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2/20/2018 Source: Movie Nights

Jean-Pierre Dorleac, the designer of many costumes for the series has given us a rare treat! Thanks to Movie Nights for passing this along! Watch a video from the 1992 Quantum Leap Convention featuring his fashion show - over 40 minutes long! Check it out here!

2/20/2018 Source: Movie Nights

"Lost" images from the alternate ending of Quantum Leap have been newly discovered! Check them out here!

10/28/2017 Source: ew.com

Donald P. Bellisario has written a QUANTUM LEAP script. Read the news here!

7/22/10 Source: geekgirlonthestreet.com

From the blog: Fans who bemoan the abrupt ending of the series in 1993 should be consoled by the fact that Don Bellisario is beginning to work on a script for a Quantum Leap movie.

“Dean and I will be in the movie, but we most likely won’t be reprising our roles,” Bakula revealed, “If you’re upset that Sam never made it home in the final episode, you need to realize that has made it possible to have a Quantum Leap movie in the future.  Because Sam is still out there, still leaping and putting right what once went wrong.”

Awesome news! Lets hope this comes to light in the near future. Or is it the past?


2/15/10 Source: io9.com

  • In a July 2009 interview, it is revealed that SyFy network has been in talks with Don Belliario on a regular basis. See the full interview here.


12/1/09 Source: leapback2009.com

  • The Leap Back 2009 4-Disc DVD set is now available for a donation of $30 to Starlight Children's Foundation! Please visit the Leap Back 2009 website for full details! http://www.leapback2009.com/dvd

    “The Leap Back 2009: A 20th Anniversary Quantum Leap Convention” four-disc DVD set will be available for pre-order in December through the Starlight Children’s Foundation donation page.   The suggested donation is $30*.  All funds go directly to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  On the donation page there will be the option to donate even more to this wonderful charity, if you are able.


04/11/09 Source: leapback2009.com

  • Convention was a blast! Updates, photos, and more now available on the official site!


03/27/08 Source: leapback2009.com

  • Tickets are now on sale for The Leap Back 2009 Quantum Leap convention! Click on over and pick yours up now - they are selling out!

07/9/07 Source: RACSO Films

  • INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – *Award Winning Filmmaker Christopher Allen has announced the title of his company’s next film production, a fan based effort to re-launch the popular “Quantum Leap” television series that ran on NBC from 1989 to 1993. See our page detailing this fan film here!


06/16/07 Source: Deborah Pratt

  • Deborah Pratt's "The Vision Quest" novel hits Barnes and Noble Booksellers' shelves on August 1st, 2007! Check out The Vision Quest website for more info on The Vision Quest.


09/15/06 Source: tvshowsondvd.com

  • Quantum Leap: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD was released November 14th, 2006! ALL MUSIC IS INTACT! Even "Georgia On My Mind" was included in Mirror Image! See our Season Five page dedicated to the release for more info.

1/21/05 Source: Al's Place

  • The fan club projectquantumleap.com has allowed us to publish their complete interview with Trey Callaway from the recent issue of The Observer! Trey is the writer of the new Bold Leap Forward script. Check it out!


07/09/02 Source: Scifi.com

  • The first news of a Quantum Leap telefilm is released in this exerpt.

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