Leap Con 1996

Scott Bakula
Deborah Pratt

With Guest Stars:
Donna Magnini

John D'Aquino
Ryan McWhorter
Brad Silverman
Rodney Kageyama
Otto Coelho
SaMi Chester
Arthur Rosenberg
James Handy
Mike Genovese
Kimberly Cullum
Harry Groener
Rich Whiteside
Richard Herd
Jay Schwartz

Special Appearance By:
Director Clive Barker



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Leap Con 1996
Part 1:

We meet Brad Silverman, Ryan McWhorter, John D'Aquino, Donna Magnini, and Rodney Kageyama. The audio is not very good in this clip, but you can see the stars clearly!

1 minute 50 seconds

Leap Con 1996
Part 2:

SaMi Chester talks about doing work he enjoys. We meet Otto Coelho and James Handy. Arthur Rosenburg talks about the episode "Raped." Mike Genovese talks about doing different language dialects.

2 minutes 58 seconds


Leap Con 1996
Part 3:

Rich Whiteside talks about his work on Don's new series "JAG." Jay Schwartz (Scott's agent) talks about how me met Bakula. We meet Kimberly Cullum, Richard Herd, and Harry Groener.

2 minutes 37 seconds

Leap Con 1996
Part 4:

Clive Barker (director of Lord of Illusions, starring Scott Bakula) talks about the director's cut of the movie.

4 minutes 30 seconds

Leap Con 1996
Part 5:

Deborah Pratt chats about the possibility of a QL movie and gives some brief info on her children. She also answers how Al's Place bar came about.

2 minutes 40 seconds

Leap Con 1996
Part 6:

Scott Bakula joins Deborah on stage and talks about the time when he couldn't get on the internet for a chat session. He also goes into his experience in the episode "8 1/2 Months."

2 minutes 51 seconds


Leap Con 1996
Part 7:

Scott answers a question about how Quantum Leap has effected his life personally. He also reveals the names of other men who were auditioning for the role of Al back in 1989 which included Bruce McGill...
3 minutes 55 seconds


Leap Con 1996
Part 8:

Scott talks about his feelings on a QL movie, how he came  up with the many "Oh, Boy's", and if you listen very carefully you can hear him jokingly comment on a QL movie with younger people...
3 minutes 57 seconds

Leap Con 1996
Part 9:

Scott talks about preparing for his fight scenes in movies and as a woman.
1 minute 54 seconds

Leap Con 1996
Part 10:

Scott answers a question about how he feels about the episode "Raped" and shocks the audience with something he would have changed about it. Deborah comments on a last minute re-write of the ending of the episode.
2 minutes 30 seconds

Leap Con 1996
Part 11:

Scott talks about how he feels about Sam Beckett, comments on the final wrap party after Mirror Image was filmed, and praises his agent Jay Schwartz with the story of how Jay helped his career.
3 minutes 49 seconds

Leap Con 1996
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