"Killin' Time"

Leap Date:

June 18, 1958

Episode Adopted by: MikeKraken


Sam leaps into a killer on the run in 1958. The house is surrounded and he is holding hostage a mother and her young daughter. But back in the future, the real killer, Leon, has escaped from the waiting room and Al searches to find him. If Al can't bring Leon back, Sam can't leap...and will be killed when the sheriff raids the house.


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"Killin' Time" - June 18, 1958

What happens when Sam leaps into a cold-blooded murder? It seems like a simple leap after Sam achieves his first goal, yet he can't leap, simply because the visitor has escaped from the Project Quantum Leap complex and now Al is going after him. That means that Sheriff Hoyt, whose daughter Debbie Collins died as a result of Leon Stiles's shooting her, is out for revenge, and Sam is his target.


» Pine County, Oklahoma (Sam leaps into Stiles here)
» Stallion's Gate, New Mexico, USA (Project Quantum Leap)
» a city near PQL (where Al chases down Stiles)

::Name of the Person Leaped Into::

Leon Randolph Stiles, an illiterate drifter and multiple murderer


» Background music (by Velton Ray Bunch)

::Project Trivia::

» Handlink: third version (colourful cubes)

» The Waiting Room is all blue, and there is a ramp leading from the door up about waist-high to the "stage" of the Waiting Room. There is a space betwen the stage and the perimeter wall of the room, wide enough for people to walk double-file.

» From what we've seen in this episode and "The Leap Back", the entrances to Imaging Chamber and Quantum Leap Accelerator are both located in the Control Room, but the Waiting Room is in a corridor outside of any of these rooms. There is an elevator right near the entrance to the Waiting Room (where the corporal comes out).

» Ziggy is refered to as "she".

» Gooshie is absent minded in this episode, calling Leon "Dr. Beckett" twice, and suggesting calling the police.

» Project Quantum Leap is a Code One clearance, and they can not involve other agencies (such as the police).

» The Waiting Room is on the tenth level down, which leads to reason that so are the other four important rooms. The employees park their right out in front of the complex.

» Gooshie had his car stolen "last year" (1998), and took Al's advice to have a location tracking device placed in his new one (which is "the blue one").

» Sam can't leap if the visitor is not in the Waiting Room, and is stuck permanently if the leapee is dead.

» Sam created Project Quantum Leap in 1995. The current year is 1999, probably March or April, given the position of the episode following "Lee Harvey Oswald" (February 1999).

» When Sam leaps, it's his body that trades places with the visitor.

» Al's car (the "experimental model" from "Genesis") is also a convertable.

::Miscellaneous trivia::
» The day of the week is Thursday, according to a day-calendar that Sam sees upon leaping in. However, it was actually a Wednesday.

» The Sputnik is a hot topic of the time.

» Sam reveals his true identity in this episode to Carol and Becky.

» The city where Al and Leon are in Sex World has a designated lane for electro-magnetic vehicles only (the right lane), as seen by a sign and heard by the vocal announcement (which reads in English and Spanish).

» The profile disc that Gooshie made up for Al is a regular-sized compact disc in a jewel case.

» Prostitutes in 1999 can afford voice-activated rooms. <LOL>

::Al's Outfits Worn in the Episode::

» First outfit: slippery-looking golden shirt with matching shoes; black string tie with gold and black pin; goldish-yellow suit coat with matching pants; cigar; handlink; watch with a black band and a gold face.

» Second outfit: black leather jacket; back-up handlink; black belt with silver buckle; black pants; black shoes.


Tommy Thompson


Michael Watkins


Deborah Pratt, Chas. Floyd Johnson, Richard C. Okie, Harker Wade, Tommy Thompson, Robin Jill Bernheim

::Broadcast Date::

Tuesday, October 20, 1992

::Regular Cast::

Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett
Dean Stockwell as Al Calavicci

::Guest Stars::

Connie Ray - Carol Pruitt
Cameron Dye - Leon Stiles
Jim Haynie - Sheriff John Hoyt
Joseph Malone - Deputy Grimes
Dennis Wolfberg - Gooshie
Carolyn Lowery as Hooker
Beverley Mitchell as Becky Pruitt
Lewis Dauber as Reporter
Deborah Pratt - Ziggy (voice)
unknown - Corporal

::Guest Cast Notes (interesting things you've discovered about those who appeared in the episode)::

Beverley Mitchell went on to star in "7th Heaven".

