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Sunday, January 25th, 2004

Al's Place Online Community Chatroom
Special Guest: Stuart Fratkin of "Animal Frat"


3pm - 6:30pm EST


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(TinaAlsGirl5 joined)

TinaAlsGirl5: 'ello!

(#clara5 joined)

alsplacebartender: hi joy!

alsplacebartender: hi clara!

leaper1: hi joy

#clara5: hello everyone

#clara5: he brian

leaper1: hi clara

TinaAlsGirl5: Hi all

#clara5: hey leaper1 (can't remember your name, sorry)

#clara5: hey jou

leaper1: Helen

#clara5: woops, joy

leaper1: hi

#clara5: oh, ok

#clara5: hehe, so, whatcha'll doing?

leaper1: I'm working on a VS story atm

#clara5: (I know, I never talk like that ... lol

#clara5: cool

leaper1: between helpin hubby

leaper1: hey Bri, u outnumbered again, n e of the guys coming l8r?

#clara5: I'm trying to figure out an outline for my star wars story myself, so I know how you must feel

alsplacebartender: shane is trying to get in but having a problem

leaper1: awww

TinaAlsGirl5: Ooo... what kind of SW story, Clara? Like, is it OT,

PT, NJO, etc.?

leaper1: Huh?

leaper1: Original trilogy?

TinaAlsGirl5: yeah... Original, Prequel, New Jedi Order...

leaper1: Ah

(StuartFratkin joined)

#clara5: uh, it's just a bit after ep 3 I think... Luke and Leia are about 3 years old (Leia is still with Padme, who is still alive) and Anakin has already turned to Vader in his suit...

alsplacebartender: Hi Stuart! Glad you could make it.

leaper1: Welcome

#clara5: welcome

TinaAlsGirl5: Ah, cool, Clara

TinaAlsGirl5: Hello Mr. Fratkin!

#clara5: indeed...

#clara5: Hello indeed, Mr Fratkin

StuartFratkin: Hello leapers!

leaper1: now everyone is too nervous to talk! lol

TinaAlsGirl5: lol

alsplacebartender: It looks like we have a small turnout this afternoon, but I'm sure more will be here shortly.

(StuartFratkin left)

alsplacebartender: oops

leaper1: MJ is trying to make it

leaper1: did we scare him off?

alsplacebartender: i think he is having connection problems

#clara5: oh no!!!

leaper1: oh boy!

(StuartFratkin joined)

TinaAlsGirl5: Welcome back! :-)

leaper1: wb

(#The Someday Man joined)

StuartFratkin: My browser quit and now I can't see what I'm typing

#The Someday Man: Wow, it worked

leaper1: what should we call you, Mr Fratkin sounds so formal

#clara5: oh, that's weird...

StuartFratkin: How about Stuart to start with..

leaper1: I used to get that

#The Someday Man: Hello everyone! Hello, Stuart!

#clara5: ok, no problem

leaper1: Hiya Shane

TinaAlsGirl5: Okay. Hello, Stuart. My name is Joy.

alsplacebartender: Welcome everyone!

StuartFratkin: Hows everyone Sunday?

leaper1: I'm Helen

#The Someday Man: I'm iced in, Stuart. lol

#clara5: hello Stuart

StuartFratkin: Hey Helen, Hi Joy

leaper1: I'm in England so mines nearly over!

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, we've got a nice layer of ice on our surface here in Kansas City, too

StuartFratkin: Wo! how's the weather in ole England?

leaper1: Dismal

StuartFratkin: It's beatius in Socal

leaper1: Where is Socal?

StuartFratkin: I'm gonna log out for a moment and get into IE to see if it's any better K?

alsplacebartender: I bet it is! It's raining down here on the NC coast and wind is pounding

leaper1: Sth California?

#clara5: Well, here in Quebec it's pretty cold, but it's sunny and bright outside because of the snow

alsplacebartender: Ok, good luck

StuartFratkin: I'll be abck in a jif!

leaper1: k

(StuartFratkin left)

#The Someday Man: And that concludes today's chat. lol

alsplacebartender: hahaha

#clara5: hehehehe

alsplacebartender: glad you could finally get in, Shane

#The Someday Man: Have I missed any good QL stories?

#The Someday Man: Yeah, me 2 Brian.

#clara5: Shane is?

leaper1: I found only IE could cope with this chat

(QLDamsel joined)

#The Someday Man: I'm here, Clara.

alsplacebartender: there she is!

leaper1: Hiya MJ

#The Someday Man: Yo, MJ!

QLDamsel: Hello everyond. :)

QLDamsel: oy.

#clara5: I'm having a very hard time remembering names *ashamed)

QLDamsel: everyone.

#clara5: hey MJ

(StuartFratkin joined)

#The Someday Man: lol  @ clara

QLDamsel: So... uhm... are we like going to bombard Stuart with questions or what?

#The Someday Man: Welcome back, dude!

leaper1: wb

QLDamsel: whoops.

#The Someday Man: lmao  @ MJ

leaper1: great timin MJ

StuartFratkin: Ahhhh...much better, sometimes it's not fun being a Mac user.

#clara5: Shane, I'm SURE your present ice storm is not half as bad as the one we had in Quebec back in 1998...

leaper1: Yay, another Mac user

QLDamsel: Yeah... I know. My timing is sorta off... always has been... right SHANE?

#The Someday Man: Yeah, Clara. Mine is an infant ice storm.

#The Someday Man: Right on, MJ!

StuartFratkin: Love them, but sometimes there are glitches

leaper1: Wot sorta Mac u got Stuart

StuartFratkin: The flat screen ones

#The Someday Man: This is too cool! An ACTUAL Quantum Leap alumni right here in our presence. Unreal! :)

QLDamsel: Awww... blue.... I want a flat screen.

leaper1: Ooooo - Dome base?

TinaAlsGirl5: we used to have iMacs at school but we switched to Dells

leaper1: idiots!

StuartFratkin: There sweet, but I'm PC compatible too

leaper1: My Apple is a Grape

#clara5: *changing colors*

StuartFratkin: I used to have the original iMacs as well but treated myself to a new one.

alsplacebartender: LOL guys, I'm sure Stuart didn't come here to discuss the weather and his Mac :) Somebody get some questions going! hahaha

leaper1: Work payin well atm Stuart

StuartFratkin: Do you guys have any questions I can answer for ya

#The Someday Man: They're too shy, Brian.

#The Someday Man: lol

TinaAlsGirl5: So... what was it like to work with a legend like Dean Stockwell?

leaper1: Obvious one - what was it like to work wit Scott! lol

StuartFratkin: Works good, never enough though

#The Someday Man: Wanna go down the list? Each person gets a question?

#clara5: Mike says to me via ICQ that he'll be right there

StuartFratkin: Not until I land that "Friends"

leaper1: teehee

#The Someday Man: lol

alsplacebartender: good idea shane

leaper1: well J Aniston was on ql too

StuartFratkin: Oh yeah I saw that she was

#The Someday Man: Brian, where do we start?

StuartFratkin: Have you had her on?

alsplacebartender: ok, Joy you start

TinaAlsGirl5: Okiday... what was it like to work with a legend like Dean Stockwell?

leaper1: u r our first celeb Stuart

alsplacebartender: No, Jennifer has not been on, but we are hopeful lol

StuartFratkin: At the time I was not that enamored with him, I was just a cocky young actor.

StuartFratkin: Now when I look back I'm am always impressed with who I work with

StuartFratkin: I remember the distinct smell of cigars...all day long

TinaAlsGirl5: I had the great chance to meet him 2001. He definitely makes you appreciate his company

#clara5: that's nice...

QLDamsel: sorry... brb.. *sigh*

#clara5: lol

#clara5: cigars...

StuartFratkin: He smoked them all day, on and off camera

#The Someday Man: I'd imagine there'd be a lot of cigar smoke in the air at all times. lol

alsplacebartender: That's really interesting, I always thought it was just for the show

TinaAlsGirl5: I've got asthma... I would choke

StuartFratkin: I'll bet he had it in contract to smoke them as "Al"

leaper1: same here Joy

TinaAlsGirl5: You wouldn't believe how much they spent on cigars, too... several hundred dollars per episode

StuartFratkin: Scott was a little more approachable

leaper1: did Scott find it hard to pretend he couldnt smell it

QLDamsel: I'm back....

#clara5: well, he says he never really inhaled the smooke I think I read that somewhere

leaper1: wb mj

alsplacebartender: Stuart, how long did it take to film that episode?

StuartFratkin: 8 days

StuartFratkin: It was a lot of fun

leaper1: is that average

#clara5: woah, like the usual weekly tv series

#clara5: enterprise is 8 days I think

StuartFratkin: I have very vivid memories of having fun with the guest cast

#The Someday Man: Who's turn is it, Brian?

TinaAlsGirl5: I think it's clara's

alsplacebartender: Can you tell us what it was like, the filming, various takes, and behind the scenes moments?

#clara5: really? mine?

alsplacebartender: oops, I jumped in lol

#The Someday Man: lol  @ Brian

StuartFratkin: Hmmm, well I remember the Frat scenes were mayhem

#clara5: no problem, go ahead... I can't remember the question I had... lol

StuartFratkin: When Scott had to jump in the tank of water it was a big deal

leaper1: are there any outtake videos around of it

StuartFratkin: Not that I know of

leaper1: shame

leaper1: i bet there were a few reshoots

alsplacebartender: How high up was that jump?

StuartFratkin: It looked really high, the tank wasn't taht big, ang it took a while to set up, I'd say around 15 feet?

#The Someday Man: Did they rehearse Scott jumping in the water? How many times did he have to take the plunge?

StuartFratkin: They didn't want him to do it unless we were shooting, so we had many rehearsals without him jumping

#The Someday Man: Oh, I see. Cool.

#clara5: yeah, cool

StuartFratkin: We improvised quite a bit as well

#clara5: sorry, accidentally disconnected

leaper1: i can imagine

StuartFratkin: I'm sure there are a lot of funny outtakes

leaper1: was the phone falling off scripted or did it just happen

StuartFratkin: Brian Haley, one of the other guests, and I made up alot of stuff that made it an TV

leaper1: kewl

StuartFratkin: the phone?

StuartFratkin: remind me?

leaper1: when Sam tried to report the bomb

leaper1: the phone came off the wall

StuartFratkin: towards the end?

alsplacebartender: That's great that they let you add your own stuff to the show

StuartFratkin: I don't remember? I tried to find the episode so I could see it, but I couldn't find it in my archives

alsplacebartender: Guys, let's try to structure this a bit because I know Stuart can't stay all day. Let me call your name, you ask a question, and then after he answers it, I'll call the next name. Sound good?

