The Sci-Fi Channel's 1996 Leap Year Marathon
Featuring host Scott Bakula

Prior to and throughout each episode, Scott Bakula introduced himself, the episode, and some interesting about the episode and show in general. Here are the complete set of clips.

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Commercial Intro

Sci-Fi Channel's 1996
Quantum Leap Marathon
41 seconds


Part 1:

Introduction &
Lee Harvey Oswald
2 minutes 45 seconds


Part 2:
Leaping of the Shrew
1 minutes 57 seconds

Part 3:

Nowhere to Run
2 minutes 21 seconds

Part 4:

Killin' Time -
During this clip, Scott also talks about the late Dennis Wolfberg and the Wolfberg Children Fund.
1 minute 47 seconds


Part 5:

Star Light, Star Bright -
During this clip, Scott reveals an inside joke from the episode concerning Don's office.
1 minute 29 seconds

Part 6:

Deliver Us From Evil
1 minute 31 seconds


Part 7:

Trilogy: One Little Heart
1 minute 44 seconds

Part 8:

Trilogy: For Your Love
1 minute 51 seconds

Part 9:

Trilogy: The Last Door -
Scott talks about the dedication of the fans of Quantum Leap and about his roots in the law.
1 minute 27 seconds


Part 10:
Promised Land -
Scott talks about directing episodes of Quantum Leap and about his character, Sam Beckett.
1 minute 27 seconds


Part 11:

A Tale of Two Sweeties -
Scott talks about Don Bellisario's son in the episode.
1 minute 22 seconds

Part 12:

Liberation -
Scott talks about the challenges he faced as an actor on the series and about the actor who plays the husband in the episode. (Notice the last name of the character he plays on another tv show.)
1 minute 28 seconds


Part 13:

Dr. Ruth -
Scott talks about kisses with history and the real Dr. Ruth.
1 minute 26 seconds

Part 14:

Blood Moon -
Scott talks about an actor in the episode who has appeared on General Hospital and Twin Peaks.
1 minute 22 seconds


Part 15:

Evil Leaper II: Return
1 minute 46 seconds

Part 16:

Evil Leaper II: Revenge -
Scott discusses the director of this episode and the actor who plays Thames as well.
1 minute 26 seconds

Part 17:
Goodbye, Norma Jean -
Scott discusses the actress who plays Marilyn, Dean's star on the walk of fame, and a towel he wore on Murphy Brown.
1 minute 20 seconds

Part 18:
The Beast Within & Conclusion -
Scott discusses the QL fandom, the director of the episode John D'Aquino, and concludes the series of clips.
1 minute 53 seconds

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