Leap Con 1993

Q & A with
Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, & Donald Bellisario


Part 1:
Introducing Dean & Scott

2 minutes 7 seconds

Part 2:
More on theme music change, the future of Sammi Jo, Scott sings Happy Birthday

2 minutes 20 seconds

Part 3:
The relationship between Sam & Al, leaping into famous people, Dean's wives, and the leapee's memory

minutes 38 seconds


Part 4:
Scott's favorite character, Al's outfits, and Dean's comments on The Leap Back

2 minutes 45 seconds

Part 5:
Where did the evil leapers get the handlink?, wearing high heels, and the mystery of Al's right hand ring

2 minutes 43 seconds


Part 6:
What are Scott's plans after Quantum Leap?, talk about the soundtrack album, and the Quantum Leap movie

minutes 10 seconds

Part 7:
More on the QL movie ideas and can Scott or his stunt double do a karate kick?

2 minutes 12 seconds

Part 8:
Deborah Pratt presents a declaration from the Mayor of Los Angeles, who declares February 14th as Quantum Leap day.

minutes 19 seconds


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