"Off The Cuff"

Leap Date: April 10, 1970


When Ben leaps into a bounty hunter escorting the world's most slippery criminal, a deadly pursuit forces them to go into hiding, but Ben quickly realizes this leap is more than meets the eye. Addison faces a difficult decision.

Audio from this episode:
Ian & Magic: Clickity-clack
Jenn & Ian: Is she okay?
Hannah & Ben: No limit to love


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Commercial for this episode:

TV Guide Synopsis:
When Ben leaps into a bounty hunter escorting the world's most slippery criminal, a deadly pursuit forces them to go into hiding, but Ben quickly realizes this leap is more than meets the eye. Addison faces a difficult decision.

Broadcast Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 2024  |  10pm on NBC

Leap Date:
Friday, April 10, 1970

Leap Locations:
Trenton, New Jersey
Stockton, New Jersey

Name of Leapee:
Nick Peterson

Detailed Synopsis:

Returning to the eye-roll Leap-in style, Ben arrives behind the wheel of a Mustang with licence plate "IFINDEM" as a bounty hunter named Nick Peterson. His passenger is Kevin Zat, a lawyer/criminal Ben is charged with transporting to a bail bondsman named Elena Carr. In a humorous scene completely reminiscent of two Original QL Series episodes, "A Hunting We Will Go" and "Her Charm", Kevin complains and whines about Ben's every move in the car while handcuffed together!

Using his wallet ID, he calls the bail bondsman from a phone booth (also
reminiscent of "A Hunting We Will Go") and asks for the address. Elena asks if he will still deliver Kevin by midnight tonight. A newspaper blows against the glass of the phone booth as Ben talks to Elena, revealing the date and place of the episode: April 10, 1970 in Trenton, New Jersey. Ben realizes that Hannah may be nearby in this time and place and asks Elena to look up the number for her. She says if he delivers Kevin tonight, she'll get Ben the number for Johnny Carson.

At the project, Ian pours over the DARPA project code. Magic asks for first impressions of it and if it could bring Ben home. Ian asks who wrote it and Tom answers that none of the engineers were named. Ian says there is definitely something buried in the code but it could take months to uncover. The team decides to keep this secret from Ben for now in order to keep Ben from getting his hopes up.

Kevin asks for a bathroom break. Ben takes him to a gas station men's room but handcuffs him to the toilet. Addison arrives and she and Ben discuss Leap details. He is former NYPD, first prescient. He retired from the force last year and is now a bounty hunter. She tells him Kevin is a lawyer and has represented criminals from the mob to drug runners, but his crown jewel is Sonny Fox, one of the worlds most dangerous arms dealers. Kevin was arrested for money laundering, and was skimming from his clients too. In the original history, Kevin skipped bail, escaped from Nick (Ben's) custody, and was then killed brutally by Fox's enforcers. Addison tells Ben that according to Ziggy, Ben is there to make sure Kevin goes to jail, thus saving his life from Fox. Ben thinks there must be something redeemable about Kevin. Ben hears banging coming from inside the men's room and goes in to discover Kevin trying to escape using a toilet plunger. "It was clogged."

Back in his red Mustang, Kevin bribes Ben with an offer of double the money he was promised by the bail bondsman to let him go. He says he can't survive in prison.
"Do you have any idea what the thread count is of prison sheets? It's not high!" He also offers Ben cash and diamonds stolen from his clients. Ben tells him that he just said he was innocent. Kevin says, "I'm a criminal. I lie!" Kevin says he has a life philosophy he calls radical selfishness and is writing a memoir. Behind them, a red 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle with black striping approaches quickly and begins to fire at them. The Chevelle with the man in a cowboy hat runs into a tree but Ben's brakes are stuck and the roll off the road upside down!

As Ben and Kevin attempt to get out of the car, Ben says he smells gas and the car is about to explode. Ben is stuck in the car and agrees to uncuff Kevin if he helps him out of the car. Kevin does come around to help him out and they run just in time to avoid a spectacular explosion! Ben handcuffs Kevin again, who can't believe it. "I just saved your life!" Ben replies, "Let me return the favor by saving yours."

