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Quantum Leap Fan Site Versions

Since April, 2000


Version 1.0
The complete website as it appeared in April 2000!

Version 1.2
Version 2.0
Version 2.3
Featured Macromedia Flash integration
(now unsupported)

Version 3.0 Matrix Reloaded Promo 2003 Matrix Revolutions Promo 2003

This Flash Intro was used to greet fans as they entered the website for over 15 years. Flash technology became obsolete and was discontinued by Adobe on December 31, 2020. Here is the last version of our flash introduction in a YouTube video format to make it look exactly as it once appeared.

Version 3.2
A Bold Leap Forward Site
Show Cancelled Before Launch 2006

Version 4.7

Revival 2022-2024 Site Revival Site 2.0
June 2024
Current Version 5.0
June 2024

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