3x04 "One Strobe Over the Line"

Leap Date:

June 15, 1965

Episode Adopted by: Sherdran <aka> Eleiece & M.J. Cogburn
Additional information provided by: Thomas in Texas & Brian Greene


As a high-fashion photographer, Sam leaps in to keep a model from overdosing on a combination of pills and alcohol.


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Production # 66409

TV Guide Synopsis:
Sam flashes into a photographer and develops a relationship with a model whom he must save from an overdose. Susan Anton. Byron: Kristoffer Tabori. Mike: David Sheinkopf. Sam: Scott Bakula. Al: Dean Stockwell.

New York City, NY

Leap Date:

June 15, 1965

Name of the Person Leaped Into:

Karl Granson

Broadcast Date:

October 19, 1990 - Friday

Synopsis & Review:

When Sam leaps in, he hears music from around him.  He is crouching in front of a lion that roars.  He half falls/rolls onto his back, clutching a camera to his body. Standing beside Snowball with a chain in her hand is a beautiful woman with blonde hair in a bouffant style and a diamond pendant in her hair. She has a white globe, silver earrings, and an elegant long-sixties-style dress. Other women and men are standing behind the elegant woman.

As an assistant helps him, Sam hears her placate the lion, saying, “Snowball, good boy.”  He looks around and finds lights set up for a camera shoot.

Standing behind him are a man and a woman in late-sixties clothing.  The woman says, “Don’t worry, Karl, lions never eat photographers.  It gives them indigestion.”  The man says, “Though I do understand that they nibble at the slow ones now and again.”  

Sitting up now, Sam gingerly holds the camera when the lion roars again.  It startles Sam, and he half falls/rolls onto his back, holding his head up to look at the beautiful woman in front of him.  She smiles, and he leans back on the concrete and says, “Oh boy.”  

It’s June 15, 1965.

Sam is helped up from the concrete by his assistant, Mike (David Sheinkopf), and calls out to the lion, “Nice kitty. Nice little kitty.”  He moves slowly away from the lion as he sees a mirror not too far away. He moves toward it to see his host (Dan McCoy) in the mirror. As he looks at the reflection, the woman who spoke to him moves between him and the mirror.  She remarks that vanity is one thing, but self-obsession is boring, and Sam says he’s just checking the lighting, and he falls over again the lights.  He lands close to the lion and backs away from Snowball, claiming that the lights may need re-adjustment.

The model who has been standing beside Snowball asks if it’s going to take long because her feet are killing her. Sam decides for everyone to take a few minutes to gather themselves.  The model then leaves Snowball's side and walks over to the makeup table that Sam had been looking into.

The couple who talked with Sam earlier discussed the model who walks by them. The gentleman, Byron Wills (Kristoffer Tabori), is talking with Helen LeBaron (Susan Anton). In one breath, he tells the model that she’s doing great, and then, in the next, he tells Helen that something is wrong with Edie Landsdale (Marjorie Monaghan).  He says that favors can only go so far.  She’s usually vibrant but not up to his standards, and he’s not paying for reshoots. He is concerned that they should have gone with Cheryl Teagues or Twiggie. Helen tells him Edie is tired – probably from watching bad television commercials.

Helen then goes to Edie, who is sitting at the makeup table.  She runs off a makeup lady and then asks Edie how she is doing.  Edie says that she is fine, but Helen isn’t having it.  Helen even tells Edie that she looks like a little country girl who's tired from a long day of milking cows. She says Byron is two heartbeats away from calling Stewart Callie and replacing her with Cheryl Teagues if she doesn’t get out there and put on some shine.  Edie tries to tell her that she’s been shining all day.  Helen says she doesn’t know what the problem is, but she had better get over it quickly.  She begins to dig in her purse and puts pills in Edie’s hand.

Edie says that she can’t take them anymore.  The pills are screwing her up – she doesn’t eat or sleep well when she’s on them.  Helen then castigates her by telling her there is a mountain of people who have paid her a lot of money to look good, and if she doesn’t want to do that, then she’d tell Bryon, and then Byron would run back to the agency, and then they could both be on the unemployment line.  Helen tells Edie to think of them as Aspirin – that they’ll make her feel better. Then, she promised never to ask her to retake them after today – she crossed her heart.  Edie takes the pills.

“Quantum Leaping is a lot like looking at a picture.  For an instant, you recapture a moment that has already occurred, but it doesn’t help you take the picture.”

Sam is looking through the camera, which is upside down to him. He says, “Oh boy,” again.

Helen then says, “If it’s so good, then why don’t you go ahead and take the picture?”  Byron agrees.

Sam stands back up and looks at the models before him, a light meter in one hand and the bulb in the other. He says, “Everyone say cheese,” making the models smile and chuckle. He snaps the picture. Instead of taking more photos, he says, “Perfect. That’s it.”