They start walking and Kevin offers him four times his normal pay to let him go. Then he suggests getting Ben's shoulder looked at as it could be dislocated. Addison arrives in a great SFX shot of fading in as they are all walking forward. Kevin keeps trying to bribe Ben and even suggests he can destroy someone's life in two phone calls, even his ex. Ben asks how he would know he has an ex and Kevin points out the tan line from a wedding band. Ben says it's due to having to put distance from himself and the people he loves and that he's on the road a lot. Kevin says, "So another guy." Ben looks at Addison and says "She's an amazing person. She deserves to have someone who's there for her."
Kevin talks a bit more about his Radical Selfishness" book and says, "Don't tell me you're one of those who thinks there's some good in everybody?" and mentions that's how his brother acts. Ben asks how Kevin became so cynical. Kevin tells the story of how he worked hard to get a scholarship only to have it taken away by a principal and given to someone with influence.

At a pay phone in town, Ben calls Elena again who says it's a miracle he's alive. (Immediately, the feeling of the scenarios in the Original QL Series episodes "Piano Man" and "Her Charm" came to my mind.) Ben asks her if she ha any luck locating Hannah Carson. She says no, asks what this is for, and says he had better not be moonlighting. Ben says no, but they are about to board a bus and he will see her in a few hours.

On the Greyhound bus, Kevin says he has to go to the bathroom again. Ben is skeptical and Kevin asks if he really thinks he would jump off a moving bus.
"I thought you believed that I wasn't selfish?"
Ben replies, "I'm an optimist, not an idiot." Ben then notices a bulge coming from Kevin's jacket pocket and grabs a stolen teddy bear from it. Kevin says when they were kids, he and his brother had to steal to eat. Kevin got caught several times but his brother Josh always got away. Ben asks if he and his brother are still close, and he says no. Kevin offers Ben five times his salary plus a diamond for Ben's new girlfriend. Ben asks how he knows he has a new girl and Kevin says he's very intuitive. This gets Ben talking about Hannah and how it's long distance with his last of three dates being in Cairo. Kevin asks if Ben loves her as Addison watches the conversation from the project monitor. Ben says he thinks so.

Addison vents to Magic that she's been through a lot losing Ben, finding Tom, then finding Ben and having to watch him fall for someone else. Magic agrees that she has been thrown more curve balls than anyone should have in an entire lifetime. Ian shouts up to them that Ben is in trouble and they need Addison back in the Imaging Chamber.

Addison tells Ben that one of Fox's enforcers got on the bus at the last stop. The man in the cowboy hat is sitting a few rows up. Ben tells Kevin they are going to take a bathroom break. The man in the cowboy hat follows them and bangs on the door. Ben kicks out the window and they jump, further injuring his shoulder, but they are safe again! Kevin suggests he get his arm looked at again. Addison says he's right. Ziggy says that if he doesn't get medical attention, Nick will lose the arm from infection. Kevin says he knows a doctor nearby where they can lay low, but Ben thinks there is an angle being played. Kevin says no angle, but Addison informs Ben that his doctor is actually Kevin's brother. In a change of pace, Addison suggests to Ben that maybe reconciling with his brother is the real reason for the Leap. Ben tells Kevin to lead the way.

At his brother's door, Kevin pleads with Ben to uncuff him so that his nephew doesn't see him like that. Ben reluctantly agrees. The door bursts open with Kevin faced with a gun! It's his nephew, Jeffrey, who tells Kevin it's a Red Ryder BB gun and that he saved cereal box tops for two years to get it. Kevin presents Jeffrey with th stolen teddy bear and asks if he'd like to put it with his friends. The young boy tells Ben that his uncle sends him teddy bears every year, so he has a whole family now. Kevin's brother Josh calls around the corner for Jeffrey to put the gun down before he shoots his eye out, a running gag from the movie, "A Christmas Story." Josh asks hat Kevin is doing there and Kevin replies with a lie about passing through town. He introduces Ben as his chauffeur who caused them to have a car accident and hurt his shoulder. He asks Josh to look at the shoulder.

As Josh dresses his shoulder, Ben asks if they are really brothers. Josh tells him that they met in foster care and were inseparable. They bounced around in foster homes together until they were twelve, when they were then on their own. Ben asks if that made them really close. Josh said it did, until it didn't. Josh asks Ben if he's escorting Kevin into custody. Josh says there's no escaping karma. Kevin was the smart one and was even valedictorian, but he got caught stealing from the petty cash a week before graduation and gave the valedictorian award to Josh instead.

