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Some of the TV Guide ads are from channel 5 KSDK NBC affliate in St. Louis, Scott Bakula's home town.

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Genesis (season two) re-run Genesis (season two) re-run Star-Crossed

The Color Of Truth Camikazi Kid
September 9, 1989

Honeymoon Express Disco Inferno What Price Gloria?

Her Charm The Leap Home - Part I The Leap Home - Part II: Vietnam

Miss Deep South 8 1/2 Months Last Dance Before An Execution

The Wrong Stuff A Song For The Soul A Leap For Lisa

Lee Harvey Oswald
Leaping Of The Shrew
Deliver Us From Evil

Blood Moon
Return/Revenge 2-hour

Mirror Image
Quantum Leap Week
Top Cult Show Rankings

October 21, 1989 Cover
July 18, 1992 Article
April 25, 1993 Cover

Running For Honor 2022 Revival

USA Network Ads for Syndication

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Starlog April 1990 .pdf
Starlog 1991 .pdf Starlog Yearbook .pdf

Emmy Magazine .pdf
Starlog 1992 .pdf
TV Zone .pdf

TV Zone
Starburst 185 .pdf
Article from Science Fiction Television Series Book

St. Louis Post Dispatch
October 7, 1994 .pdf

Press Kit & Slides
T-Shirt Order Insert

Emmy Consideration

Variety - Genesis
Variety - Honeymoon Express
Variety - The Leap Home

Bakula - Sheild Soap Ad
Retro Magazine

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