::Cast members who have passed away (as of the date the synopsis was written)::

Dennis Wolfberg died on October 3, 1994 in Culver City, California from melanoma at the age of 48.

::Cast members who appeared in other episodes::

Dennis Wolfberg played Gooshie in "Genesis", "The Leap Back", "Lee Harvey Oswald", and "Mirror Image".

::Personal Review::

What can I say? This is the episode summary that I must have spent the most time on (over three hours). I watched it twice, as usual, but had to rewind quite a few times to get some of the quotes. This is one of my favourite episodes, because of two main things: we get to see Project Quantum Leap and the future, and we get to see lots of Gooshie. On top of that, it's a great story for the leap, and the entire episode in general is expertly written, acted, directed, and, well, everything!

If Sam hadn't exposed his true self to Carol, he probably would have died in Leon's place. This episode is full of action, drama, and comedy, and it almost seems like a full-length movie to me sometimes, which is why it's in my top five. I love how Sam reacts to Gooshie being in charge while Al was about to go chasing after Leon. The scene in the prostitute's room is tense, especially if you haven't seen the episode before! Carol's convincing the sheriff is quite touching.

::Best Lines::

» Al: "For five years, I've been watching Sam Beckett risk his life for total strangers. Think about it."

» Gooshie: "I guess Ziggy didn't do a very good job of synching our brainwaves."
Al: "I'll take that as a complement."

::Best Scene::

I can't chose any one scene for this episode. Each one is great, and like I said, all together makes the episode feel like a full-length film.

::Worst things about the episode::

I can't think of anything about the actual content of the episode, except for the missing portion where Stiles obtains his gun. On top of that, they could have shown the Waiting Room door open, and make a new piece of footage for it.

::Say What?::

» "Where'd you get that gun?" Al asks. [Explaination: that scene was left on the cutting-room floor.] See the first article at http://www.sethargabright.com/qleap/cutting.htm

» When Al is explaining to Stiles that he can't leave the Waiting Room, we see an image of the door used from "The Leap Back" which lead into the Imaging Chamber. However, when the we see Al, Gooshie, and Stiles in the corridor outside, it's a large, octagonal door that takes up the entire doorway (almost the width and height of the cylindrical corridors) and slides either into the wall or the ceiling (we don't see it open). In addition, we don't see the glowing blue lights from outside. [Explaination: they simply re-used old footage.]

::Quotable Quotes::

» Sam (narrative): "I've always made it a rule never to judge people on first impressions. Of course, rules were made to be broken."

» Leon: "What the Hell is all this?"
Al (slightly paraphrased): "What is all this? What is all... well, it's sort of an underground top-secret research laboratory style... type of thing." (Gooshie approaches.) "Oh boy."

» Gooshie: "Who's going after him?"
Al: "I am."
Gooshie: "_You_?" (gets a look from Al.) "W-wouldn't be my first choice."

» Deputy Grimes: "You think he give himself up?"
Sheriff Hoyt: "I don't know. Why don't you ask him?"