Ben calls Elana to give an update. She says the cops picked up Fox's thug from the bus but she's sure he will send another and asks where they are so she can pick them up in a couple hours. Just then Josh's wife arrives at home and apologizes for being late. It is Hannah! Ben is shocked and tells Elena that he thinks he could hang around a little while.

Over dinner, the group share small talk. Ben discovers that Hannah is now the chair of the physics department at Princeton and tells her he is impressed. Hannah deflects and notes that her husband is the Dean of another college. Hannah asks Nick/Ben is there is a special lady in his life. Kevin jumps in and tells her that Ben just started seeing someone new and that he's head over heels. Ben tried to get Kevin to stop, but Kevin asks him to tell Hannah about his date in Cairo. Ben and Hannah lock eyes and Ben asks to be excused for a moment, heading gout to the front porch. Hannah follows him. Hannah asks him if he was just going to sit there and not tell her who he was after he promised he would during the last Leap. Ben says he didn't know what he was supposed to do after so much has changed in her last nine years. Hannah knows he must be there to save someone and they both agree it's Kevin. She says Kevin and her husband have a complicated history, but Ben says the brothers have nothing on their own complicated history. Addison watches from the project monitor. Hannah says she and Ben have a lot of history.

From inside, they hear the brothers arguing over Kevin's boast that he is an excellent marksman. Kevin suggests he can shoot a teddy bear in half to the grin of Jeffrey and they head upstairs to prove it. Hannah suggests they may not have another chance to talk, so she leads Ben to another room. Hannah presents Ben with am operational homemade hyrdo-electric turbine. "You built a renewable home generator with your seven year-old." She replies, "He's a pretty special kid." Ben smiles, "So is his mom." Ben asks her if she likes being a mom and she affirms it. Hannah goes to embrace Ben, but he stops her and reminds her that she's now married. Hannah asks, "Do you think it's possible to love two people at the same time?" Ben says he doesn't know. Hannah says "Well, I do.
We're taught that love is finite. But it's not. Every parent knows that. You have a child... your heart expands. Look around, Ben. Look at the world the same way you look at time. There is no limit to love." They start to kiss but Jeffrey interrupts and asks to watch TV. Jeffrey says Kevin made his dad so mad that he stormed off to play with the teddy bears. They go downstairs to find out what's going on and discover Kevin ripping the heads off the bears and pouring diamonds out of them! Ben says he is done with Kevin's excuses and cuffs him again.

At the project, Ian tells Jenn that they ran a deep dive on the man from the bus. He was bailed out of jail a few hours later by Elena! Jenn says Fox must have bought Elena off, and no wonder she told Ben to stay put. "She's coming for him." (More extreme similarities to "Piano Man", and to a lesser extent, "Her Charm.")

Kevin insists he was going to donate the money. "Or at least you can't prove I wasn't going to?" Addison arrives and informs him that Elena double-crossed him. Hannah asks if that was Addison telling him something. Kevin looks very confused as Ben and Hannah discuss the events with someone who isn't there. Ben explains that someone is coming for Kevin and that they need to stay at the home and face them for this to be over. Hannah suggests a snap trap to lure the bad guys in. Ben and Hannah start to come up with ideas and Kevin becomes even more confused and asks if they knew each other from before. They come up with the idea to use rock salt in a floor flooded with water to electrocute Elena and her thugs.

Upstairs, Hannah asks Josh to take Jeffrey up to the bedroom and explains the situation. Jeffrey says he is scared. Josh replies,
"What do I always say? Courage is a choice." Josh and his son exit upstairs. In the basement, Kevin, Ben, and Hannah lay the water trap. As they finish setting it up, headlights flash through the basement windows. Hannah says they still need another inch of water and Ben tells Kevin to stall Elena. Ben tells Kevin they won't try to kill him until after they get the diamonds. Kevin heads up to stall the bad guys in a humorous scene.

Ben and Hannah have another moment alone and Ben comments, "I finally connect with someone and the next Leap, I meet her husband. I guess the accelerator has a sense of humor." Hannah suggests maybe it's a test of strength and faith. Ben asks if their next Leap could just be the two of them sitting quietly by the fire. Kevin leads Elena and her two thugs into the basement. They throw the switch to send electricity through the water and the two men are shocked and fall, but Elena still stands. Ben exclaims, "Rubber soles!" Elena raises a pistol to shoot Kevin but Ben throws her to the ground. They fight and Ben lands a couple punches but is ultimately overpowered by Elena. Hannah jumps in with an incredible head butt! But it is Josh who comes to the rescue with a BB gun and shoots Elena in the eye, followed by ramming the stock into her head, that finally knocks her out. Josh says "We did it, I mean I did it at the end. I shot her in the eye." Ben grabs the BB gun from Kevin who says, "Careful, you really will shoot your eye out with that thing."

