If you have a script for any Quantum Leap episode, send it in and we will feature it here for all QL fans to read!


 Disco Inferno

 Hidden Identity
      (AKA: Her Charm)

 Song For The Soul

 My Brother's Keeper

 A Final Noble Act

 Shock Theater

 The Leap Back


  The Evil That Men Do
      (AKA: Evil Leaper II: Return)

      (AKA: Evil Leaper III)

 The Avenger
      Evil Leaper Episode)

  The Leap Home: Part I

 The Driver

  Mirror Image
      with 2 Alternate Endings


  More Scripts!

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several great QL scripts including:


The Right Hand of God
Camikazi Kid

Disco Inferno
Her Charm (AKA Nowhere to Hide)

The Leap Home: Part II (Vietnam
Black On White on Fire
8 1/2 Months
Future Boy

It's a Wonderful Leap
Killin' Time

Promised Land