deemed inappropriate, offensive or disruptive may be asked to leave the convention premises.

Should such an occurrence take place, said individual or individuals will forfeit all rights to return to the convention and will be denied any refund for the unused portion of their ticket.

We will not sell, release, or distribute your contact information to any third parties. Your privacy is important to us.

Liability Waiver
By purchasing a ticket to Leap Back 2009 you acknowledge that you will be attending the convention at your own risk and that you, alone, are responsible for your personal safety and the safety of your personal property. You therefore wave any liability to Leap Back 2009 for anything that may occur on premises. At the time of registration, you will be required to sign a liability waiver before being granted access into the convention. The Leap Back 2009 is neither responsible nor liable for any merchandise sold in the dealer's room. Any issues or claims regarding purchases made there (including but not limited to authenticity, reliability or pricing) are strictly between the buyer and the seller.

Change to Policies
The Leap Back 2009, Inc. reserves the right to change, add to, or subtract from these policies without prior written notification.

By purchasing tickets to The Leap Back 2009 Quantum Leap convention, you agree to accept and abide by these rules.