StuartFratkin: Do they still rerun them?

#The Someday Man: Perfect, Brian.

#The Someday Man: Unfortunately not much, Stuart.

leaper1: we get them at 3 am at w/e atm

TinaAlsGirl5: Not anymore 'cept in marathons

alsplacebartender: They have mini-marathons on the Sci-fi channel about once a month

#clara5: good Brian

TinaAlsGirl5: They're having a 6-hour marathon on Sci-Fi Channel on Leap Day

QLDamsel: I'm sure that the entire group here wants to keep this all Quantum Leap related, but I just wanted to ask you Stuart, what other shows / movies have you done?

QLDamsel: sorry Brian... just hadn't asked anything yet.

alsplacebartender: That's fine

#clara5: *waves* what about me? I didn't ask anything yet either, MJ

StuartFratkin: Man, this year will be my 20th year in "show biz", it's a long list of TV and Film

(SueJBakula joined)

QLDamsel: most recent then....

TinaAlsGirl5: Hiya, Sue!

#The Someday Man: Welcome, Sue!

QLDamsel: Hi Sue. :)

leaper1: Hi sis

#clara5: welcome sue

leaper1: another Brit

StuartFratkin: NYPD Blue, Tremors...

alsplacebartender: You can find Stuart on the web at

StuartFratkin: Thanks Brian!

QLDamsel: sorry...

StuartFratkin: No problem!

alsplacebartender: I took a look through your site and you've done some really interesting stuff!

alsplacebartender: ok, Clara, your turn!

#clara5: yay!!!

StuartFratkin: Interesting?

SueJBakula: Hiya everyone

StuartFratkin: Go ahead Clara

#clara5: Well, I just wanted to know if you are a leaper yourself, Stuart, and I wondered what you thought the most important message was in the episode you made

#clara5: sorry, just took a long time to type...

#clara5: lol

StuartFratkin: I know that episode had a distinct politcal flavor...

StuartFratkin: Are you asking the "moral"?

#clara5: yes, in a way...

#clara5: because there is always a "moral" to every episode

StuartFratkin: Well, the way I interpreted it was clear, be invloved, in every way shape and form

#clara5: but not violently, I guess...

StuartFratkin: It's okay to have fun, but play a part in the decisions that are made

(SherDran joined)

leaper1: Hi Eleiece

alsplacebartender: Some of Stuart's other acting credits include: Godzilla, Girls just want to have fun, Spin City, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Friends, Baywatch, Matlock, just a few to name

StuartFratkin: The gut Scott played was a "partier" but in the end he stood for something too

leaper1: did I spell that right?

(ziggyego joined)

#clara5: yes, I unterstood that

StuartFratkin: Guy not gut

SherDran: Hi, and yes, you did, Helen. :)

QLDamsel: Clara... you have to realize that the thing is that mainly in all of DB stuff... it's pretty much the same thing... "Use your mind... and your heart... and the answer will be there."

leaper1: Dermy!

ziggyego: hi everyone

QLDamsel: Hi Eleiece.

QLDamsel: Hello Dermot.

#clara5: good insight, MJ

SherDran: Hi, MJ

StuartFratkin: Yep

SherDran: Hello everyone.

ziggyego: ql, leaper1. hiya

#clara5: hello to both of you newcomers...

StuartFratkin: DB is a brilliant TV mind

alsplacebartender: Ok, Shane you're next... got a question?

ziggyego: so did stuart make it?

SueJBakula: Hiya Zig & Elieiece

StuartFratkin: I'm here!

#The Someday Man: Yeah

SherDran: Hi, Sue!

ziggyego: hey sue

ziggyego: hi there stuart! can u believe it, nearly forgot to come! :(

#The Someday Man: You said Scott was the more approachable than Dean. How much did you and Scott get to hang out?

alsplacebartender: For those of you just joining, we are taking turn with the questions. I'll call your name.

#The Someday Man: Offscreen, that is.

StuartFratkin: He was very friendly, years later I worked with him on another Pilot that didn't make it

#clara5: really? what was it called?

SherDran: Hi, Stuart. ;)

#clara5: *oops, sorry, didn't want to interrupt*

StuartFratkin: We would sit together during lunch and you have to understand, he wasn't the TV star he is today so he was just really.... a regular guy

#The Someday Man: He seems to still be kind of a regular guy. :) He's so cool, man.

#clara5: indeed, I agree

StuartFratkin: I don't remember, Pilots that don't make it are just....lost

leaper1: Our Shane here sounds just like him Stuart!

#The Someday Man: lol

alsplacebartender: Ziggy, you're going to be next for a question if you have one!

StuartFratkin: Hey Shane! Let's hear something!

#The Someday Man: Brian can give you a link to some radio plays I've done as Sam Beckett.

StuartFratkin: Hi SherDran!

ziggyego: none at the minute alsplace. pop u went i get one

QLDamsel: Actually.... :)

alsplacebartender: ok, Helen, do you have a question?

SherDran: Glad you could join us, Stuart.

StuartFratkin: Good to be here!

leaper1: Think mine been covered atm,

alsplacebartender: MJ, you got a link to QDL for Shane?

QLDamsel: I am working on an audio for Quantum Realities at the moment and it's pretty good.... and Shane does so well.... perhaps if you'd like to hear it Stuart, I could send it to you when it's finished.

StuartFratkin: I asked Brian for some photos for my site and gladly helped!

alsplacebartender: Sherdran, you're up next!

alsplacebartender: no problem at all, man. Glad to help

leaper1: Brian is a star

StuartFratkin: Love to, Damsel

QLDamsel: I'll look for it... just a min.

alsplacebartender: Sherdran? got a question for Stuart?

StuartFratkin: I actually watched the opening to QL several time and it really brought back a lot of great memories

SherDran: I'm drawing a blank! drat it all. Can you come back to me?

alsplacebartender: yep, Sue you're next if you're ready

#The Someday Man: They're star-struck, Stuart! lol

ziggyego: actually, i have one brian

leaper1: hard to b in spot light isnt it SherDran

StuartFratkin: I gotta find the show to watch it again

alsplacebartender: ok Ziggy, go ahead and then Sue

StuartFratkin: Go ahead zig

QLDamsel: Here ya go Stuart:

ziggyego: stuart, u said u worked another pilot with scott, but it didnt see the light of day. what was the show about?

SherDran: Sorta, yeh. But I'm just finishing up a story for this week's PVT, and my head's wrapped up in that. *g* That's why I asked for a second chance for a question.

SueJBakula: Stuart, have you read any of the Fan Fiction?

QLDamsel: QDL... then pick... (sorry ziggy)

StuartFratkin: I'll go to it when we're done, k?

QLDamsel: ok

QLDamsel: brb

StuartFratkin: No, can't say I have. Should I? What is it?

SueJBakula: Not TLC of course *blushes*

leaper1: lol @  Sue

leaper1: MJ has a Virtual seasons site

#The Someday Man: Stuart, it's stories written by fans of the series.

leaper1: where we all write the eps that never got made

leaper1: we are up to season 10

StuartFratkin: Ohhh...kinda like What ifs?

SueJBakula: It's Quantum Leap Stories written byt the fans -- and brilliantly written

leaper1: especailly sues

StuartFratkin: Have you heard of any QL reunions?

TinaAlsGirl5: Yep. They're working on one as we speak

SueJBakula: and you're Helen & MJ, Eleiece too

alsplacebartender: Sue has written loads of great stories and so have many of these other guys. I wrote one too

leaper1: urs was awsome Bri

StuartFratkin: I'll take a look

#clara5: reunions?

SherDran: Beleive me, it's a labor of love.

SueJBakula: most definitely

alsplacebartender: ziggy, ask yours again

SueJBakula: staight from the heart

SherDran: I entered a writing contest once and submitted wrote a scene for a Quatum Leap episode. I didn't win but I did place in the top 100.

ziggyego: stuart u said u made a pilot with scott bakula, which never seen the light of day. what was it about?

SherDran: QL has inspired all of us.

leaper1: big time

StuartFratkin: It was so long ago that I can't recall, it got cancelled in the middle of production. It was mid 90's,

StuartFratkin: I was toasty most of that time

ziggyego: lol

#clara5: toasty? what do you mean?

StuartFratkin: I spent a good part of my early career basking in the glow of showbiz

#clara5: *I have some vocabulary problems due to english not being my mother language...*

ziggyego: stuart, do u know if scott or donald is aware of al's place?

StuartFratkin: clara, I was young and quite the "partier" ziggy, I dont' know

ziggyego: ziggy's irish :D

StuartFratkin: But I will tell you the web is a great place for celebs to hang out anonymously

#clara5: ok, I understand now...

leaper1: i have heard that don makes a point of NOT readin fanfic

alsplacebartender: I have a question: It looks like Gilbert Shilton was the director of Animal Frat, is that right? What was it like to work under his direction?

SueJBakula: Wonder why?

#clara5: Mike's coming, everyone...

StuartFratkin: Hmmm, don't be suprised if he does a search every now and then, everyone has an ego

SherDran: Stuart, since QL, have you had the opportunity to work with Dean?

leaper1: so not to be influenced and then sued for stealing ideas

(MikeKraken joined)

ziggyego: i think it is because he mite be worried of subconsciencely using someone's ideas and getting in trouble 4 it sue

leaper1: hi mike

ziggyego: hi mike

SherDran: Hey, Mikey's here! *g*

StuartFratkin: Gil was a great guy, I read for him several times after leap, but have not seen him in a while

#The Someday Man: Yo, MIke

MikeKraken: Hi everyone! :D

#clara5: as I said, Mike's here, hello again!!!

SueJBakula: boy, oh boy, oh boy, it's Mikey

StuartFratkin: No SHerDran

#The Someday Man: I've gotta reboot. Hopefully it'll let me back on. If not, it was FANTASTIC meeting you Stuart. And it was great takling with everyone again. Cross your fingers that I can come back. Peace!

StuartFratkin: What is he up to these days?

(#The Someday Man left)

TinaAlsGirl5: guest-starring on JAG

StuartFratkin: Thanks Someday!

leaper1: so workin with Don again

StuartFratkin: Is that right?

TinaAlsGirl5: Not much. But according to Don Bellisario last summer, Dean's probably going to be taking on the role of Al Calavicci again for the new QL series

SherDran: He's been doing JAG....and they promoted him...kinda. Now he's playing the Secretary of the Navy! Quite a jump up for our favorite Admiral. LOL

StuartFratkin: Yeah, I worked with Pat Laborteaux

QLDamsel: back sorry.

