"Good Morning, Peoria"

Leap Date:

September 9, 1959

Episode Adopted By: Carol <aka> C_DEAN n C_AL
Additional info provided by: Brian Greene


As a radio disc jockey at the dawn of rock and roll, Sam must prevent a radio station from being shut down while romancing the stations' owner and playing some great tunes along the way!


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Production # 65408

TV Guide Synopsis:
Sam twists and shouts into 1959 as a howling Peoria disc jockey, helping his feisty boss combat a civic leader who says her station's rock-and-roll has to go. Fred: Richard McKenzie. Brian: Todd Merrill. Chubby Checker: Himself. Leland: Steve Bean.


Peoria, Illinois, USA

Broadcast Date:
November 8, 1989 (Wednesday)

Leap Date:
September 9, 1959

"Howlin’ Chick Howell"

Show Music & Songs:
"Tutti Frutti" by: Little Richard
"April Love" by: Pat Boone
"All Shook Up" by: Elvis Presley
"Maybe Baby" by: Buddy Holly & the Crickets
"Sleepwalk" Performed by: Santo & Johnny
"Great Balls Of Fire" by: Jerry Lee Lewis
"Yakkety Yak (Don’t Talk Back)" by: The Coasters
"The Twist" by: Chubby Checker
"Jail House Rock" by: Elvis Presley
"Rock Around The Clock" by: Bill Haley & the Comets
"Sea Cruise" by: Frankie Ford
"The Glory Of Love" Written by: Billy Hill & sung by: Brook Benton
"Shout" by: Isley Brothers



Project Trivia:
Al is not seen going into or coming out of the Imaging Chamber in this episode. There are no sounds either.

The handlink is a thin black piece of plastic with a gold strip with red and green flashing lights. It is contoured to fit Al’s hand.

Ziggy is not called a he or she in this episode.

On top of the station roof, Sam is attaching a cable to the copper gutters to get a signal for the station so it can keep broadcasting. Al thinks he’s leaping. Sam tells him he just standing too close to the antenna. In actuality, Al sees Sam leap 83 times. One of those times they leaped together, in ‘The Leap Back’ (4.1). Also in ‘Mirror Image’ (5.22) Sam asks the same question of Al. Al says he always goes back into the imaging chamber when Sam leaps.

Al says, "Hey! LOOK Sam! … I’m gonna leap?"
Sam says, "No you’re not leaping … you’re standing too close to the antenna … move away …"
Al says, "Huh?"
Sam says, "Move away … come on move away!"
Al says, "RATS!"
Sam cocks his head looking at Al and smiles, shaking his head.


Al’s Outfits:
1) Silver metallic jacket, pale blue shirt w/a round design on collar tips, black paisley tie, black pants, black belt w/silver tip and looped so end hangs down in front & white tennis shoes.

2) Grayish baby blue silky suit w/extra cigar in breast pocket, multicolored blue, rose & gold silky print shirt, rust colored tie, black belt w/gold buckle and gold shoes. Sunglasses pin as seen in a few previous episodes.


Miscellaneous Trivia:
Al had a cigar in all of his scenes.

Al popped in and out 3 times. (He is in the entire 2nd scene. He is there for the remainder of the episode.

Chris Ruppenthal acquired the WOF call letters sign for his office.

Kiss With History:
Sam wants to play something by the Beatles (1964) … Rachel corrects him and says "Oh, by the Crickets?"

Al suggests that Sam do the radio show like that movie "Good Morning Vietnam" (1987)

When Al sees Chubby Checker he starts jumping up and down. He and Sam go out into the lobby and start humming "The Twist" and dancing. 
Chubby is so impressed that he says, "Can I use that move?" Sam says, "Yeah, but I got it from you!"


Regular Cast:
Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett
Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci


Guest Cast:
Patricia Richardson as Rachel Porter
Richard McKenzie as Fredrick R. Beaman
Todd Merrill as Brian
Chubby Checker as Himself
Steve Bean as Leland
Hal England as Mayor
E.R. Davies as Sheriff Jake Foley
Barbara Perry as Theora Beaman
J. Frank Stewart as Businessman / Councilman
Kurt Andon as Man in Suit
Steve Whiteford as Reporter
Douglas Ibold as Chick Howell (Mirror image)


Miscellaneous Trivia For guest stars:
Chubby Checker was born Ernest Evans on 10-3-41 in Spring Gully, So Carolina. As a teenager he had a job in a produce market. The boss, Tony, called him ‘Chubby’. Ernest said, "Who’s chubby? I’m not chubby." Tony said, "You are if you want the job." Soon after that, ‘Chubby’ found another job working in a chicken store. The man who owned the shop, Henry Colt, liked to set up a microphone so his young employee could sing songs of the fifties while people shopped. Coincidentally, Colt had a friend, Kal Mann who was a songwriter associated with the most recognized recording studio in the Philly area.

When Dick Clark asked Mann to write a song and recommend a singer for a musical Christmas card based on Jingle Bells, Mann suggested Chubby. While in the studio, Clark’s wife, Barbara walked in and said to him, "Chubby… Chubby Checker. You’re going to be Chubby for Fats and Checker for Domino."

