Quantum Con 1992:
Q&A with Scott, Dean, & Don Bellisario


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Quantum Con 1992: Part 1

Scott answers a question about a comedic episode and Brad Silverman (Jimmy) makes some comments.
2 minutes 10 seconds

Quantum Con 1992: Part 2

Dean talks about singing the Alphabet Rap song and Scott tells the audience his reaction to being "felt up" on the set.
2 minutes 21 seconds

Quantum Con 1992: Part 3

Dean talks about teasing Scott on the set about being a woman, Scott's martial arts training with Pat Johnson, and learning from his experiences from portraying other people.
3 minutes


Dean Stockwell Star
& 1st Convention
Part 1

3 minutes 1 second

Dean Stockwell Star
& 1st Convention
Part 2

2 minutes 8 seconds

Fashion Show

by Jean-Pierre Dorleac

41 minutes 29 seconds

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Transcript of the Q&A

"Creating An Episode"
Discussion Panel

Leap Day Speech