StuartFratkin: Are they redoing it?

leaper1: one in one out - brb soz

(#The Someday Man joined)

QLDamsel: wb Shane

#The Someday Man: Cool. Alright.

SherDran: That was quick, Shane. :)

SueJBakula: wb Shane

#clara5: wb Shane

ziggyego: welcome back shane

TinaAlsGirl5: They're not redoing it. They're doing a continuation. It's supposed to be Sam's daughter Leaping now

#The Someday Man: Hello again, everyone.

SherDran: wb, MJ

StuartFratkin: Whos playing the daughter?

TinaAlsGirl5: Dunno yet

#The Someday Man: They've been teasing us for a LOOONG time now, Stuart.

SueJBakula: toooooo long

alsplacebartender: Since July of 2002

#clara5: way too long

StuartFratkin: I've got the ringing in my head

SherDran: Stuart, of the work you've done, including QL, is there any role that you enjoyed more than another?

ziggyego: it's the 15th anniversary of quantum leap in march, ive a feeling we will heard more news about QL: BLF then

StuartFratkin: song

SherDran: I came in late to the chat. Song?

SueJBakula: every day waiting, has been like spendin a week in room 101

#clara5: lol Stuart, I was listening to it at the start of the chat

StuartFratkin: I did a TV show called "They Cam From Outer Space", i starred in it with an actor named Dean Cameron. That was great fun!

#The Someday Man: Dean Cameron. That name sounds familiar.

MikeKraken: LOL @ Sue

SherDran: When was that show on the air?

StuartFratkin: He was in a cheessy movie with me called "Ski School"

#clara5: not to me, Shane

#The Someday Man: You were in SKI SCHOOL!!?

#The Someday Man: lol

#The Someday Man: That's awesome!

StuartFratkin: That was on in 1989-91

StuartFratkin: I was Fitz in Ski School

#The Someday Man: I remember Ski School. Very cool, man!

#The Someday Man: Wow

SherDran: Sorry to say, I watched about ten minutes of Ski School and moved on to something else. Sorry, Stuart. *g*

#clara5: I have no idea what the movie was, what's it about?

StuartFratkin: ...but was not in Shi School 2, not very good

ziggyego: oh stuart the television series of tremors *which i believe u guested starred in* was announced the same day as the new quantum leap

QLDamsel: Stuart, I for one really appreciate you coming to talk to us. I hope that you stay around Al's Place, and check out The Virtual Seasons and Quantum Realities as well. I'm being called away from the computer and am sorry about that, but I hope that you have a wonderful day... When you get a chance, I'd love to have feedback from you in any aspect!! To everyone else... Have a wonderful day too and be good. Take care! ~MJ

#The Someday Man: C-ya, MJ

SherDran: Bye, MJ

ziggyego: cya mj

StuartFratkin: See ya Dansel!

SherDran: I'll send you the draft of the story in a bit.

StuartFratkin: Damsel

TinaAlsGirl5: I see you guested on "Touched By An Angel" once. Just had to mention it as I am a huge fan of that show!

SueJBakula: bye MJ

QLDamsel: Bye guys...

(QLDamsel left)

StuartFratkin: Yep, we shot that in Utah, good show

alsplacebartender: Who else has a question?

#The Someday Man: Sliders and Spin City. Two of my favorite shows. You get around, man!

StuartFratkin: Just a note, Ski School was not for everyone, but it has a very dedicated fan base

#The Someday Man: I'm one of them!

#The Someday Man: lol

SherDran: Just like Quantum Leap!

StuartFratkin: Cool!

#The Someday Man: I can't believe that was you!

MikeKraken: sorry guys, I've been checking out Version 4.0 of Al's Place... nicely done, Brian ^_^

#The Someday Man: I'll have to dig out my old copy and watch it again.

SherDran: What are you up to these, days, Stuart?

StuartFratkin: My favorite Ski School story is....

alsplacebartender: thanks Mike

ziggyego: i LOVE diagnoses murder!

SueJBakula: me 2 zig

StuartFratkin: I was with an old friend of mine at the mall when I young guy ran up to me and said I based my life on that guy you played in Ski School!", I said....I'm sorry to hear that

#The Someday Man: lmao

SherDran: roflol!

#The Someday Man: Pefect, dude!

alsplacebartender: lol!

ziggyego: lol @ stuart

#The Someday Man: Teen Wolf Too? Dude, you were in that too?

StuartFratkin: My friend was very impressed though

#The Someday Man: Sorry for jumping in there

MikeKraken: LOL!

StuartFratkin: Yes I was Stiles in TWT

SherDran: You were in Teen Wolf? I loved that movie.

#The Someday Man: Get out of here!!!

StuartFratkin: Too

alsplacebartender: That's right! I forgot about that! Too cool

ziggyego: teen wolf 2

#The Someday Man: Holy hell, man! That's one of my favorite cheese films!! AWESOME!!

StuartFratkin: Yep that was me, Mullett and all!

#The Someday Man: Stuart, you played a huge role in my childhood! lol I wanted to BE Styles at one point!

SherDran: I agree, Shane. Cheesy to the max, but so much fun!

ziggyego: OH MY GOD u were in friends!! lol

StuartFratkin: another fan fav I guess, still get people who come up to as well?

StuartFratkin: Hey Someday have made me very happy

#The Someday Man: Likewise, man!

StuartFratkin: I was in 2 episodes of Friends, almost a 3rd

ziggyego: hey stuart can anyone in here "get a brian?" lol

ziggyego: 2? what was the other one and which shud have been the 3rd?

StuartFratkin: They asked me to be in a 3rd as Chandlers gay co-worker Lowell, then wrote it out...bastards!

ziggyego: Grr! lol

ziggyego: i thought lowell was only in one episode

#clara5: oh, too bad, even if I don't really like friends...

alsplacebartender: What was the audition like on QL? I saw a bit on your site about it, but wanted to see if you'd share some details...

StuartFratkin: He was but I shot another one, "The One With The Stoned Guy" too.

(leaper1 left)

ziggyego: must keep my eyes peeled

StuartFratkin: The audition was easy, except for the end when they made all the actors wait and then announced who will be working and who won't

StuartFratkin: Chris Ruppenthal was THE MAN

(leaper1 joined)

alsplacebartender: What was he like?

ziggyego: welcome back helen

StuartFratkin: He ran the room

alsplacebartender: I've seen him in many interviews on the X-files

TinaAlsGirl5: "RuppenBoogie" worked on Touched By An Angel, too

leaper1: thx

ziggyego: stuart, did chris play the part of julian in an episode of quantum leap? i heard the rumour somewhere

leaper1: it froze on me

StuartFratkin: He was a big fan of mine and was instramental in me doing the show

StuartFratkin: Don't know...

StuartFratkin: Was Julian in the ep I did?

ziggyego: no, he was supposed to be in a portrait of troian

(DBS Producer Aurora joined)

#The Someday Man: Aurora!

StuartFratkin: Hmmmm

DBS Producer Aurora: Heyla Guys and Gals!

leaper1: hiya

#clara5: hey Aurora

ziggyego: hey aurora

MikeKraken: DPB played the mirror image in A Portrait for Troian...

TinaAlsGirl5: Hi Aurora!

DBS Producer Aurora: MJ told me there was a celeb attending so curiousity got the best of me.. :)

StuartFratkin: What does DBS stand for?

TinaAlsGirl5: DPB--Don P. Bellisario

DBS Producer Aurora: *chuckle* very old radio play I was working on Stuart.. Call me Aurora. :)

StuartFratkin: Thanks

#The Someday Man: Aurora, this guy was in TEEN WOLF TOO!!!

TinaAlsGirl5: I believe it was Chris who did the mirror image in the Halloween Episode

ziggyego: and in FRIENDS!!!

leaper1: the one we dont name

alsplacebartender: I think he was asking about Aurora's screen name

DBS Producer Aurora: Kewlness!! :)

ziggyego: was he tina? didnt know that lol

#The Someday Man: That's crazy, dude. I'm still hung up on that. We're talking to THE Stiles! (sorry, carry on) lmao

DBS Producer Aurora: lol @ Shane

alsplacebartender: lol @ shane

StuartFratkin: Got it! Shane....

DBS Producer Aurora: actually, if i could get rid of that "DBS" I'd be quite the happy woman..

leaper1: which ep of friends were u in stuart, my daughter has just got all 9 seasons on dvd for xmas

StuartFratkin: It's all coming together

DBS Producer Aurora: Stuart, has anyone asked what you've been working on recently. *curious*

StuartFratkin: I was in "The One Where Nana Dies Twice"?

leaper1: ah

MikeKraken: I checked your IMDb listing just a few minutes ago.. that one was on there. <G>

ziggyego: remember lowell? "i cud get a brian if i want a brian"

ziggyego: that was stuart helen

alsplacebartender: you can't have me ziggy lmao!

StuartFratkin: Yes, I just shot an ep of NYPD BLue, another spot with John Lands

MikeKraken: we already have a Brian... LOL

leaper1: kewl

DBS Producer Aurora: Very kewl.. :)

ziggyego: lol ooooh brian with enough irish whiskeys ..... LOL

StuartFratkin: very funny ep of Friends, when Friends was funny

ziggyego: too true stuart

leaper1: u think it went downhill?

SherDran: I didn't know that NYPF Blue was still on the air!

alsplacebartender: that's a lot of Rodbeers there buddy!

ziggyego: it did dip helen, but the last fews have been a high again

SherDran: Speaking of The Rod going to be here today, Brian?

StuartFratkin: me neither, but there I was, working with Sipowicz!

alsplacebartender: who knows? he comes and goes like the wind lol

ziggyego: rod? where has that entity been hiding?

ziggyego: stuart, have u not met "the rod" yet?

SherDran: Hey, Sipowicz is cool! He's the man on Blue.... when I watch it.

DBS Producer Aurora: Isn't he going to be shooting up here in Toronto this summer? Some movie, I think I heard..

StuartFratkin: No, whats "the rod"?

MikeKraken: I've never watched... I'm the same as you, Eleiece, I didn't know NYPDB was still on!

leaper1: not what - who

ziggyego: lol everyone knows the rod. he's does rodvision @ al's place

leaper1: our enigmatic friend

SherDran: I catch it on the Court TV channel from time to time.

DBS Producer Aurora: *chuckles* He's kewl Stuart...

StuartFratkin: is he an actor?

#The Someday Man: Well, I've gotta check out. Stuart, my man! I'm glad I got back in!! Rest assured I'll be bragging about this to my friends tomorrow! Today, I met STILES! Seriously, it's meant a lot to me. Thanks so much for being here! Here's my email if you ever need an ego boost:

alsplacebartender: he does an internet column for my website, Stuart. He has a certain flavor that no one can match lol

SherDran: On the board... *g*

#The Someday Man: To everyone else, it was GREAT talking with you all!