Just before Chubby graduated high school he re-recorded the ‘Twist’. Hank Ballard had recorded it first in 1958.

"Rhythm and blues had a baby and somebody named it rock and roll", says Little Richard. Born Richard Wayne Penniman on 12-5-32 in Macon, Georgia. As a youngster he sang in the local church choir. In 1951 he won a talent contest and released two singles for RCA Records, either received any notoriety. He went back to washing dishes at the Greyhound Bus station. He then sent a demo tape to Specialty Records in Los Angeles, a new label. The rest is history.

Kurt Andon (man in suit) also played John Beckett's double in (episode 5.11) "Promised Land". A few of the movies he was in were: "15 Minutes" (2001), "Don King: Only In America" (1997), "Coma" (1978). Guest TV appearances were: "Melrose Place" (1992), "M*A*S*H" (1972) and "Charlie’s Angels" (1976).

E.R. Davies (Sheriff Jake Foley) did an early episode of "JAG" (1995/episode 2.12), as we know Donald P Bellisario uses actors over again in his other shows.

Richard McKenzie (Fred Beaman) has made numerous movies (35) and TV roles (45) under his belt. {LOL} But what I found ironic was that he played in a movie called "Nowhere To Run" (1978) and there is a QL episode with the same name (episode 5.5). J

Todd Merrill (Brian) has also been in "JAG" (1995/Pilot episodes 1.1 & 1.2 /), he has also played in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987/episode 4.1).

Patricia Richardson (Rachel Porter) played Jill Taylor in "Home Improvement" (1991), Tim Allen’s TV wife. Trivia for the show: Originally, Frances Fisher was cast as Jill Taylor but was replaced with Patricia 4 days before the pilot episode was taped. She also directed an episode or episodes.

Guests who appeared in other episodes of Quantum Leap:
Kurt Andon played Scott Bakula’s double in "Promised Land."



Executive Producer: Donald P Bellisario
Music By: Mike Post
Supervising Producers: Deborah Pratt, Paul M Belous & Robert Wolterstortt
Co-Producers: Paul Brown, Jeff Gourson & Chris Ruppenthal
Produced By: Harker Wade
Written By: Chris Ruppenthal
Directed By: Michael Zinberg
Casting By: Kleen Lubin Stanisky
Set Decoration: Robert L Zilliox
Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Costume Supervisor: David Rawley & Donna Roberts-Orme
Sound Mixer: Mark Hopkins McNabb
Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth
Contributing Musical Composers: Velton Ray Bunch & Jerry Grant
Music Editor: Tom Gleason
Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Clay
Production Management: Ronald R Grow
Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision

Best Scene:
When the lights go out, Sam and Rachel are in the dark. They get up and head towards the door:

Rachel says, "Oh damn!"
Sam says, "Lights went out."
Rachel says, "No kidding."
Sam says, "You got a kind of backup gen … a backup generator or somethin’?
Rachel says, "There’s a civil defense generator in the basement, but I don’t know how to work it … I don’t even know if it does work."
Sam says, "There’s one way to find out.
Rachel yells out, "CHICK!"
Sam says, "sor … sorry I just … try a … find the door."
Rachel says,
"Door knobs are usually placed a little lower aren’t they?"

Say What?
When Tutti Frutti is playing, the needle seems to be on the record label!

Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell both reflect in various glass set pieces throughout the episode.

When Sam comes to work the next morning, he walks in the door with wet hair and by the end of the first song its dry.

Why did Chubby Checker appear to be in his 40's when he was supposed to be a teenager? Answer: Ratings.

Why did a fight break out between groups of young people in the street? This was not explained.


Quotable Quotes:
Oh my God, I'm a DJ!
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

FLASH! President Eisenhower in a surprise move resigned from office this morning in order to join a Buddist monastery. Said Ike 'I just like being around guys with less hair than me.'
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

I was captured by spacemen and taken to some time in the future where I was forced to eat Chinese food for two weeks - and I'm still hungry!
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Gooooooood Morning, Peoria!
-- Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Hey, look Sam, I'm gonna leap!
-- Al, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Well, if we're gonna go down in flames, I'll help you pick out the records.
-- Al, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Doorknobs are usually placed a little lower, aren't they?
-- Rachel, "Good Morning, Peoria"

They told me you never took anything seriously.
I take a lot of things seriously.
Name two.
Quantum physics and time travel.
-- Rachel and Sam, "Good Morning, Peoria"

Personal Synopsis & Review:

Sam doesn’t know what he’s leapt into … holding a stack of 45’s in both hands and Tutti Frutti playing on the turntable. He tries to look at the record spinning, moving his head in a circular motion. "Chick! Earth to Chick! Quit clownin’ around and read the commercial!" Sam responds to himself, ‘OMG I’m a DJ!’ With a crooked smile, the leap begins.

The station is WOF-730 AM in Peoria. Rachel says, "They told me you never take anything seriously, now I believe them." Sam says, "I take lots of things seriously." Rachel says, "Name two." Sam says, "Quantum Physics and Time Travel." Rachel says, "No wonder you’ve have twelve jobs in the last eight years!"

