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LeapCon 1995



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Parts 15 through 21 are from the video produced by Jo Fox of the former The Quantum Cafe website.

Promo on E!

Interviews with Scott and Dean with video of the convention activities.
1 minute


Promo on Sci-Fi Buzz

Look close at the table with items for sale... you can see a few copies of "The Observer!"
3 minutes 49 seconds

Part 1
This first clip features the introduction of Scott, his answer to a Quantum Leap movie, and info on his own production company.
4 minutes 57 seconds


Part 2

Scott talks about "Lord of Illusions" and Dean Stockwell arrives at the Convention.
3 minutes 17 seconds

Part 3

"Mirror Image," Scott wearing a dress, and working with animals.
4 minutes 53 seconds

Part 4
Al's wardrobe, Scott's love scenes, and the kind of movie Dean likes to be a part of.
2 minutes 54 seconds

Part 5
"Private Dancer" as well as other unusual episodes.  Dean answers a question about playing the piano and talks about his voice character in "Captain Planet."
4 minutes 15 seconds

Part 6
Scott & Dean talk about who owns Quantum Leap, some comedic commentary from Dean about teaching Scott, and Scott's comments on how many takes it took to film the ending scene in "What Price Gloria?"
4 minutes 59 seconds


Part 7
A humorous incident involving Scott's car horn, playing the piano, and Scott's best on-screen kiss.
4 minutes 57 seconds

Part 8
The car in the Pilot Episode, Scott's views on "Lee Harvery Oswald", Dean's views on Scott being in "Playgirl" magazine, and the practical joke Dean played on Scott.
4 minutes 35 seconds


Part 9
Scott & Dean talking about their careers and the global impact of the show.
4 minutes 26 seconds

Part 10
Episode scripts, memories of the late Dennis Wolfberg, and saying "Oh, Boy!"
4 minutes 47 seconds

Part 11
Pranks on the set, Scott's directing experience, and the "T's" at the end of Mirror Image.
3 minutes 57 seconds

Part 12
Charity auction results, fan-fiction, and the final wrap-up of their time at the convention.
5 minutes 6 seconds


Part 13
Renee Coleman comments on Scott's appearance in "Playgirl" magazine and Scott's nervousness during their steamy scenes together, and the co-star of "Southern Comforts" talks about her first scene with Scott in humorous detail.
2 minutes 44 seconds


Part 14
Renee answers a question about how Scott kisses and his nervousness.
2 minutes 1 second

Part 15
Leila Hee Olsen of "The Americanization of Machiko" talks about how the topless scene affected her husband's youth group. We also see several familiar faces including Susan French of "The Color of Truth."
2 minutes 22 seconds


Part 16
Guest stars such as John D'Aquino and Richard Herd arrive to the guest panel.
2 minutes 26 seconds

Part 17
John D'Aquino, Carolyn Seymour, and Renee Coleman sign autographs.
1 minute 48 seconds


Part 18
Featured in this segment are Cheryl Harrington of Black On White On Fire and Michelle Joyner of The Right Hand of God who talks about that episode being the only time she ever wore a habit.
1 minutes 3 seconds


Part 19
Michael Watkins and Diamond Farnsworth talk about pranks with tapeballs and wiring Scott's horn to his brakes. Hilarious!
2 minutes 54 seconds

Part 20
Michael Watkins talks about an explosive disaster on the set of "Justice."
2 minutes 19 seconds

Part 21
K Callan from "The Americanization of Machiko" and other guest stars comment on smoking habits around the set.
2 minutes 21 seconds


Meeting with French fans after the convention: Part 1
Scott greets French fans after the convention.
2 minutes 54 seconds


Meeting with French fans after the convention: Part 2
Dean Stockwell joins Scott in greeting French fans after the convention.
2 minutes 57 seconds
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