SherDran: He's fun.

TinaAlsGirl5: See ya laterz Shane! Great seeing you again

StuartFratkin: See ya Shane, pleasure

leaper1: ttfn shane

DBS Producer Aurora: Laterz Shane! Email me ok? I need to talk to you about something..

MikeKraken: nice seeing ya, Shane!

ziggyego: cya shane

#The Someday Man: You got it, Aurora.

alsplacebartender: later Shane! thanks for coming

SherDran: Bye, Shane

#The Someday Man: I'm out. Peace!

(#The Someday Man left)

ziggyego: stuart, ever been to ireland?

leaper1: or England?

StuartFratkin: Never been, but would love to someday

MikeKraken: or Canada?

StuartFratkin: Looooove Canada!

MikeKraken: Me too. LOL

DBS Producer Aurora: Yay!!! :)

StuartFratkin: Been many times

DBS Producer Aurora: Kewly, so you've been to Toronto?

MikeKraken: Have you ever filmed anything here?

#clara5: Me too! I love Canada

StuartFratkin: Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver...

MikeKraken: yeah, we got three Canucks here...

#clara5: Montreal???

StuartFratkin: Sorry, not Montreal.

MikeKraken: Aurora, you're in Toronto, correct?

DBS Producer Aurora: Yepper!

#clara5: if you ever go, drop me a line, I'd be GLAD to show you around...

StuartFratkin: Shot TV shows in Vancouver and Calgary

DBS Producer Aurora: Well, if you ever film up here again maybe we'll get a chance to work together Stuart.. I'm currently under contract with OnSet Talent..

StuartFratkin: went to TO with a girlfriend

ziggyego: have u seen my website yet stuart?

SherDran: What about New Orleans, Stuart? Ever made the acquaintance of The Big Easy?

StuartFratkin: send me the link zig


alsplacebartender: I think you told me you were in Las Vegas this month, Stuart. What did you do there?

StuartFratkin: yes I've been to NO and LA

MikeKraken: and if you're in London Ontario... haha... I can show you how boring my life is. :P

StuartFratkin: gambling Brian

TinaAlsGirl5: I used to live in California. Now I live in the Kansas City area. Ever been to KC or St. Louis?

alsplacebartender: groovy

alsplacebartender: win anything?

#clara5: well, life in éMontreal isn't too bad, especially with all the tv and movie shootings

StuartFratkin: No, I have never been to KC but have a dear friend from there

leaper1: was it Montreal where Forever Knight was set clara?

StuartFratkin: I always win Brian

alsplacebartender: i hear ya! lol

DBS Producer Aurora: Actually that was Toronto Leaper..

MikeKraken: no Toronto, Helen

leaper1: always confuse em, sorry

leaper1: dunno y

leaper1: love that show

SherDran: What game or games do you prefer, Stuart?

MikeKraken: they're both big Canadian cities...

TinaAlsGirl5: Coolio. It's a nice place. Most people don't even mention us even though we're right smack dab in the middle of the country

SherDran: Gambling games, that is.

StuartFratkin: Thankfully, I have the luxury of visiting many places on someone elses dime

MikeKraken: LOL, that must be nice, Stuart. <grin>

DBS Producer Aurora: That's always nice.. *laugh*

#clara5: *missed something due to disconnection, care to fill me in?*

MikeKraken: I don't think you missed anything, Clara... nobody spoke between your leaving and return

SueJBakula: Yuo didn't miss anything clara

alsplacebartender: there will be a transcript posted when this is over, everyone in case you missed part of it.

StuartFratkin: Hey gang, this has been a hoot! I gotta cut out and take my kids mini golfing!

leaper1: neat

DBS Producer Aurora: Okees.. Ciao Stuart! Nice meeting you!

leaper1: thanks for talkin to us!

alsplacebartender: thanks again for coming, Stuart! If you ever want to do it again, the invitation is open!

MikeKraken: It was nice of you to join us, Stuart. You've obviously made some people (Shane, most notibly) very excited! ^_^

TinaAlsGirl5: Okay! It was great getting to meet you! Have fun with your kids! Mini-golf rocks!

SueJBakula: hole on one from little ol' meme

ziggyego: nice chatting to you stuart. hope to meet u again sometime

SherDran: Thanks for joining us, Stuart. It was a blast having you here. Stop by again when you can.

#clara5: bye Stuart, hope to see you in here sometime later!!!

#clara5: it was great spending time with you

StuartFratkin: You guys are great fun and I really had fun, I hope to catch up with you soon. bye!

SherDran: bye

alsplacebartender: later on man!

TinaAlsGirl5: Bye

leaper1: via con dios

#clara5: bye

SueJBakula: now I can say that I've nmet a US celeb, insted of just the UKs

StuartFratkin: later...!

(StuartFratkin left)

ziggyego: what uk celebs have u met sue?

leaper1: which uk celebs u met sue?

SherDran: Well, he makes 2 that I've met....... Scott being the first.

leaper1: lol

ziggyego: snap helen lol

#clara5: hehe

DBS Producer Aurora: So how'd you get him to attend Brian? It's very kewl that you managed it..

alsplacebartender: He contacted me for some pictures for his website and I asked him to join us here

SueJBakula: David Essex, Gary Glitter *hides*

alsplacebartender: Stiles.... that was so cool!

TinaAlsGirl5: I'm almost losing count on my # of celeb meetings... Of which only 3 now have been outside of that Reno Film Fest... I met a *lot* of people there!

#clara5: well, I saw the girl which played the character of Stacy in Big Wolf On Campus, two days ago at the restaurant....

ziggyego: oh dear sue :( lol

MikeKraken: wow, 16:36 already... the day's just flying. *_*

DBS Producer Aurora: kewly.. :)

leaper1: I can claim Harry Secombe *duck

TinaAlsGirl5: Wow. It's getting ever closer to the Golden Globes. Woohoo!

#clara5: but I idn't get the nerve to talk to her...

ziggyego: ive met superman *dean cain* the uk gladiators and boyzone lol

DBS Producer Aurora: Well, I hate to chat and run, but I've got a ton of stuff I must get done today..

alsplacebartender: I haven't seen that many celebs but I did get to see Katie Holmes when she was filming here in Southport

#clara5: yay!!! it's great, golden globes!!!

ziggyego: got to go people, chat later. i'll be on msn if anyone wants me :)

TinaAlsGirl5: Alrighty

alsplacebartender: ok, bye Aurora! thanks for coming!

leaper1: great to chat wit u guys

MikeKraken: cool, you met Dean Cain, Zig?

alsplacebartender: thanks Ziggy!

DBS Producer Aurora: :) Ciao! hopefully I can make the next one! Ciao for now everyone!

leaper1: ttfn zig and aurora

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I'm crossing my fingers that Johnny Depp will win for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical

#clara5: bye

(DBS Producer Aurora left)

MikeKraken: cya Aurora, Dermy!

TinaAlsGirl5: Bye byes pals!

SueJBakula: bye

(ziggyego left)

(StuartFratkin joined)

leaper1: tis thinning out now Stuart gone

leaper1: teehee wb!

alsplacebartender: so what have you guys been up to lately?

StuartFratkin: I just wanted to make sure you weren't talking about me behind my back

TinaAlsGirl5: lol

MikeKraken: LOL!

alsplacebartender: lol!

leaper1: we were of course

SherDran: Never!

StuartFratkin: See ya, take care!

leaper1: but only good stuff

alsplacebartender: you can read all about it in the transcript on the website later this evening lol

SherDran: Your face is much nicer!

#clara5: well, I've been working and my courses have started, sop that's why I don't post much right now

alsplacebartender: bye guy!

SherDran: bye...again, Stuart. :)

StuartFratkin: sweet....

(StuartFratkin left)

alsplacebartender: lol now that's a cool guy

MikeKraken: I haven't been up to much.. just working.. wanting to get some VS stories written... *nudges the absent Ruthie*

leaper1: way kewl

#clara5: hehe, I agree

SherDran: I'll second that, Brian!

MikeKraken: yeah, for sure, that was great of him to join us. :D

SueJBakula: diddlypooping with this darned computer

#clara5: yeah, he did a lot of good acting...

leaper1: Sue???

SherDran: So....great webmaster....... who are you lining up for us next? *g* ;-)

#clara5: oh, I also am trying to write my Star Wars fanfic, too

SueJBakula: yeeeeeesss?

alsplacebartender: they just aired a QL commercial for the Leap Day marathon!

TinaAlsGirl5: So... What have I been up to lately? I've become a lost cause--within just the past two weeks I have been swept up into PotterMania

leaper1: neat

MikeKraken: Cool, Brian

leaper1: diddlypooping?????

alsplacebartender: I'll get that on the site later tonight

MikeKraken: you taped it? LOL

TinaAlsGirl5: Cool, I missed it

alsplacebartender: i have been taping all day trying to get that lol

MikeKraken: LMAO, you know what, I'd be doing the same actually... hahaha

SueJBakula: = messing about

#clara5: nobosy listens to me*

MikeKraken: What's wrong, Clara?

TinaAlsGirl5: Hehehe... I have all the eps on tape, but I'll have a tape going throughout that entire Leap Day marathon... just in case

#clara5: nothing...

#clara5: lol

MikeKraken: All right, so who asked the obvious question, "What was it like working with Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula?"?

TinaAlsGirl5: I asked about Dean

SueJBakula: I'm the same brian, got all QL and Ent (to date)

MikeKraken: Had I been here when the chat started, I'd have asked.. haha

leaper1: same here

alsplacebartender: If you guys had a question that didn't get an answer, I'll gather them up and send them to him to see if I can get them answered. Just email them to me

#clara5: I wanted to know if he was a leaper...

MikeKraken: that's a good question, Clara

SherDran: Well gang, I've got to finish my story for Thursday, or MJ may hang me out to dry! Later!

#clara5: hehe, thanks Mike

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I was wondering that myself. He seemed kinda nostalgic about it, that's for sure

#clara5: ok, bye!!!

MikeKraken: bye, Eleiece!

SherDran: bye, all

alsplacebartender: later Sherdran, queen of the TEA's

leaper1: bye clara

SueJBakula: toodle pip

TinaAlsGirl5: See ya laterz Eleiece

SherDran: :)

SherDran: Bye.

leaper1: soz sherdran

(SherDran left)

MikeKraken: Toodle pip! LOL, I forgot about that one Sue

SueJBakula: teehee

TinaAlsGirl5: Anyone here a fan of Alan Rickman?