Sam is there to save the radio station and Rachel Porter, because soon it will be history. Al says, "She can hold out another 18 months … if she doesn’t eat or pay any salaries." She is the stations president/owner, handed down from her father who said his future dream was, "The future of radio is FM, Rachel."Sam says, "Well I’m not sure that’s such a bad dream."

 Sam is continually fixing something. The control panel, when someone throws a brick through the front window. The lights, so Sam and Rachel have to crank up a civil defense generator in the basement. Then someone breaks the antenna on top of the station roof and he and Al go up there to fix that. He also fixes the thoughts and feelings of Fred Beaman.

Brian, the other DJ, keeps kidding Chick and says, "Man, you’ve really got it bad for her, don’t you?" Sam says, "Who?" Brian says, "Rachel." Sam says, "Rachel! Ha… oh. Forget it! No! No way!" Brian says, "Nice try kemosabe, but old Brian, ‘Knows All * Sees All’. Ever since you been here you been makin’ goo goo eyes at her."

Fred Beaman owns a hardware store and runs the local newspaper, the ‘Peoria Dispatch’. He is adamant about rock ‘n’ roll music not being played and says, "I carry a fair amount of weight in this town." Al butts in and says, "Yah, and a lot of it’s hangin’ over your belt."


Personal Review:
The show is so full of inconsistencies that it’s not funny. But the episode is very funny! The time period for music is a killer! I love rock ‘n’ roll. Though I was just a youngster when all this happened. At times I think I’m watching an episode of MacGyver. All the fixin’ that Sam does, but no duck tape … LOL … I love the cars of this era, wish I had one. The clothes too, I remember my pink felt poodle skirt, pink fuzzy sweater, the navy blue and white saddle shoes with white cotton socks, fondly… and don’t forget the pony tails! *sighs* … Ahhh… those were the days!

Sam & Al’s Best Scene:
Al spies Chubby Checker and Brian walking past the window of the DJ booth.

Al says, "OMG! … SAM you gotta see this!" As he runs into the lobby with Sam following.

Sam says, "What is it?"

Al says, "It is! It’s Chubby Checker!"

Sam says, "Chubby Checker?"

Al says, "I can’t believe it!"

Sam says, "I can’t … wha-da-ya …"

Chubby Checker says, "Do I know you?"

Brian says, "Friend of yours?"

Sam says, " … Ahhh …"

Al says, "SAM!"

Sam says, "Ahhh …"

Al says, "YES! IT’S Chubby Checker!!!"

Sam says, "Huh?"

Al starts to sing and dance, "Come on baby let’s do the twist … "

Sam says, "THE TWIST!"

[Sam and Al, in unison, start singing and dancing and I think it breaks Brian’s concentration for his next line…lol]

Brian says, "It’s a pretty good demo, but I was just telling him I don’t think it’s really … it really has what it takes."

Rachel walks over to see what all the excitement is and says, "Twist?"

Chubby Checker is watching Sam dance, "Wow that’s great! … Say! Can I borrow that for my act?"

Sam says, "Ah sure, um but I mean … yeah but … I … I … I … got it from … from you, ha."

Al says, "SAM! Sam if you want this station to be number one, tell her to play that demo!"

Sam, grabbing the 45 from Brian’s hand and still twisting, turns to hand it to Rachel, "If you want this station to be number one you gotta play this dem-ooo!"

Chubby Checker says, "That’s good! I like that!"

Sam says, "Ha Ha Ha"

Rachel is watching Sam dance and trying it and Al is watching Rachel dance, "Yah I’ll give it a play … assuming I … can still … play rock ‘n’ roll … after the … council meeting."

Sam says, "Believe me! Nobody’s gonna pass a law banning rock ‘n’ roll!"

The song begins to play as Rachel walks away, doing a little twist with every step. The camera pans back to Sam, Al, Chubby, Brian and the receptionist … all dancing.


Al’s Best Lines:
Sam comes in to work the next morning and is looking through a stack of 45’s for something to play.

Al pops in and says, "Buenos Días"

Sam says, "Boy! Am I glad to see you! I gotta play some music Al, I… and I don’t remember anything. What about this?"

Al says, "That’s a no." Sam is shuffling through the stack of 45’s and showing each one to Al. "That’s a no." Rachel looks on from the other room through the glass booth. With a puzzled look on her face, she cocks and shakes her head then puts it in her hands and holds it.

Al says, "Johnny Horton, The Battle of New Orleans! Sam get real!"

Sam says, "I don’t remember any music Al!"

Al says, "This is not about music, this is about talking, we got the team that makes the girls scream, about the man of the hour with the radio power, the Dr of Love, that knows … what’s the matter? … Say it out loud!"

Sam says, "We got the team that makes the girls sc …"

Al says, "You gotta get this in two minutes Sam! … You got a piece of paper… and a pencil? Get a paper and pencil. You’re going on the air!"

Sam says as he writes, "We got the tea …, a …"

Al says, "DIDN’T YOU SEE THE MOVIE?" … That was all Al had to say …

Sam goes on the air yelling, "G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G P-E-O-R-I-A!"

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