Outside, Kevin holds up his hands for Ben to cuff him again. Ben informs him that his job was to bring Kevin to the bond agent, and he did that. It's not his fault she's going to prison. Kevin is shocked. Josh says, "That might be the first time I've ever seen him speechless." Kevin asks if he can give Ben something in return, perhaps a diamond for the new girl. Ben says no, but he may have a point about the whole "taking care of yourself thing. I could probably do a little bit of that." Josh says he could use a blurb for the back of his book and Ben says "Please leave before I change my mind."

Josh and Kevin share a moment before Kevin leaves in Elena's car. Josh thanks Ben for everything and heads back towards the house, remaining on the porch. Hannah runs out to Ben with his jacket. They look lost in each other and Ben says she has a lovely home. Hannah says, "Come back anytime." Hannah walks back to her husband and they go inside the house. Addison, standing nearby says, "Those goodbye's never get easier."
Ben asks, "What's Ziggy say? I could use a happy ending about now." Addison reports that Elena goes to jail but also rats out Fox. Kevin starts a new life in South America and donates most of the diamond money. "He and Josh set up a scholarship at their school." Addison pauses, reading more news. Then she informs Ben that Josh dies in 18 months from a sudden ruptured aortic aneurysm. Ben says he can't let that happen to Hannah and that it's an easy surgery if caught early. However, the blue and white light begin to swirl around him as he Leaps before he can reach the porch.

In his office, Addison finds Tom as he is heading out for a meeting. She asks to talk and he says he is already super late. She says, "Yeah, I found the ring." Tom stops. She says,
"When I'm stuck, you're the one who gets me unstuck. Were you going to propose?" He replies that he might have had a plan. He wanted to do it on one knee in a romantic setting but every time he was about to, an emergency came up. Tom pauses a moment in the office overlooking the Control Room, then drops to one knee and says, "Addison, I--" but she interrupts him and simply says, "Yes." They embrace and kiss as we fade to black.

Personal Review by Brian Greene:

This episode is very Leap-centric, which is always a positive thing for me!
David Clayton Rogers portrayal was believable as an annoying prisoner and the similarities to the character of Diane Frost in "A Hunting We Will Go" and to events in "Her Charm" were a fun nod to the Original QL Series. However, the similarity in Elena's character to a near carbon copy of Carl from "Piano Man" early on ruined any surprise that Elena was the bad guy.

I was surprised to find Hannah married to Josh! I thought this was an interesting twist and wondered how the love story between her and Ben would continue. Then further surprised at the end when Addison reveals that Josh dies in the near future. I enjoy the interaction between Hannah and Ben and how their scientific minds work together to solve Leaps.

The SFX were good, although we are still not seeing the Observer/Hologram walking through things on a regular basis, which is always fun. This reminds the audience that they are, in fact, a hologram. New viewers may find it difficult to grasp what is happening without these effects, so I would suggest using SFX budget to make that a priority instead of just fading in and out.

Overall, I really enjoyed this return to Quantum Leap after a seven-week hiatus! With only four episodes left in the next three weeks, we are getting closer to finding out Hannah's purpose in all of this (I hope!). Will the code Tom discovered from the (presumably) 1960's DARPA project give us a clue to getting Ben home? What's happening with Rachel's boss and the Quantum computer chip? And most importantly, will NBC renew Quantum Leap for a third season? My guess is that we will definitely get another outing with the quality of show this is turning out to be!

Project Trivia:
Addison is able to watch Ben have a conversation on the monitor at the project without being in the Imaging Chamber. How this is possible has yet to be explained.

When Ian and the project team are gathered around the computer monitor looking at data from a scrapped DARPA project that Tom believes could bring Ben home, the year 1967 is shown on the screen as the current year. This means that Sam Beckett could not have been involved in the creation of this project because he would have been only 14 years old and had not yet met Professor LoNigro, with whom Sam created the time-travel string theory.

Ben Trivia:
It's been nine years since Hannah last saw Ben and she has married and had a son who is seven years old. The child can not be Ben's son, as the timeline does not fit at the time of this episode airing.