#clara5: I'm not going myself... just saying bye to everyone that's going

#clara5: tina, I have NO idea who that is

SueJBakula: nor me!!

leaper1: is he snape in harry potter

MikeKraken: Me neither.. haha

TinaAlsGirl5: Uh... The Metatron in "Dogma", Prof. Snape in "Harry Potter"... really awesome voice

MikeKraken: is he the guy that died?

TinaAlsGirl5: Uh... died?

alsplacebartender: i like Rickman's stuff

leaper1: nope that was richard harris

MikeKraken: somebody from Potter died...

SueJBakula: not into Harry Potter

leaper1: dumbledore

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, that was Harris

leaper1: shame

MikeKraken: oh.. all right. I'm not either, Sue, I just hear these things

leaper1: he was perfect

TinaAlsGirl5: I've just become an HP fan within the past two weeks, and more specifically a Snape/Rickman fan

leaper1: they using michael gambon now i think

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah

leaper1: cant stand him

SueJBakula: I'm a one guy gal

#clara5: snape was which guy? *ugh, can't remember the names today, I guess I have a swiss-cheese memory, LOL*

MikeKraken: LOL

TinaAlsGirl5: the mean potions master

#clara5: the guy dressed in black that hateds Harry?

SueJBakula: mine's aways swiss-cheesed

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah

leaper1: yup

#clara5: mine too...

leaper1: mine 2 sue as u kno

#clara5: ok, got it...

SueJBakula: well the, you know mine is

leaper1: they shoulda cast derek jacobi

MikeKraken: who is that? Familiar name

SueJBakula: you just can't get away from Jacob, can you?

leaper1: i claudius

MikeKraken: ?

leaper1: lol @ sue

alsplacebartender: so do you guys think i should get jennifer aniston on here next? lmao!

MikeKraken: LMAO! YES!

leaper1: like to see u Bri

#clara5: well, I really have a hard time with names... I'm much better with faces, especially cute ones

SueJBakula: LMAO

alsplacebartender: haha

#clara5: LMAO

alsplacebartender: i tried melora hardin, but she is real busy right now and said *maybe* one day

SueJBakula: Ooooo

leaper1: better than 'no way'

MikeKraken: Actually, my dad and my brother were watching "Nowhere to Run" and they couldn't figure out who that nurse was... haha.. this was a few years ago when it was still airing on SPACE

SueJBakula: sure is

alsplacebartender: you can actually get a reply from here on her messageboard at

MikeKraken: oh, now that's cool too, Brian!

alsplacebartender: from her i mean

MikeKraken: they were both like, she's so familiar, but who is she?? haha

leaper1: she did look so much younger then mike

TinaAlsGirl5: I wish I knew if Dean was hanging around the 'Net at all. I've heard that he's into it.

leaper1: she got new film coming out wit ben stiler

SueJBakula: I always thought she looked a little like Barbara Streisand (?sp)

alsplacebartender: i saw it, it's really good actually

alsplacebartender: "Along Came Polly"

leaper1: yeh, not over here yet

leaper1: coming soon

leaper1: saw trailer other day

TinaAlsGirl5: I thought it looked boring, myself

SueJBakula: we always get that -- Soming Soon...

leaper1: with lost in translation - dire, gave up on that

MikeKraken: yeah, it's out here... I HATE Ben Stiller...

#clara5: I'm all confused now... not used to having so many people talk about so many different hings at once

leaper1: paycheck was good, saw that last tues

MikeKraken: She looks a little like her, Sue, but my dad once said that BS looks like "a Barbie doll that was in a fire". LMAO

SueJBakula: just go with the flow, carla

alsplacebartender: it's funny, go on a date to see it and it'll get you a long way lol

TinaAlsGirl5: Last movie I saw in theatres... Cold Mountain. It *SUCKED*.


#clara5: well, here in Quebec, I always watch the original version in english because the movies really lose a >LOT in translation

MikeKraken: I'll take your advice Brian... LOL... now I just gotta get a date! LOL

leaper1: teehee

MikeKraken: I heard that, Joy...

leaper1: brb

#clara5: Sue, why did you call me Carla? (joke, I know it was a typo...)

TinaAlsGirl5: Only possible redeeming quality was Renee Zellweger (sp?) She was abso-fricking-lutely *awesome*!

MikeKraken: leave poor Sue alone... she's OLD. ^_~

#clara5: well, I don't like her... she was much better with a few more pounds, now she is too skinny for her type of body

SueJBakula: if you know me clara, I make up words -- but I apologise

SueJBakula: ask Helen!!

SueJBakula: Ooooo Mike LMAO

#clara5: and especially at the academy awards last year her eyes seemed so closed and her not being able to open them wider that she seemed to be on drugs or something

#clara5: hehe, LMAO

TinaAlsGirl5: lol

(#The Someday Man joined)

MikeKraken: hahaha, you know I'm kidding :P

#The Someday Man: People are still here

#The Someday Man: lol

#The Someday Man: Hello!

#clara5: I know, and I was kidding too

SueJBakula: course U R, teehee

#clara5: hey again, Shane

MikeKraken: WB, Shane!

TinaAlsGirl5: Yes, we are.

alsplacebartender: hey buddy

TinaAlsGirl5: We're talking about awards shows and movies

#The Someday Man: Brian, that was a real nice treat, man.

#The Someday Man: Cool, Joy.

alsplacebartender: glad you liked it!

SueJBakula: wb Shane

alsplacebartender: i did too

#clara5: I thought the LOTR conclusion was AWESOME!!!!!

TinaAlsGirl5: I saw Cold Mountain and hated it. And I'm looking forward to the Golden Globes tonight to see if Johnny Depp will win

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, absolutely, Clara! It rocked!

#clara5: I hope he will

#The Someday Man: LOTR deserves every award it's up for.

MikeKraken: I agree, Clara! That's the last movie I saw in theatres... spectacular

TinaAlsGirl5: If Peter Jackson does not win a Best Director Oscar, I'm boycotting Hollywood for good

TinaAlsGirl5: I cried throughout the entire thing

alsplacebartender: i got to see the whole trilogy the day before it was released in the theater, it was freakin great!

#clara5: yeah, it's so good, and I'm not like these people who don't like it just because they've read the books and it's a bit different...

SueJBakula: I reckon they're fixed anyway

#The Someday Man: Brian, I had a chance to do that but had to work the next day.

#The Someday Man: Return of the King was being screened just after midnight.

TinaAlsGirl5: You are way too lucky, Brian

#clara5: I did read the books

TinaAlsGirl5: I didn't get to do that. By the time I found out that KC was one of the limited cities doing it, it was sold out

MikeKraken: I've started reading the books... I'm at chapter 10 right now, I think, of Book 1

#The Someday Man: I've owned the books since before I was born and STILL haven't read them! lol

alsplacebartender: too bad shane, they played ROTK at around 9:30 that night. All these people were in line out the door to see the midnight showing and were so mad that we got to see it first

#clara5: oh, well, you've got a LONG way to go...

MikeKraken: I received the trilogy in one volume for Christmas

TinaAlsGirl5: I've been putting off reading the books 'til all the movies had come out. I *have* read The Hobbit and the first half of FOTR, though

#The Someday Man: lol That's awesome, Brian!

#clara5: FOTR???

#The Someday Man: Fellowship, Clara

#clara5: oh, sorry...

#The Someday Man: :)

TinaAlsGirl5: Here at my AMC, they showed a little ditty about Trilogy Tuesday, showing the people waiting outside, during the breaks, and their reactions afterward. It was funny

alsplacebartender: it was cool, they had New Line Cinemas reps there and we got free pizza and cheap drinks, free refills all day, and a trinket to keep

#clara5: I thought it was a parody called Fart OTR...

TinaAlsGirl5: Oooo... what kinda trinket?

#The Someday Man: I wish movies over 3 hours long had intermission though.

alsplacebartender: it's a picture frame of sorts with a film cell from each of the three movies encased in it

TinaAlsGirl5: Cool!

MikeKraken: Oh BRian... I found out last week, I think, when WebRing started bouncing my Web site that Top Cities has been bought out or something... not that they'd ever TELL ANYBODY. But anyway, could you please change my link on Leaping Links to

alsplacebartender: they did a 30 minute intermission in between the movies where i was at

#clara5: that's way cool!!! I didn't get to get that though...

TinaAlsGirl5: What I wanna know is whatever happened to releasing ROTK on IMAX. They kept talking about doing it, and not editing it by having an intermission... but I haven't seen a thing about it since

alsplacebartender: sure mike, can you email me that? i am transcribing right now and will lose track

#The Someday Man: I mean DURING the movie! lol I had to make a mad dash for the restroom as they were lighting the fires on the mountains. lol

#clara5: even if montreal was a selected city, I was working...

#The Someday Man: brb

MikeKraken: sure, will e-mail. <G>

alsplacebartender: oh yeah lol! i know, that was a long wait let me tell you. the mens room felt more like the womens when we came out of there!

MikeKraken: Waterloo, London, and Toronto did the same deal you went to Brian, from what I heard... I wish I didn't have exams at the time!

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, no, Shane! That sucks! That was the first scene in the movie that had me bawling; it was just too majestic!

#clara5: hehe

#clara5: I cried through most of the movie...

TinaAlsGirl5: I woulda skipped school for that marathon if I had the chance

TinaAlsGirl5: I cried the hardest during the bowing scene

alsplacebartender: ok i didn't cry but it rocked lol

TinaAlsGirl5: I tear up just running it through my mind's eye

#clara5: *I actually was awake for 23 consecutive hours that day... so I was getting tired at the 19th when the movie started

#clara5: lol

MikeKraken: LOL, oh my Clara... sounds like what I ws going through at the time after exams had finished!

alsplacebartender: i got interviewed by the local paper while on an intermission break along with my two friends. I don't know if we made it to the paper, but that was cool

TinaAlsGirl5: Hey, my sister's puppy says hello... ;-)

alsplacebartender: um, hello lol

#clara5: grrrrr, disconnecteed again!!!

alsplacebartender: i just said hello to a dog.

MikeKraken: Cool Brian, does your newspaper have an Internet site? Would it be archived?

TinaAlsGirl5: hehehe

MikeKraken: Hi, Joy's sister's puppy!

TinaAlsGirl5: She loves watching the computer in action... She'll follow the cursor all around the monitor screen. It's adorable1

alsplacebartender: i might could find out. I drove out to Charlotte (4 hours away) to see it, so not sure yet

#The Someday Man: OK, I'm back.

