"A Leap for Lisa"

Leap Date:

June 25, 1957

Episode adopted by: Becky


Sam leaps into Al as a young navy pilot facing charges of raping and murdering a Commander's wife. In the original history, a married nurse named Lisa Sherman told the Navy that she and Al were together...so Al never went to trial. But Sam accidentally tells Lisa not to testify and she dies in a car wreck later that night. As the odds rise that Al will be convicted and sent to the gas chamber, Sam, Future Al, and even a guy named Edward must work to prove his innocence.


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Place: U.S. Navy Base, Torre Pines on the beach

Name of the Person Leaped Into: Al "Bingo" Calavicci

Leap Date: June 25, 1957

Broadcast Date: May 20, 1992


Sam Trivia:
Remembers medical terms. Begins to forget Al when the new guy comes.


Al Trivia:
Al was in love with a woman named Lisa. Tina (Al’s girlfriend in the present) is married to Gooshie when he disappears. Al’s nickname was Bingo. He use to fly a cougar. He was 23 in 1957, and had a black corvette.


Project Trivia:
Success has nothing to do with leaping. Leaping in time causes gaps in memory. They had never before took a leaper into the control room before. When they call the hybrid computer, Ziggy, it is a she.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
Ziggy becomes Alpha and it is called a he. Al becomes Edward St. John V. Al appears 11 times in this episode.


Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:
The only outfit Al wears in this episode is a white with black striped undershirt, with a red and black shiny blazer.


Writers: Donald P. Bellisario

Director: James Whitmore, Jr.

Producers: Jeff Gourson, Tommy Thompson, Chris Ruppenthal and Paul Brown.


Regular Cast: Scott Backula, Dean Stockwell


Guest Stars:
Anthony Peck (Judge)

Charles Rocket (Commander Dick Ricker)
Jamie Walters (Albert "Bingo" Calavicci / Mirror)
Jeffery Corbett ("Chip" Ferguson)
Larry Brandenburg (Commander Hugh Doldos)
Roddy McDowall (Edward St. John V.)
Terry Farell (Navy Nurse, Lt. Lisa Sherman)
Steve Carlisle (Pollack)
Jeff Nowinski ("Stacker" Carpenter)
Debbie James (Marci Ricker)
Ivan Gueron (Plumber)
Jack Stauffer (Flight Surgeon)
Rich Whiteside (Marine Guard)


Guest Cast Notes:
Roddy McDowall was the voice of Mr. Soil in A Bugs Life in 1998.

Terry Farell appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as various characters in 1993.

Charles Rocket played Judge Thatcher on Tom & Huck in 1995. In 1994, he played Nicholas Andre in Dumb & Dumber. Charles appeared on Saturday Night Live and once uttered the "F" word live on it.


Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap Episodes:
Charles Rocket, who played Michael G. Blake in "A Little Miracle."


Guest Cast members who have died:
Roddy Mcdonall died October 3, 1998, from lung cancer.

Charles Rocket, who played Commander Riker, died October 17th, 2005 of an apparent suicide.


Best Line:
Bingo: "So I’m him and he’s me?" Al: "Right!" Bingo: "Then who are you?"


Best Scene:
When Al disappears and Edward St. John V. appears and Sam has no idea what’s going on.


Quotable Quotes:

Sam: "Commander if I could have a few minutes to myself before we reconvene?"

Commander: "You won’t be alone."

Sam: "Yeah, well I’ve come to think of him as my shadow."

Shadow: "Sir, Sir." Sam: "Hmm, come on shadow."


Sam: "He’s gone!"

Al: "Who’s gone?"

Sam: "My shadow he’s gone!" Al: "Maybe he went to the head." Sam: "He would sooner wet his pants than leave his post."


"Bingo to quote you, your in deep caca!"


Sam: "But you’re married!"

Lisa: "Yes, and so is my husband but it hasn’t stopped him from landing in ever blonde from here to Norway!"


Sam: "This guy’s got more women than you do."

Al: "That’s funny. That IS funny. That’s hysterical. Have you looked in the mirror… you haven’t looked in the mirror yet have you?!?"


Personal Review:
This is a very exciting episode, because a lot of things happen. I love this episode. It is great to see how important Al is to this project and how different it would be without him.

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