TV Commercial

In The Bar

Beth Calavicci smiles. . .

Sam's Birthdate

Stawpah Leaps

. . .as Sam tells her that Al is still Alive


Sam Leaps

Al & Sam

See the Episode Guide entry on "Mirror Image" for many more pictures and detailed information! 




The Credits / Titles for Mirror Image

All of the titles and credits for Quantum Leap were done by taking a black cell and cutting out the letters for each title. Then they would put the cell on a white backlit background. Then they shot it with a video camera, then with a modern linear switcher they did a simple key to cut out the shape (in other words take anything that's white and keep that shape), then they added the tint and drop shadow with the switcher as well. Presto....credits.


Meeting Captain Galaxy / Ziggy Ziganovich

See our special page dedicated to Richard Herd (Moe Stien from "Future Boy" and Ziggy Ziganovich from "Mirror Image") featuring photos with Al's Place Bartender, signed photos from the episodes, Future Boy costume design art, and the silver paper hats shown in "Future Boy!"



Mirror Image Character

Previous Episode Character

Return to Al's Place Bar in the Virtual Season's three-part saga which received an average rating of 9.64 out of 10 points!
Mirror Expression
By: Brian Greene


The Mirror Explained


"The Mirror Shattered" Screenplay by R. Joy Helvie


"Somewhere Between Limbo and Lightning"
A short story by Chris DeFilippis, author of the QL novel "Foreknowledge"


TV Guide Ad
for Mirror Image

Al the Bartender



Mr. Collins

Tonchi Palermo

On right, Pete Palermo

Police Captain

Two boys outside Al's Place
who Sam recognizes.

Miner at Bar

Wierd Ernie in "Genesis"

Mo Stien in "Future Boy"

Jake in "Southern Comfort"

Don Geno in "Double Identity"

Frank in "Jimmy"

Jimmy from "Jimmy"

Bob Crockett in "8 1/2 Months"

Two boys in
"A Tale of Two Sweeties"

Dr. Mintz in "Portrait for Troian"



To Be Continued...?

Alternate Ending Script

Click here for the complete
original script including
two alternate endings!


Youtube video from
Alison Pregler about
discovering the alternate
ending photo negatives:

Click here!

 Alternate Ending video

In the Alternate Ending video to "Mirror Image" which would have continued the show into the next season, the picture of Al on the left "Leaped" into the picture on the right of Al, Beth, & their four Daughters.

To see how the series would have continued, visit our Scripts section featuring the proposed script for the beginning of Season 6 here.

The Last Words

Mirror Image Alternate Ending Negatives
Discovered in an Ebay auction in February, 2018
(25 years after Mirror Image aired)

Thanks to Allison Pregler over at Movie Nights for these images!
(They open in high-res .tif format)

Photographer: Fred Sabine


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