#clara5: it's my network cable on my laptop that I keep unplugging by mistake because it has no security

SueJBakula: my dog says hello to UR sister's puppy

#clara5: *coming back in

TinaAlsGirl5: *rowr* She says hello back

alsplacebartender: my dog can kick your dog's... wait i don't have a dog

SueJBakula: wb Shane

#The Someday Man: Did MJ ever come back in?

alsplacebartender: nope, must have got hung up with something

#The Someday Man: Hmm

MikeKraken: I want a dog! I just have an 18-pound cat and a bunch of tropical fish. LOL

SueJBakula: nope, not yet, she's under hubby's thumb

alsplacebartender: now that's a BIG cat

#The Someday Man: Sorry I missed Aurora. I haven't spoken with her in a looong time.

#The Someday Man: We used to be pretty close. Strange what happens over time, eh?

alsplacebartender: i know what you mean

MikeKraken: LOL, yeah, he's built, if you will. :P

MikeKraken: not all fat... but a little flubby. LOL

TinaAlsGirl5: The puppy's name is Phoebe Buffay Helvie... She's named that 'cause she's smart and ditzy at the same time

leaper1: I got 4 cats!

MikeKraken: I know what you mean, Shane.. I think we've all experienced that kind of thing

#clara5: there, back, now, what did I miss?

#The Someday Man: Back when we first started the radio shows, me and Aurora would stay up all night talking about ideas and stuff. Maybe I should shoot her an email. :)

TinaAlsGirl5: Aaaah! It's attack of the clones! There are three claras here! ;-)

#The Someday Man: lol @Joy

#clara5: really? I see only one...

#The Someday Man: I see 2!!

SueJBakula: I got 2

MikeKraken: LMAO, I see two!

TinaAlsGirl5: I see one real one and two clones!

#clara5: weird... did you get my explanation about my network disconnections, though?

alsplacebartender: lol @ joy

#The Someday Man: yeah

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah

#clara5: ok, good...

#The Someday Man: Can't wait to read the entire transcript of Stuart's visit.

#The Someday Man: I had to leave or I would have dominated the board with questions about Teen Wolf Too!!! rotflmao

alsplacebartender: yeah, that went well i thought

alsplacebartender: lmao!

#clara5: LMAO

#The Someday Man: Hey, what can I say? I was excited!! lol

#clara5: I agree, I liked that movie too

TinaAlsGirl5: I haven't seen that movie in *ages*

#The Someday Man: We used to "play" that movie as kids. I'd always be Stiles.

MikeKraken: never seen it... heheh

SueJBakula: everyone has a right to get excited

#clara5: and it gave the idea for the TV series Bog Wolf on Campus, if anyone knows it...

#clara5: *Big

MikeKraken: nope... haha.. I don't watch much TV anymore

#The Someday Man: It's a terrible movie, but I loved it as a kid. Usually whatever you love as a kid will stick with you.

#clara5: oh, well, it's not especially good...

#The Someday Man: Take Full House for instance. How many here grew up with that one?

MikeKraken: *raises his hand*

alsplacebartender: true, i liked it too and Teen Wolf One also

MikeKraken: looking back, it's horrible!

#clara5: yeah, I agree Shane, same thing with me and Power Rangers... I just can't help it

#The Someday Man: Yup, Mike. But I still own every episode and watch them regularly.

MikeKraken: LOL Clara.. yeah, I was hooked on that show too

#The Someday Man: Uncle Jesse rules the school!

#The Someday Man: lmao

MikeKraken: It's like a nostalga thing, eh, Shane?

#The Someday Man: Exactly, Mike.

#clara5: indeed

#The Someday Man: Exactly

MikeKraken: horrible, yet we love it. LOL

#clara5: yeah...

#The Someday Man: yup

#clara5: it's just how I feel

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I grew up with Full House, but it kinda faded for me... But my sister is *way* into it still. She absolutely *loves* Uncle Jesse! :-)

SueJBakula: same with me and Dr Who -- really scary at the time tho

alsplacebartender: full house was great!

TinaAlsGirl5: My sister and I have kinda grown up with the Olsen Twins...

They're just in between our age

#The Someday Man: Brian, I still watch it. lol Uncle Jesse was a father figure to me growing up.

leaper1: yay for Dr Who

leaper1: tho i not allowed to watch that as a child

#The Someday Man: You know I've never seen an episode of Dr. Who.

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I've never seen Dr. Who either

MikeKraken: I was watching Conan on Friday night... Jack Osborne was on, and apparently he got blown off by Mary Kate Olsen. LOL

TinaAlsGirl5: Conan O'Brien rocks!

leaper1: dr 3 the best

TinaAlsGirl5: I have a crush on him. hehehe

SueJBakula: yeah definitely

MikeKraken: I have, but many years ago... I don't remember much about the show except for a robotic dog named K-9

leaper1: he was great

SueJBakula: LOL

alsplacebartender: Maybe I can get Mary Kate and Ashley on here!

MikeKraken: Conan's coming to Toronto: I sooo wanna go see him! Nickelback is doing the music for all four nights

#The Someday Man: I wish they'd start rerunning Doogie Howser, man!

leaper1: u not remember leila with him

#The Someday Man: lol @Brian

leaper1: she caused scandal

#The Someday Man: Mary Kate and Ashley

leaper1: cos scantily clad

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh man! Did anyone watch American Idol this past week?

#The Someday Man: You'd have to put a gag order on me! I'd type a million Full House questions a second

MikeKraken: LOL Brian... that would be too funny

#clara5: Brian, why not?

#The Someday Man: Joy, I always watch American Idol.

leaper1: saw end version joy

leaper1: eng

#clara5: hehe, especially if the two were there

leaper1: houston

alsplacebartender: lol @ shane

#The Someday Man: I just realized I'm waaay too into TV.

#The Someday Man: lmao

TinaAlsGirl5: What'd you think of the redhead--John... the *16* year old who sounded like Frank Sinatra? I'm in total love *swoons*

MikeKraken: I think TV was a huge part of our lives as kids...

#The Someday Man: Yeah, I agree.

alsplacebartender: i like L.A. Law, have all the eps on tape

#The Someday Man: I have a HUGE collection of TV series, Brian

TinaAlsGirl5: Don't worry Shane. I'm way too into TV, myself.

#The Someday Man: Parker Lewis, Ferris Bueller, Quantum Leap, Full House, on and on and on and on.

MikeKraken: seeing the kids shows today, I don't think I'll even own a TV when I have children.. LOL

alsplacebartender: cool!

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh! You have tapes of Parker Lewis?

#The Someday Man: Yup

#The Someday Man: About 67 episodes

TinaAlsGirl5: I've never gotten to see that show... I love Corin Nemec!

alsplacebartender: Love the x-files, cheers, QL of course, the newer 24 series on Fox, Boston Public

#The Someday Man: I LOVE 24, Brian!

alsplacebartender: and M*A*S*H*

#The Someday Man: Incredible show!

#The Someday Man: I have every episode of that on tape so far. Anyone here have the first season of American Idol?

alsplacebartender: it rocks, Keifer Sutherland actually got a real tattoo for the show

#The Someday Man: Joy?

leaper1: we just got the battlestar galactica box set dvds

#The Someday Man: Cool!

TinaAlsGirl5: No, I haven't taped Idol

#The Someday Man: Ah. I have the second season and a few eps from the first.

MikeKraken:: I only ever liked the original series

TinaAlsGirl5:: Okay. See ya later

MikeKraken:: bye Helen!  A bient-t!

(alsplacebartender left)

#The Someday Man:: The rarest thing I have in my collection is the John Stamos series "Dreams".

SueJBakula:: Awwww Helen

leaper1:: take care folks

(alsplacebartender joined)

SueJBakula:: bye Helen

leaper1:: i kno

alsplacebartender:: got locked up

#The Someday Man: WB, Brian

leaper1: catch ya 2mora sue

SueJBakula: will do

#clara5: Mike, it's not still on TV but a few years ago there were some re-runs of FOX

leaper1: ttfn folks

SueJBakula: ttyl

#clara5: but I got a lot of the Space eps, and I also DL quite a lot

leaper1: great chattin wit ya

#The Someday Man: Boy, oh boy I love me some television! lol

leaper1: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

#clara5: along with QL eps, I got season 1 and 2 complete

SueJBakula: byeeeeeeee

(leaper1 left)

TinaAlsGirl5: lol

#The Someday Man: I've got all except ten eps of QL.

#clara5: well, not taped for me... only downloaded them in my computer

#The Someday Man: Oh, cool.

SueJBakula: I got all QL *grins* tho only off TV

#The Someday Man: Sci-Fi, Sue? Or NBC?

TinaAlsGirl5: I can't wait for the QL DVDs... Then I can see the un-syndicuts!

alsplacebartender: i have all the x-files, MASH, and cheers that are out so far on DVD, plus I have taped shows of He-man, QL, LA Law

MikeKraken: I have all QL episodes... <G>

#The Someday Man: Joy, I came across three of my old tapes from NBC airings yesterday.

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh, guess what? I'm hopefully moving to Texas for college

TinaAlsGirl5: Cool

#clara5: well, I had a hard time getting them, though... it's not fast on WinMX

#The Someday Man: Cool, Joy!

SueJBakula: UK Gold LOL

alsplacebartender: cool!

#The Someday Man: We need a QL CONVENTION!!!

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I'm hoping to go here:

alsplacebartender: here, here!

TinaAlsGirl5: Definitely!

#The Someday Man: This is the 15th Anniversary, right?

#clara5: but thanks to that I finally got to see a lot of eps I had missed, and I'm sure there are still a lot to go

TinaAlsGirl5: We really needed to keep planning and get one for this summer

MikeKraken: I agree, Shane!

alsplacebartender: yeah shane

TinaAlsGirl5: It'd be perfect--15th anniversary, new QL, QL DVDs... Leap Year... It truly is the Year of the Leap!

#The Someday Man: The only convention I've ever been to was this HUGE Sci-Fi and comic convention in Louisville, KY.

#clara5: like MIA... I have no idea how I never got to see it, it's just the best ep for me, I really did cry

#clara5: I really can't wait for the DVDs!!!!!

#The Someday Man: I just know they'll announce something about the new series next month!

#clara5: never been to a convention

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, especially if they use a bunch of the suggestions we made for extras!

TinaAlsGirl5: I feel it too, Shane. I'm quite sure of it
#The Someday Man: That's gonna be something. A new QL. Weird to think about.

MikeKraken: Did the show start in MArch 1988?

(RossBeckett joined)

#clara5: *feels as if people are only listening to part of what she is saying*

MikeKraken: *1989?

TinaAlsGirl5: 'Cause it was around the same time last year that they made casting announcements for BSG, and then it came out in Decemeber

TinaAlsGirl5: *December

alsplacebartender: 89

TinaAlsGirl5: 1989

#The Someday Man: Clara, I hear ya' loud and clear. :)

alsplacebartender: march 26th

MikeKraken: yeah, MIA was pretty emotional, Clara!