Addison Trivia:
Tom and Addison get engaged to be married at the end of this episode.

Ian's Outfits Worn in the Episode:
Gray button-up long-sleeved blouse with two breast pockets.

Kiss With History:

Miscellaneous Trivia:

Several movies were referenced in this episode:
  • A joke from the movie A Christmas Story is used when Kevin's nephew opens the door with a Red Ryder BB gun and his brother makes the comment, "You'll shoot your eye out!" as well as near the end when Kevin actually does shoot Elena in the eye with the BB gun.
  • The car ride banter is comparable to Planes Trains and Automobiles.
  • The snap trap in the basement brought in references to Home Alone. At one point during the episode, Ben even yells out, "Kevin!"
  • Back to the Future came to mind when the license plate was shown as mostly what was left of the wrecked Mustang. The gas station in the episode was also the same one used in Back to the Future. The clock tower is directly behind the set!
  • And finally, a reference to the 1987 movie, The Chipmunk Adventure where dolls made in the likeness of the Chipmunks are filled with diamonds, which is similar to the teddy bears Kevin reveals!

The science behind using rock salt in water to make it more conductive is true. The water molecules pull apart the chlorine and sodium ions so they float freely, increasing conductivity.

We see Ben's mirror image in the review mirror of the car and full face on the ID in his wallet. The mirror image actor,
Matthew O'Donnell, is unusually credited in this episode.

From the Quantum Leap Writer's Room:

David Clayton Rogers and Josh Dean worked on BLINDSPOT with showrunner Martin Gero and writer of tonight's episode, Alex Berger! What a small quantum world!

Yes, the BB gun was meant to be an homage to A Christmas Story ;)

The bus scenes were filmed on an authentic 1970s greyhound bus!

Recognize that gas station? It’s a creative redress of the same set we used for the pizza spot in “Family Style"!

If you look closely at Hannah’s office, you’ll see little mementos from her adventures with Ben in Egypt (Items on the table with lamp), Princeton (Einstein photo below), and Starlight. In the living room, Jeffrey even has a toy yo-yo - a callback to Hannah’s line about yo-yos in “Closure Encounters.”


Dr. Ben Song
(Portrayed by Raymond Lee)
– Ben is a first-generation American, a world-renowned physicist, and a man of faith. He’s also working on Quantum Leap, a time travel project. But when he uses the project on himself, he’s transported back in time, setting things right that once went wrong, and hoping he will return to the place and people he calls home.

Addison Augustine (Portrayed by Caitlin Bassett) – Addison is a smart, witty, fearless ex-military operative who now serves as Project Observer at Quantum Leap HQ. She’s in charge of the technology they use to communicate with the past, and tries to rescue Ben from his time-flung existence.

Ian Wright (Portrayed by Mason Alexander Park) – Quantum Leap’s nonbinary chief architect of the AI program.

Herbert “Magic” Williams (Portrayed by Ernie Hudson) – A Vietnam vet and current lead of the Quantum Leap time travel project. Herbert “Magic” Williams tries to keep the Pentagon at bay while the team tries to rescue Ben. Doctor Sam Beckett leaped into Magic during his Vietnam tour.

Jenn Chu (Portrayed by Nanrisa Lee) – Head of security at Quantum Leap HQ.

Tom Westfall (Portrayed by Peter Gadiot) a former special forces soldier and a high-ranking US Army Officer in the realm of Army Intelligence. Thoughtful, centered, a spiritual kind of warrior who both men and women admire, but whose humility keeps him from ever being arrogant. Tom takes on a crucial role overseeing the project.

Hannah Carson (Portrayed by Eliza Taylor) A complex
young woman, who may be more than she appears.


Guest Cast:

David Clayton Rogers as Kevin Zatt
Josh Dean as Josh Nally
Connor Esterson as Jeffrey Nally
Alicia Lagano as Elena Carr
Gee Alexander as Cowboy Hat Man AKA Brandon Hake
Matthew O'Donnell as Nick Peterson (Mirror Image)

Guest Cast Notes:

David Clayton Rogers as Kevin: Born on October 21, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Rally (2015), Skylight (2009) and Deadtectives (2018). He has been married to Sally Pressman since September 17, 2011. They have one child.

Josh Dean as Josh Nally: Born on December 3, 1979 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. He is an actor and writer, known for Blindspot (2015), Mike & Molly (2010) and Christmas with a Prince (2018). He is married to Celina Dean.

