Leap Con 1993

Q & A with
Donald P. Bellisario


Part 1:
Introducing Don & talking about Mirror Image

3 minutes

Part 2:
Don reveals what NBC has planned for Quantum Leap

minutes 19 seconds

Part 3:
Don talks about the proposed animated episode & Mirror Image

2 minutes 25 seconds


Part 4:
Leaping doesn't depend on success? Plus...making mistakes in leap dates

2 minutes 44 seconds

Part 5:
Comments by "Jimmy," an explanation of  "Swiss-cheesing," & Al getting the short end of the stick

minutes 17 seconds

Part 6:
Where the "Killin' Time" gun came from, the "Magnum, P.I." episode, & foreshadowing of why Sam leaped as himself in Mirror Image

2 minutes 52 seconds


Part 7:
More on animated episode, pitching QL to NBC, & the good and bad points to "Quantum Leap Week"

minutes 20 seconds

Part 8:
Why the theme music was changed & talking about why there were leaps into famous people in season 5

minutes 9 seconds


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