#clara5: hehe

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I cry every time I watch MIA

MikeKraken: welcome to the chat, Ross!

#clara5: I like being listened to, you know... that's just the way I am

SueJBakula: MIA is in my top 5

#clara5: welcome Ross

RossBeckett: thanks

#The Someday Man: My favorite ep is actually three eps. Can the Trilogy count as one? lol

alsplacebartender: hey ross

TinaAlsGirl5: Probably

alsplacebartender: or steve, sorry

TinaAlsGirl5: Ah, you missed Stuart, Ross! He's guested on Friends before!

#clara5: well, I really like LHO

#The Someday Man: Teen

#The Someday Man: Wolf

#The Someday Man: too

#The Someday Man: lol

#clara5: lol

#The Someday Man: sorry

alsplacebartender: oh yeah, he has! i'll have the transcript up tonight for you to read

#clara5: Shane, will you EVER get over it?

#The Someday Man: NEVER!

#The Someday Man: HAHAHAHA

alsplacebartender: stiles rules!

alsplacebartender: lol

MikeKraken: M.I.A., Mirror Image, The Leap Back... those are some of my favourites

RossBeckett: leon stiles?

#The Someday Man: Stiles from Teen Wolf Too, Steve.

TinaAlsGirl5: Agree

SueJBakula: LMAO

RossBeckett: oh

MikeKraken: I kept on thinking that too, Steve!

#The Someday Man: lmao

TinaAlsGirl5: So, what eps did ya'll vote for for the marathon?

#The Someday Man: Just the ones I'm missing, Joy.

MikeKraken: I didn't vote

#The Someday Man: lol

TinaAlsGirl5: woah

MikeKraken: LOL @ Shane

TinaAlsGirl5: My chat thingy's trying to mess up

#clara5: I voted LHO, MIA, the leap back, the leap home, and miss deep south

#clara5: I think...

MikeKraken: I didn't bother voting.. I don't get SciFi

alsplacebartender: i voted for mirror image because they almost never show it

#clara5: me neither... I only get Space, remember Mike>?

#The Someday Man: Anyone here have any of the books or comics?

MikeKraken: yeah, hehe, I know Clara... so why did you vote?

TinaAlsGirl5: I voted for: Mirror Image, Killin' Time, Leap Back, Leap Home Part 2, MIA, and Trilogy Part 3--a good helping of Sammy Jo, Donna, and background story.... A hint to Sci-Fi Channel

alsplacebartender: if you haven't voted, go do it! show them that there is still an interest!

MikeKraken: I have two of the comics: still haven't read them yet

MikeKraken: I have so many of the novels, too

#The Someday Man: Cool

#The Someday Man: I love the novels

#The Someday Man: Read 'em again and again

alsplacebartender: i have all the books and comics

TinaAlsGirl5: I have some of the books

MikeKraken: All right, I will! :D Shane, what ones do you need? LOL

#The Someday Man: A few

SueJBakula: MIA, Leap Back, MI, Genesis, Leap Home 1&2

#The Someday Man: Like Knights of the Morningstar, Ghost and the Gumshoe as well as about three or four others

TinaAlsGirl5: Didja know you can vote more than once?

MikeKraken: I mean, of the episodes.. I'll vote what you want me to. :P

#The Someday Man: lmao

#The Someday Man: OH!

#The Someday Man: Hang on, I'll get a list.

MikeKraken: LOL

SueJBakula: I have several books

#clara5: Mike, I didn't have anything better to do... lol

TinaAlsGirl5: I have Angels Unaware, Pulitzer, and the first four or five... can't remember all the ones I have

MikeKraken: Brian made the good point about interest... <G>\

TinaAlsGirl5: I have the UK version of Pulitzer. It's so weird to read a book with inversed quotations!

alsplacebartender: i mean, even if you don't get sci-fi channel, still vote so they know people still want to see the show!

MikeKraken: I have "The Novel" (still haven't read), "Obsessions" (still haven't read), "Song and Dance", "Foreknowledge", "Too Close for Comfort"... I'm currently borrowing "The Wall" from a friend (almost got the TNA done!)

TinaAlsGirl5: Ah, good idea Brian

MikeKraken: umm.. Brian sent me "Knights of the Morningstar" for being such a TEA fanatic. LOL

alsplacebartender: cool mike!

#clara5: the only tv series I got novels of or read was Star Trek and ST: TNG

#The Someday Man: Whoah, I'm missing more than ten! lol Here's the list: All Americans, Leaping Without a Net, One Strobe Over the Line, A Little Miracle, Private Dancer, Roberto!, Ghost Ship, Moments to Live, Ptah Hotep, Blood Moon, Killin' time, Star Light Star Bright, Deliver Us From Evil, and the Lee Harvey 2 parter.

TinaAlsGirl5: Wow! Have you *seen* all of them, though?

#The Someday Man: Yeah

alsplacebartender: yes, i still have about five books and comics left over from the TEA days. I'll be having an Easter Egg hunt on the site around Easter to win those :)

TinaAlsGirl5: Cool

#The Someday Man: Those were lost during an unfortunate MAGNET incident.

MikeKraken: how do I vote? Just check the boxes?

TinaAlsGirl5: I can't even remember what I had sent to me for my TEA thing

TinaAlsGirl5: hehehe

MikeKraken: I remember you telling about the magnet incident, Shane...

alsplacebartender: yeah mike, you pick six i think

#The Someday Man: Yeah, I coulda killed the guy!

#clara5: I don't know what you're talking about...

TinaAlsGirl5: I wish the pensieve from Harry Potter was real. Then I could unmuddle my brain by storing my memories elsewhere!

MikeKraken: oh, just six? All righty!

#The Someday Man: lol @Joy

#clara5: lol @ Joy too

alsplacebartender: vote for Mirror Image! Al's Place rules! lol

RossBeckett: I voted for Genesis, MIA, Leap Home duo, Shock Theater, and Revenge of the Evil Leaper.

SueJBakula: your photographic memory gone the same way as mine, Joy?

#clara5: brb, nature calls

TinaAlsGirl5: No... not yet, thank goodness. The good ol' photo memory is still intact... perfect for studying for tests in these my last four months of high school

SueJBakula: know exactly how Sam feels

MikeKraken: ooo, and after I submitted, I got a B5 pop-up quiz! :D

RossBeckett: photographic memory?

#The Someday Man: OH! I may have a shot at playing Don Quixote! The local theater is doing a Broadway tribute and are auditioning for parts in March! There are two songs from Man of La Mancha!

TinaAlsGirl5: Cool!

SueJBakula: brill!!!

MikeKraken: I miss B5...

#The Someday Man: Yeah, that'd be too cool.

MikeKraken: That would be awesome, Shane!

TinaAlsGirl5: Oh man! *frowns* That just reminded me that I missed the newest production of Man of La Mancha here in town. Drat!

#The Someday Man: I've only seen it once, Joy.

RossBeckett: brb, checking the board.

#The Someday Man: But I know ALL the music by heart.

TinaAlsGirl5: I want to see Lost in La Mancha

MikeKraken: wow, twenty to six already... haha... getting a little hungry

#The Someday Man: The movie version is one of my favorite movies.

TinaAlsGirl5: Looks like a pretty cool documentary about a movie gone wrong

MikeKraken: BRB, going to grab an apple or something

TinaAlsGirl5: Plus Johnny Depp is in it

#The Someday Man: I was really looking forward to that one, Joy

#The Someday Man: I kept up with it from beginning to the bitter bitter end.

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah... Johnny said that if they ever get around to making it again, he'll be there every step of the way

#The Someday Man: You guys are gonna flip over Gelfling's play.

#The Someday Man: We've finally moved away from the whole "alternate dimension" aspect of the thing.

TinaAlsGirl5: I'm sure! I've heard a lot of good stuff about it from MJ

#The Someday Man: I never really liked that aspect.

alsplacebartender: cool!

SueJBakula: MJ said something the other night when she'd finished it

#The Someday Man: To be honest, I really didn't care for that last one we did. Too confusing and it didn't feel like QL to me. Don't worry, Aurora knows I'm not a fan of that storyline. lol

TinaAlsGirl5: I have a really cool non-QuantaD idea for a QL radio play. It has some traveling into the future stuff, but it's a really cool one

TinaAlsGirl5: I haven't gotten around to hearing the latest installment of QDL

#The Someday Man: I'm actually thinking of taking it upon myself to produce two or three original plays.

#The Someday Man: If I can get the voice actors to go in on it with me.

TinaAlsGirl5: I like having all those vignettes myself. They're short, easy to produce, and it gives more characters a chance to be heard

#clara5: I'm back now that nature's call has been answered... lol

MikeKraken: What's the latest installment of QDL?

#The Someday Man: Me 2, Joy

#The Someday Man: Not sure how to describe it, Mike.

MikeKraken: you mean part 2 is up???

#The Someday Man: Yeah, I believe

#The Someday Man: You enjoy QDL?

#The Someday Man: I want there to be more "regular" leaps, ya' know?

MikeKraken: I'm the voice of Lothos... LOL

#The Someday Man: More like the series.

#The Someday Man: Oh, COOL!

#The Someday Man: lol

#The Someday Man: I auditioned for that part but Aurora said it'd be too much to do Sam and Lothos

#The Someday Man: :)

#clara5: MJ told me she could maybe have a part for me in her audio play... but I still haven't gotten time to check it out...

#The Someday Man: Oh, wait

#The Someday Man: I auditioned for Zadam, not Lothos

MikeKraken: I also did lines for Zadam like back in June, and MJ can't remember if she used mine or someone else's ....

SueJBakula: Shame Aurora doesn't advertise it more, like she did in the beginning, I didn't know part 2 was up either

#The Someday Man: Cool, Clara

TinaAlsGirl5: I would love to hear some of the Virtual Seasons stories

#The Someday Man: It's really fun

#The Someday Man: Joy, me and MJ are thinking about doing those NEXT!

#The Someday Man: Cross your fingers

#clara5: hehe

MikeKraken: oh yeah, I love doing the voice acting... I wanna do anything if anybody needs me... hehehe

#The Someday Man: I want to do more than just Sam though! lol

#clara5: I'm only trying to finish my OUTLINE for my SW then maybe I'll have time for all this

#The Someday Man: Right on, Clara

MikeKraken: LOL, don't wanna be typecast?>

#The Someday Man: Too late, dude!