» Al: "He got away from us."
Sam: "He got away from you? What do you mean he got away from you?"
Al: "He escaped."
Sam: "He escaped? How could that happen, 'He escaped.'? Al, you didn't open the Waiting Room door, did you? Oh, please tell me you didn't opened the Waiting Room door. You did, you did, I can't believe this!"
Al: "Well, I couldn't help it, he took us by surprise! Somehow, he got ahold of a gun, and he held the gun straight at me like that, and what could I do?! I couldn't do anything!"
Sam: "Okay, okay, okay. He got out of the Waiting Room, okay, but at least he's still in the complex. Right? I can't believe this is happening, Al! You've got to get him back!"
Al: "Oh, I will!"
Sam: "What do you mean you will?"
Al: "I will!"
Sam: "What do you mean, <i>you</i> will? You're not thinking about going after him yourself, are ya?"
Al: "Why not?"
Sam: "Why not? Because he's a cold-blooded killer, that's why not! I need you here with me..."
Al: "Sam, this guy's gotta be taken alive. Don't forget: if he dies, you're finished. And and an' don't worry. Don't worry because I'm gonna leave Gooshie in charge."
Sam: "Gooshie. Well, that's just perfect."
Al: "Yeah, and if anything happens, he'll be in touch with you. Ziggy is synching up his brain with your brain so that you can see him."
Sam: "Me - me and Gooshie."
Al: "Yeah."

» Al: "I'd kiss you if you didn't have bad breath."
Gooshie (with a handlink and an orange clipboard): "I'm touched. Admiral, are you sure this what you want to do?"
Al: "For five years, I've been watching Sam Beckett risk his life for total strangers. Think about it."

» Carol: "Oh, that's right, I forgot. You're stuck here until your friend from the future gets back."

» Sam: "When was the last time you met an illiterate speed-reader?"

» Sam: "Gooshie?"
Carol: "What?"
Sam: "He's not a what, he's a who."
Carol: "Your friend from the future?"
Sam: "One of them."
Carol: "Oh great, now there're two of 'em?"

» Gooshie: "Time and space can be a bitch."

» Gooshie: "I'm right in front of you! Can't you see me?"
Al: "If I could see you, would I be talking to the sidewalk?!"
Gooshie: "I guess Ziggy didn't do a very good job of synching our brainwaves."
Al: "I'll take that as a complement."

» Leon: "... 'cause you're gonna send me back where I came from, right?"
Gooshie: "I can't do that."
Leon: "I think you're lying to me."
Gooshie: "Don't get me wrong. I mean, I'd love to accomodate you, but it doesn't work that way. We don't have any control over it."
Leon: "Well, who does?!"
Gooshie: "Well, that kind of depends on your point of view. Call yourself a religious man?" (looks Leon up and down.) "Probably not."


Theme by - Mike Post
Musical Score by - Velton Ray Bunch
Co-Executive Producers - Deborah Pratt, Chas. Floyd Johnson
Supervising Producers - Richard C. Okie, Harker Wade, Tommy Thompson
Producer - Robin Jill Bernheim
Written by - Tommy Thompson
Directed by - Michael Watkins
Executive Producer - Donald P. Bellisario

(flashing credits, playing music from Sex World instead of "Quantum Leap" theme)
Associate Producers - Scott Ejercito, Juile Bellisario
Co-ordinating Producer - David Bellisario
Director of Photography - Michael Watkins A.S.C.

Production Designer - Cameron Birnie
Edited by - Michael S. Stern
Unit Production Manager - Ron Grow
First Assistant Director - R. John Slosser
Second Assistant Director - Brian Faul

Casting by - Ellen Lubin Sanitsky C.S.A.
Set Decorator - Robert L. Zilliox
Costume Designer - Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Costume Supervisors - David Rawley, Katina Kerr
Art Director - Ellen Dambros-Williams
Sound Mixer - Barry D. Thomas
Stunt Co-ordinator - Diamond Farnsworth
Make-Up - Jeremy Swan
Hairstylist - Andrea Mizushima

Fashion Concepts - Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Sound Editor - Greg Schorer
Music Editor - Bruce Frazier
Special Visual Effects - Roger Dorney, Denny Kelly
Panaflex® Camera and Lenses by PANAVISION®

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in in civil liability and criminal prosocution.

Country of first publication: United States of Amercia. Foresbrook Enterprises Inc. is the author of this motion picture for purposes of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

Copyright © 1992 by Universal City Studios, Inc. All rights reserved.

The charcters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious, and any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

(second Universal Television logo at end)

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