The Vision Quest by Deborah M. Pratt



The Leap Back 2009 convention
special guest star DEBORAH PRATT
creates a new and exciting book
series and online universe!

Why wait until 2009 to see what Deborah Pratt has been up to? With the release of the first book in her new series "The Vision Quest", Deborah has given us a wonderful new world in which to read and play! Be sure to get your copy of Book 1: The Age of Light before the first 1000 signed copies are gone! The first book will be followed by two more in the trilogy, so keep an eye on the website for release dates. Then, attend The Leap Back 2009 Quantum Leap convention in March of 2009 and tell Deborah in person how you enjoyed the series!

Click here for excerpts from the radio show!Listen to Deborah Pratt on the Marc Cohen Computers & Technology show (Saturdays at 9am) as she talks about her "The Vision Quest" series and Quantum Leap!


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The year is 118 A.Q. (After Quake). Great Quakes have transformed the earth. Mega-corporations have merged to form a unified planet. Peace reigns – for the moment. But the Black Guard, a race of genetically engineered biodroids, threatens humanity. All this is based either on current reality or possible/likely reality. Deborah M. Pratt’s new book and multiplatform enterprise, The Vision Quest, takes readers on this journey to stimulate, entertain, and hopefully inspire toward choices and behaviors leading to a positive future.




Book 1 – The Age of Light
Deborah M. Pratt
(VGM Publishing, 2006, ISBN-0-9787309-0-9)

The best science fiction has always had a strong social and moral conscience. It’s what made works by Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke and Philip K. Dick meaningful and timeless. Now, Deborah M. Pratt, who co-created the classic 1989-93 NBC television series “Quantum Leap,” gives us a new sci-fi franchise in “The Vision Quest.” Pratt aims high with her intention to provide intelligent, relevant literature that is also entertaining. She succeeds masterfully in “The Vision Quest,” the first book of her trilogy of the same name. With well-crafted, multi-dimensional characters that we really care about, and storylines with currency and meaning, “The Vision Quest” will appeal to many readers who have not typically been drawn to the genre. A new world vision, based on humanity’s current direction, and technology that’s either available now or will be shortly, “TVQ” posits a humankind about 150 years from now that has survived the global wrath of Mother Nature, only to be confronted by our human shadow, in the “person” of biodroids, devised through sophisticated genetic engineering. We have heroes and villains, romance and adventure. A terrific ride, as both entertainment and social/environmental treatise. Watch for “The Vision Quest” in two more novels, as well as animated online webisodes (www.thevisionquest.com), games, and feature films. It’s a franchise with a future … and a soul.



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