#The Someday Man: lol

TinaAlsGirl5: I would love to hear my "Valley of Death" story voice-acted. I could try to get some of the people I based characters off of for it... The whole Conover family is my real family, with Denise being my mom (for those who have read it)

#The Someday Man: They wanted me to play Captain Archer!

MikeKraken: hehehe

SueJBakula: Ooooo cool, TVS in SOUND

#clara5: well, I did some amateur dubbing of Sailor Moon myself...

#The Someday Man: Cool, Joy

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I want to do more voice acting, too

MikeKraken: that's neat, Clara!

#clara5: but it was in french...

#The Someday Man: I'm working on a new script for a QL play. But I really want to dip into the Virtual Seasons.

RossBeckett: Did anyone read the article about Joan Of Arcadia in the TV guide? Dean Stockwell was mentioned!

#clara5: if you want it, I can send it to you the part I did...

#The Someday Man: No I haven't yet. But I will now.

TinaAlsGirl5: I started recording myself the other day to try and get my thoughts moving on a screenplay I'm writing, and I realized I sound like an older version of the little girl, Penny, in "The Rescuers"!

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, I got that article. Scanned it and uploaded it to the Sassies

#The Someday Man: I'd like to hear it, Clara. But it's hard for me to accept any sort of transfer online.

#clara5: oh, I see...

#The Someday Man: Joy, you're pretty good at what you do. Great acting.

RossBeckett: Cool Joy!

TinaAlsGirl5: I was told that once in my Intro to Theatre Arts class, too... The sub teacher asked me if I read a lot. I told him yes, and he said he could tell because I was able to come up with different kinds of voices for different kinds of characters

SueJBakula: My voice isn't strong enough ant more

#The Someday Man: We recreate a couple scenes from the series with this new vignette of Gelf's. It's eerie to listen to.

#The Someday Man: Cool, Joy! :)

TinaAlsGirl5: I liked that scene with you and Al the Bartender in QDL

#The Someday Man: Thanks, Joy.

#The Someday Man: Brian, that was you right?

MikeKraken: I'll have to listen to it soon!!

TinaAlsGirl5: And I definitely loved the work you did for my trailer... Thanks again, by the way. :-)

#The Someday Man: Oh yeah!

TinaAlsGirl5: Yeah, that was him

#The Someday Man: lol

#The Someday Man: I'd almost forgotten about that!

#The Someday Man: GREAT job on that, by the way

RossBeckett: Going to check on the Sassies right now.

alsplacebartender: i stepped away for a minute and just caught up, yeah that was me lol

#The Someday Man: Brian does a GREAT Al the Bartender, for those who haven't heard him.

TinaAlsGirl5: Have I shown anyone my video of Happy Valley (setting of "Valley of Death")? I'm not sure if I've been able to show anyone yet... The file is rather big, and I can't find a free host to put it on

alsplacebartender: oh it wasn't THAT good lol

alsplacebartender: you blew that away!

#The Someday Man: Oh, yes it was, pal.

TinaAlsGirl5: I loved your AtB, Brian!

#The Someday Man: I had to re-record those lines for the new vignette.

#The Someday Man: Oops

#The Someday Man: I guess I said too much.

#The Someday Man: lol

alsplacebartender: is this a QL thing you are talking about Joy?

TinaAlsGirl5: Kinda

alsplacebartender: what is it?

TinaAlsGirl5: I took a video of the place where I set my latest VS story

TinaAlsGirl5: Then I put it to music

TinaAlsGirl5: I did it in order of how Sam walks through the place in the story

alsplacebartender: why don't you put it together as a fan-film for QL and I'll host it in my library

#The Someday Man: Anyone ever talk to Chronocross?

#The Someday Man: I've only gotten the chance to chat live with him, like once.

MikeKraken: I haven't...

#The Someday Man: He plays Al in the plays.

RossBeckett: Dean's father was born in Kansas City!

#The Someday Man: He's gotten so much better! I have his original audition. :)
MikeKraken: ohh, all right

TinaAlsGirl5: What kinda of requirements would it need to be considered a fan-film? Like... the title at the beginning maybe?

alsplacebartender: Yeah just something to make it QL-related, the title, some subtext as to what it is and where the story was at certain points in the video, maybe a link on it to your TVS story, etc

RossBeckett: What time did Mr. Fratkin leave?

alsplacebartender: around 4:30 Steve

RossBeckett: oh

#clara5: and we're all still here even if he's gone, 1:30 hours after!!!

TinaAlsGirl5: Okiday. I'll try my best to get that done

alsplacebartender: cool!

TinaAlsGirl5: The red carpet stuff starts in a few minutes

TinaAlsGirl5: I'm deciding whether I want to tape Joan Collins or not... hehehe

#The Someday Man: Oh yeah!

#The Someday Man: The Golden Globes are tonight!

#The Someday Man: lol

#The Someday Man: Almost forgot

TinaAlsGirl5: Yuppers

TinaAlsGirl5: I'm anxiously awaiting who will win Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical. I'm still rather hurt by Johnny Depp's loss to Mel Gibson at the People's Choice Awards

RossBeckett: That's right too! :) Thanks for reminding me.

#The Someday Man: What did Mel Gibson win for?

MikeKraken: Let me tell you all, Clara does a great French version of Sailor Jupiter!

TinaAlsGirl5: A very small role in The Singing Detective

#The Someday Man: Oh

#clara5: hehe, *blushes*

alsplacebartender: brb

TinaAlsGirl5: Really, people should not just be looking at Pirates for Johnny's award-worthiness. To get the full extent of the talent he showed last year, one must watch both PotC *and* Once Upon A Time In Mexico to really realize how *different* his two characters were!

#The Someday Man: Johnny Depp used to live in the town I live innow

#The Someday Man: now

#The Someday Man: lol

RossBeckett: B.E.A. U tiful!

#The Someday Man: I think he was actually born here

#The Someday Man: Not sure, though. All I know is we claim him

#clara5: not again!!!

TinaAlsGirl5: Lucky you

#clara5: I hate when I do that

MikeKraken: yeah, you went off on ICQ, too...

#clara5: now, how many of me are there?

TinaAlsGirl5: Four

MikeKraken: three now... LOL

RossBeckett: All, but Brian: What is your ALL TIME favorite Quantum Leap episode?

SueJBakula: same here, 3

#clara5: yeah, I know... it's the network cable that unpluggs, so the whole connection dies

#clara5: oh no...

RossBeckett: Brian's is Another mother.

#clara5: not three of me, I wanna be unique!!!

TinaAlsGirl5: MIA

MikeKraken: I don't think I have an all-time favourite... but if I would be forced, I'd say Mirror Image

RossBeckett: Mine is LHO

TinaAlsGirl5: I gotta go... Time to start watching the red carpet and make myself some dinner

#The Someday Man: Yeah, me 2

SueJBakula: ok Joy, nice chatting after sucj a long time

#clara5: I don't know, 'cause I haven't seen them all, but so far it's MIA

TinaAlsGirl5: I'll work on that video tomorrow (as I doubt we'll be having school 'cause of this ice)

MikeKraken: bye Joy!

#clara5: ok, bye Joy

TinaAlsGirl5: Nice chattin' with ya'll, too!

TinaAlsGirl5: See ya'll laterz! Happy Leaping!

RossBeckett: bye!

SueJBakula: *ciddles*

RossBeckett: joy

SueJBakula: LOL cussles

SueJBakula: OMG

(TinaAlsGirl5 left)

#The Someday Man: C-ya'll on the flip side! :)

(#The Someday Man left)

MikeKraken: LMAO

RossBeckett: When is the next chat?

MikeKraken: Sue!

#clara5: yay!!! a next chat!!!

SueJBakula: yup Mikey?

SueJBakula: I don't change, do I?

MikeKraken: you're hilarious

MikeKraken: LOL

SueJBakula: thanks

alsplacebartender: i'm back, trying to catch up here....

SueJBakula: I aim to bring a smile

alsplacebartender: yes Steve mine is Another Mother]\

RossBeckett: When is the next chat?

RossBeckett: Trying to catch up, ok

#clara5: I like the "Are you and angel?" part, Brian

SueJBakula: Mine is 2 eps that are yied in together - Shock Theater & Leap Back

alsplacebartender: yeah that was cute Clara

alsplacebartender: i like the "Pizza!" part lol

RossBeckett: pizz part?

RossBeckett: pizza

SueJBakula: yum... love pizza

#clara5: grrrrrrr, I'm going to change network cable, so wait a second

MikeKraken: speaking of PIZZA... LOL... my dad just brought one home. BRB, it's dinner time!

alsplacebartender: lol @ mike

alsplacebartender: i'm working on getting this commercial ready for the site

RossBeckett: what commercial?

#clara5: THERE, now I won't get disconnected all the time anymore

alsplacebartender: the poll commercial

#clara5: I was getting MAJORLY annoyed

RossBeckett: ok

#clara5: but now it won't happe again

alsplacebartender: no problem clara

#clara5: hehe, now how many of me are there? final number

SueJBakula: 3 in mine LOL

alsplacebartender: only 2 in mine lol

#clara5: good, but there won't be more

#clara5: :-s

RossBeckett: I'm planning on starting an ez-community.

RossBeckett: maybe

#clara5: cool

SueJBakula: friends or wings?

RossBeckett: Not QL though

RossBeckett: I go to AL's Place

RossBeckett: JOA

RossBeckett: maybe

SueJBakula: ahhh, knew I'd get it wrong

RossBeckett: lol

SueJBakula: allus do LOL

RossBeckett: LOL

#clara5: brb, going to put my dinner in the microwave

RossBeckett: Wings would be good

RossBeckett: I don't think there are any ez communities for Wings

SueJBakula: ok well I've got to head off, now I've gotten rid of the gremilns I have to update my website

alsplacebartender: cool sue, thanks for coming!

--- 30-second break in transcript where chatroom froze ---

MikeKraken:: I don't understand what the commercial is...

alsplacebartender:: ok, well i didn't mean that quick lol, i got booted

RossBeckett: booted?

MikeKraken: LOL

alsplacebartender: locked up and had to restart my chat client

MikeKraken: me, Brian, Steve, and three Claras!

alsplacebartender: hahaha

RossBeckett: LOL

MikeKraken: I guess it is time to call it a night... good turnout today!

alsplacebartender: the commercial is for the poll on the sci-fi channel

alsplacebartender: yes, thanks for coming everyone! I'll set up another one real soon :)

MikeKraken: oh right, the commercial you recorded.. LOL.. I thought you meant one you were making... DUH ME

(RossBeckett left)

(RossBeckett joined)

MikeKraken: well, so long!

alsplacebartender: you guys have a great night and we will talk again soon!

MikeKraken: Definitely. ^_^

alsplacebartender: leaping out...

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