Connor Esterson as Jeffrey: Known for Spy Kids: Armageddon (2023), Chad (2021) and Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003).

Matthew O'Donnell as Nick Peterson: Known for Cobra Kai (2018), The Hand That Robs the Cradle (2023) and Judge Me Not (2023).

Alicia Lagano as Elena Carr: Born on March 26, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She is an actress, known for ParaNorman (2012), NCIS (2003) and Dexter (2006). She has been married to Hector Rendon since June 7, 2013.

Gee Alexander as Cowboy Hat Man: Known for Avengers: Endgame (2019), Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) and Malignant (2021).

Guests Who Appeared in Other Quantum Leap Episodes:
Eliza Taylor as Hannah Carson and Peter Gadiot as Tom Westfall return as season regulars.

Characters who appeared (or were mentioned) in Classic Series episodes:

Songs & Music:
"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones plays in the car at Ben's Leap-in.

"Good Times" by The Easybeats plays during the car chase.

Say What?
Twice during the episode, Ian finds out important and urgent things to tell Ben. They can definitely jump into the Imaging Chamber themself, but instead waits to seek out Addison to deliver the news.

With very bad criminals on the way to the house, why does Hannah not insist that Josh take Jeffrey and drive away from the home? Instead she sends them up to the bedroom close to the danger.

Seeing the surface area shown in the basement, there is no possibility than an additional inch of water could have been poured on the floor in the time Kevin uses to stall Elena.

In a brief shot of Elena's shoes in the water, we can see that the water is in a very thin layer and would likely not have been enough to knock out the two men as depicted.

The terms "overactive bladder" and "power couple" were not used in popular culture in the 1970's.

The ice melt bag used a more modern design than it would have in the 70's.

Why couldn't Ziggy analyze the DARPA code?

When Ben and Hannah enter her office, there is a book open on the desk next to the doorway. When they exit the room, the book is now closed. See photos:

Quotable Quotes:

“This car reeks, it’s like Keith Richards bathed in an ashtray!”
-Kevin to Ben

Ian: "There’s definitely something here. It’s just buried here under a mountain of nothing."
Magic: "So, you’ll do your clicky-clack and sort it out."
Ian: "Please… Please tell me that you don’t actually think how this works."

"Protect the world's most annoying criminal from the world's most dangerous one."
-Addison to Ben

"Do you have any idea what the tread count is of prison sheets? It's not high!"
-Kevin to Ben

Ben: "You just said you were innocent."
Kevin: "I'm a criminal. I lie!"

"Don't tell me you're one of those who thinks there's some good in everybody?"
-Kevin to Ben

Kevin: "I thought you believed that I wasn't selfish?"
Ben: "I'm an optimist, not an idiot."

Kevin: "You only have so many shots at happiness in this life. You gotta look out for number one."
Ben: "Radical selfishness?"
Kevin: "Yeah! Now he's getting it!"

Jenn: "Do you think she’s ok?"
Ian: "Look, if you thought that your boyfriend was going to propose to you but instead he tells you that your missing ex-finance may be returning, an ex-fianc�e who mind you might also be falling in love with another woman outside the bounds of time and space, how do you think you would feel?"

Magic: "Help is not a four-letter word."
Addison: "Actually, it is."

"This kid's gonna run the world someday."
-Kevin to Ben, about Jeffrey

"Don't tell me there are more Nazis in New Jersey?"
-Hannah to Ben

"We're taught that love is finite. But it's not. Every parent knows that. You have a child... your heart expands. Look around, Ben. Look at the world the same way you look at time. There is no limit to love."

-Hannah to Ben

"What do I always say? Courage is a choice."
-Josh to Jeffrey

“Sometimes if you want the universe to give you something, you have to give it something first.”
-Ben to Kevin

Ben: "This just wasn't how I pictured our fourth date."
Hannah: "I've had worse."

"Be careful. You really will shoot your eye out with that thing!"

-Kevin to Ben

"Come back anytime."
-Hannah to Ben

"What's Ziggy say? I could use a happy ending about now."
-Ben to Addison

"When I'm stuck, you're the one who gets me unstuck."
-Addison to Tom

Production Photos:

Production Videos:

Click here for a short look behind the scenes of the Gas Station set!

Production Credits:

Edited by: Piper Kroeze
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Director of Photography: Ana M. Amortegul, ADFC
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