IndyLeap 1997

John D'Aquino
Daniel Roebuck

July 19th, 1997



IndyLeap 1997 Part 1

John D'Aquino speaks with fans about his upcoming celebrity Turkey Hunt.
1 minute 57 seconds

IndyLeap 1997 Part 2

John chats with fans about how science-fiction is not so fiction anymore.
1 minute 59 seconds

IndyLeap 1997 Part 3

John D'Aquino introduces Daniel Roebuck to the group and talks about a reading with fans the next day from a script he had written.
2 minute 21 seconds


IndyLeap 1997 Part 4

Daniel Roebuck joins John and tells a humorous story about another production he was in.
2 minutes 12 seconds


IndyLeap 1997 Part 5

Daniel tells a story of getting punched while filming "The Dirty Dozen," which John was also in. Then John tells a humorous story where he fell on that set.
2 minutes 1 seconds


IndyLeap 1997 Part 6
John D'Aquino talks about a hospital visit where he was nearly burned up by an evil x-ray technician.
2 minutes 7 seconds



IndyLeap 1997 Part 7
John and Daniel talk about what's coming up next during the convention. Following this, John makes an appearance in a fans hotel room.
2 minutes 29 seconds