Masters of the Universe Collection

Since 1982, I have been collecting Masters of the Universe.

I have a complete Vintage 1980's MOTU mostly loose collection with the exception of some variants and Tytus & Megator (sold them when my youngest boy was born - I have the MOTUC versions in my vintage display). I am not a big collector of variants or non-action-figure-related merchandise... you will see some, but not much of that here. I have all the vehicles, playsets, and accessories. I have Rotar and Twistoid carded. Also have Laser Power He-man and Laser Light Skeletor carded.

I have a complete, mostly loose, New Adventures of He-man collection. Mising the weapon for Hook 'em Flogg and Missle Armor Flipshot's backpack.

I have a complete carded Commemorative Edition collection with the exception of the JCPenny Set (also sold it).

I have a complete carded/boxed 200X collection. Only the Man-E-Faces repaint, and Dragon Walker He-Man are loose. I also have the large rotocast versions of 200X Snake Armor He-man (MIB) and Skeletor (loose).

I have a complete Mini-statue Staction collection. I have Wave One (Hordak, Snout Spout, and Clawful), Wave Two (Stinkor, Clamp Champ, and Grizzlor), Wave Three (Mantenna, The Sorceress, and Tung Lashor), Wave Four (Leech, Snake Face, and Webstor), Wave Five (Squeeeze, Rio Blast, and Evil Lyn), Wave Six (Battle Armor He-man, Jitsu with Oedipus, and Mosquitor), Classic Colors He-Man, Classic Colors Evil-Lyn, Classic Colors Sorceress, and both versions of King Randor.

My Masters of the Universe Classics collection is complete and up-to-date including the rare bronze statue variant of King Grayskull, the gold power sword from the DVD set, Imp as treasure chest SDCC add-on, the exclusive gold power sword from the DVD set, and the Power-Con Keldor fused swords. Of course, I do not own the original blue Spirit of Grayskull figure, but I do have a prototype He-Ro in blue. The only one I don't have carded is the 2010 SDCC Orko - just had to be able to make him disappear in water! I have a Strobo signed by Scott Neitlich (Toy Guru) and Mattel designer Ruben Martinez thanks to winning the June 2013 Fan Contest! All Super 7 figures are pre-ordered as well.

I have the complete set (both regular and glow-in-the-dark) of the Super 7 vintage style figures from the new episode, "The Curse of the Three Terrors."

I have a complete set of the MOTU Giants as well.

I have the complete set of MOTU Minis.

I have the complete set of Super 7 figures in the 3.75" scale.

I have the Filmation He-man and the Masters of the Universe line, it is complete.

Finally, I have a complete loose Vintage 1980's Princess of Power collection! I have all the figures (most complete). I don't collect the outfits that were sold separately.

I have many other MOTU items including the POP Vinyl series and the complete Dorbz series. I also have several of The Loyal Subjects mini-figures. I have the Castle Grayskull letter opener and the statue versions of Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain. Rounding this out are all the books from Dark Horse, a complete vintage set of Star Comics, and several of the MOTU Magazines from the 1980's. And of course two of the Mattel She-ra doll sets (one Adora and one She-ra), as well as the Polly Pockets set. And finally, both He-man and She-ra foam power swords by Disguise, all four of the Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads, all of the Plush MOTU characters with sword of power and Havoc Staff, and both Kubros building sets.

I hope you enjoy seeing the photos of my MOTU room! Click on each photo (42 of them) for a larger resolution version.

Click here for a video of the room (updated for January 2017) on youtube!


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