Ocassionally, when an episode runs in syndication, the TV station will edit certain scenes for time purposes. Here are some of those scenes.

Special thanks to Matt Dale and his "Beyond The Mirror Image" reference guide for much of this edit information. Also thanks to Seth Argabright of the former Stallion's Gate website.


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Transcript by Lyn and Vicki Wiltshire from the newsgroup rec.arts.scifi.tv.quantum-leap



First Season 1989

  1. Genesis
  2. Star-Crossed
  3. The Right Hand of God
  4. How The Tess Was Won
  5. Double Identity
  6. The Color of Truth
  7. Camikazi Kid
  8. Play It Again, Seymour


Second Season 1990

  1. Honeymoon Express
  2. Disco Inferno
  3. The Americanization of Machiko
  4. What Price Gloria?
  5. Blind Faith
  6. Good Morning, Peoria
  7. Thou Shalt Not...
  8. Jimmy
  9. So Help Me God
  10. Catch A Falling Star
  11. A Portrait for Troian
  12. Animal Frat
  13. Another Mother
  14. All-Americans
  15. Her Charm
  16. Freedom
  17. Good Night, Dear Heart
  18. Pool Hall Blues
  19. Leaping In Without A Net
  20. Maybe Baby
  21. Sea Bride
  22. M.I.A.


Third Season 1991

  1. The Leap Home
  2. The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam)
  3. Leap of Faith
  4. One Strobe Over the Line
  5. The Boogiem*n
  6. Miss Deep South
  7. Black On White On Fire
  8. The Great Spontini
  9. Rebel Without A Clue
  10. A Little Miracle
  11. Runaway
  12. 8 1/2 Months
  13. Future Boy
  14. Private Dancer
  15. Piano Man
  16. Southern Comforts
  17. Glitter Rock
  18. A Hunting We Will Go
  19. Last Dance Before An Execution
  20. Heart of a Champion
  21. Nuclear Family
  22. Shock Theater


Fourth Season 1992

  1. The Leap Back
  2. Play Ball
  3. Hurricane
  4. Justice
  5. Permanent Wave
  6. Raped
  7. The Wrong Stuff
  8. Dreams
  9. A Single Drop of Rain
  10. Unchained
  11. The Play's the Thing
  12. Running For Honor
  13. Temptation Eyes
  14. The Last Gunfighter
  15. A Song for the Soul
  16. Ghost Ship
  17. Roberto!
  18. It's A Wonderful Leap
  19. Moments to Live
  20. The Curse of Ptah-Hotep
  21. Stand Up
  22. A Leap For Lisa


Fifth Season 1993

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald
  2. Leaping of The Shrew
  3. Nowhere to Run
  4. Killin' Time
  5. Star Light, Star Bright
  6. Evil Leaper I: Deliver Us From Evil
  7. Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart
  8. Trilogy Part II: For Your Love
  9. Trilogy Part III: The Last Door
  10. Promised Land
  11. A Tale of Two Sweeties
  12. Liberation
  13. Dr. Ruth
  14. Blood Moon
  15. Evil Leaper II: Return
  16. Evil Leaper III: Revenge
  17. Good-Bye Norma Jean
  18. The Beast Within
  19. The Leap Between The States
  20. Memphis Melody
  21. Mirror Image



  1. Introductions

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