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Date at Project: PLEASE LEAVE BLANK. This is the current date at Project Quantum Leap. The editors will put in the date at posting to keep consistency in the 'current' timeline. If you need it to be a particular season AT THE PROJECT, let the editors know and we will place it accordingly in the line up.

Leap: name and occupation of leapee, and brief description of leapee if desired.

Heart Story: What Sam is there to do.

Kiss With History: actual historical events noted in episode

Writer's Notes: The writer's inspiration for the tale. Based on a true story? Based on a dream? Based on an idea? Based on a news story?

Leaping Notes: NOT what makes Sam leap out! This area is for the mechanics about leaping in general, or anything that is revealed about a character's history. Think of this as "Trivia Question" stuff! Examples: Ziggy's voice is a female, Al tries new handlink, Gooshie dies, Sammy Jo's position in the Project is named, Sam kills someone. This is the stuff that keeps consistency and continuity in the Project from story to story. If you can't figure out this area, let the editor know.

Summary: A brief summary of the story, like you'd find in TV Guide.

Also a detailed list of each character in the story for the A to Z.  If you have Sam / Al doing something that they have never done before, please put that in as well. 


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Beware - there are spoilers for Season 6: Episode 601!















Here is a Sample of Episode 601:

Episode: 601 
Author:  Mar-Jayne Cogburn and A. J. Burfield 
Date of Leap:  October 25, 1998 
Location:  Denison, Texas 
Date at Project:  Unknown day or month, 1999 
Leap:  Sam leaps into Ryan Dutcher, a High School student with a rocky home life. 
Heart Story: Sam must save the lives of Ryan and his twin brother, as well as the lives of many other students, when the boys go on a murderous rampage. 
Kiss with history: none 
Writer's notes: Parallels the Columbine High School incident of 1999. 
Leaping notes: Sammy Jo is used as a leaper when Sam loses contact with Al. This is the only story in the Virtual Seasons that follows the Quantum Leap novel canon that Sam's soul leaps. A middle name is listed for Al, BUT IS INCORRECT. PLEASE DO NOT USE!


Summary: After putting Al's life back together in Mirror Image and the blue light of Leaping fades, Dr. Sam Beckett finds himself in a leap complicated by an emotional situation. As 16 year old Ryan Dutcher, Sam feels hobbled by the family situation surrounding him. Unable to cope with the emotional whirlwind dogging his every thought, he slowly loses contact with Al and the Project. How can he save himself as well as Ryan's family and schoolmates from certain destruction without an Observer to guide him? 


A to Z Information:

  • Sam Beckett:  He has a classic panic attack.

  • Albert Calavicci:  Al had problems with Ziggy finding Sam and finding 2 doors and not being able to see Sam for awhile. 

  • Big-Boy:  Ray Dutcher gave this nickname to the bomb that he and his brother made that was going to kill 30 or more students at Denison High School.

  • Denison High School:  Denison High School was where Ray and Ryan Dutcher went to school.  They were planning to plant bombs and attack the students who didn't like them.  The team here were the Bears.

  • Dutcher, Allison:  An abused wife who is accused of cheating by her husband, David, and never really answered if she was or wasn't cheating.  She was.  Sam, as Ryan Dutcher, found her with her lover.

  • Dutcher, David:  An alcoholic abusive father who was certain his wife, Allison, was cheating on him.  Sam tried to talk to him, but it wasn't the reason why he had helped into Ray and Ryan Dutcher. 

  • Dutcher, Ray:  Sam leaped into Ray and his twin brother, Ryan, at the same moment in Time on October 25, 1998.  Through Al, Sam finds out that he has leap into twins who are about to rampage a school killing many students.  Ray is 16 years ole, who felt bullied by others at school and vowed to get his revenge.  He began making pipe bombs in his basement and planned his revenge on the school.  In the original history, Ray and Ryan caused injury/death to 30 students at Denison High School then killed themselves two days later in a murder/suicide pack.  He was born May 28, 1981.

  • Dutcher, Ryan:  Born May 28, 1981.  He is a 16 year old who felt out of place at school.  He is best friends with Angela Morgan and he wants to fit in, but can't.  As Ryan, Sam experiences panic attacks, and remembered Ryan's memories and knows who Ryan's friends are.  Ryan's mistrust in his mother after seeing her with her lover, gave Sam the fuel to go ahead with Ray's plan to bomb the school gym.  The only thing that saved both Ryan and Ray was Samantha Josephine Fuller, who leaped into Angela Morgan.  Sammy Jo told her father who she was and was able to reach him before he went too far with the plan.  Both Ray and Ryan serve jail time, but they get the help they need to be civil again.  Unfortunately, their parents divorce.

  • Fuller, Samantha Josephine (Sammy Jo): When Sam leaped into and psycho-synergized with identical twins, Sammy Jo was used as a leaper to help him remember who he was.  When asked why she was picked, Al was forced to reveal that she was Samís biological daughter.  This leap also allowed her to test her updates to the Retrieval program, which had an 85.73 percent chance of working.  Upon leaping into Angela Morgan, she discovered she was able to remember who she was.  After helping Sam, the Project successfully retrieved Sammy Jo.  However, because a lot of power was used to track two leapers at once, it was decided afterward not to send another leaper into the Accelerator while Sam was still trapped in the past.  She was used as a leaper once but the effort took a lot of power.  Learned that Sam is her father.  Leaped into Angela Morgan to help Sam to remember who he was.  It was a way also to test the retrieval program. It had a 85.73% change of working. When she leaped, Sammy Jo fixed the Swiss-cheese effect.  She remembered everything.  She referred to Al as Chuck Yeager dressed like Bozo the Clown.

  • Morgan, Angela: Sammy Jo Fuller leaped into her when Sam had leaped into Ray and Ryan Dutcher.   Sammy Jo leaped into her to get Sam back to reality so that he could stop the massacre of innocent students at Denison High School.

  • Poly-exclusion Principle: No two affirmations in the same Quantum state can be together at the same time:  IE: 2 souls in one place.

  • Retrieval Program:  Sammy Jo was able to perfect a retrieval program that brought her back when she leaped into Angela Morgan.  She even beat the swiss-cheese effect that has been hounding Sam for years.

  • Ziggy:  Ziggy had two locks on Dr. Beckett as he leaped into a pair of identical twins.  She slept a day from power drain because of Sammy Jo Fuller leaped into Angela Morgan.  She acted as a surge protector.

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