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Main Title Variations
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The Leap-in sequence at the beginning of each show sets the tone for the remainder of the episode. Some are humorous, some mysterious, some scary, and some bewildering... but most left Sam saying, "Oh, Boy!"

The number shown to the left of each title is the Leap number. (In some episodes, Sam Leaped more than once.)

The various versions of the saga-sell and main titles througout the seasons are all shown in the episode list here as well.

Special thanks to Jimmy Huelsman, who produced these HD video clips for Al's Place to update the VHS captures we previously had here since 2005!

For our 2005 VHS captures from the USA Network syndication broadcasts of the series, click here.

Opening Title Images
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YouTube Playlist: Saga-Sell & Main Title Variations

YouTube Playlist: Leap-in Sequences
Note: "Justice" is not available on YouTube due to the algorithm misclassifying the video as a hate speech violation.
(Watch on Al's Place Media here)

Download all the Saga-Sell & Main Title variations and Leap-In Sequences from the list below or watch them all on the Al's Place YouTube Channel in the playlists above!

Download List:

First Season 1989

01 Genesis (Tom Stratton)
02 Genesis (Tim Fox)
06 Double Identity (Frankie LaPalma)
07 Double Identity (Geno Frascati)


Second Season 1990


Third Season 1991


Fourth Season 1992


Fifth Season 1993

107 Mirror Image (Sam Beckett)
108 Mirror Image (Sam Beckett)

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