Byron and Helen are confused by the statement, and Sam says, “It only takes one. When you got that one – you definitely got it, and that’s it.”  

Helen claims that Karl (Sam) is trying to save Byron money, and she can’t remember the last time he was that generous.  Byron is happy with that.  He tells everyone that they are doing an excellent job and that he’ll see them tomorrow.  Sam looks confused, but he recovers as Edie comes up and asks him to give her a ride home. Sam says it's no problem, and Helen looks on as if confused.

Sam gives Edie a ride home to her apartment. She’s now decked out in an all–red outfit—a long-sleeved red coat and shorts. Sam is carrying her belongings, and she tells him to drop them anywhere as she goes into the other room to talk to her cat, who is meowing.  She’s in the kitchen with many cats around her.

Edie asks Sam if he likes cats.  Sam says he likes little ones and had two of them on the farm when he grew up – Donder and Blitzen.  Edie is confused by this and says she thought he was from Queens.  Sam fumbles but recovers by saying he meant to say that his cousin had cats when he went to see him on his farm in the country.  Edie continues that she had to have something, like a cat, to remind her of home.   

Sam asks if it gets a little crowded with Wooster and all of his friends.  Edie tells him that she’s saving up money because she doesn’t want to be a model forever.  She wants to get her father new machinery for the farm, and Sam even talks about the self-propelled kind from John Deere.  She also wants to send her sister to college – the first Landsdale to go.  Sam asks what she would buy for herself, and Edie says she’s not sure, but she’d like to return to school to become a veterinarian.  She thinks that cats are really picky and just looking for love. Sam says he believes Wooster probably came from a long line of heartbreakers.  She grins and tells Sam that she doesn’t know where Wooster comes from – maybe from outer space.

They move to the couch, where she tells Sam how Wooster came into her life.  She was fumbling for her keys when Wooster leaped into her life. Sam said, “You have to be careful when you do that—(but whispers) I always tell myself.”  Edie says she had to take Wooster in because he had no one, no place to go, and no family, just like she was when she came to New York, and she had to take him in.  Sam says, “Lucky guy.”

Edie looks at him, and Sam fumbles over his last comment about the cat being a ‘lucky guy.’  He says, “Oh, I meant that if I was the cat, then I would want you…I mean, oh ah, there are worse things that could happen to you than to be taken in by a beau… this place is nicer than living on the street – would you please stop me?”  They both laugh, and the tension is broken.  Sam then says Edie has become a patron of lost cats.

Edie says, “Everyone needs someone to look out for them, and if it hadn’t been for Helen, she would have been on the street.”  Sam clarifies that Helen is her boss; however, Edie says that Helen is more like a mother to her and claims she owes her a lot.

Sam then asks about her mother. You didn’t mention what you’d get her. He goes back through the list of what she will get her family. He guesses that she’ll get her mother a dishwashing machine.  Edie then tells Sam that her mother passed away when she was thirteen, and he apologizes.

There’s an awkward pause.  Edie stands up and thanks him for bringing in her things, and Sam, being the gentleman he is, says, “Any time.” He then says, “I’m sure she was great.” Edie says, “She was.”  They walk to the door and say their goodbyes and Sam leaves.

In the next scene, Al is standing in the host’s loft.  He is smoking a cigar and looking at a poster of a woman on the wall.  He’s looking at the woman’s legs as Sam walks into the room.  When Sam notices him, he asks, “You reached her face yet?”  Al says, “I’m working on it.”

After calling Al a few times, Sam says he has to do a photo shoot tomorrow. Al mumbles that he wishes it was for Playboy, and Sam castigates him.  

Al begins to tell Sam what he knows.  “Your name is Karl Granson, and he is a trendy high fashion photographer in New York City.  You’ve worked for Vogue, Harper’s Bizarre, Life – you shoot for all the biggies.”  Sam fears that he will be shot when they see the photos. Al tells him to relax.  High fashion is pure attitude.  All you do is act so important that you don’t have to do anything, and you get your assistant to set everything up.”

Sam can’t believe he’s there to shoot a high-fashion spread. Al suggests he’s there to get Sports Illustrated to shoot their first swimsuit issue. He researches it and finds out that they missed that time. Al then asks if Sam has met a model named Edie Landsdale.  Sam says he’s met an Edie.

Al goes on to say that Edie works with a modeling agency run by Helen LeBaron, and her agency is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.  Helen was a big model in her time.

Sam asks about Edie.  Al checks the handlink and then tells Sam in three and half days, Edie overdoses on a combination of pills and alcohol. 

In the next scene, Sam and Al are in a room where models are getting prepared for their next photo shoot.  They are dressed in scantily clad genie costumes.  The assistant brings in a red horsehead to place in the picture, and Al tells him that Karl wouldn’t have had that in the photo shoot.  Sam tells the assistant it’s not needed in the photo.  The assistant mutters something under his breath about Karl making up his mind.
Sam questions Al about the decision. Al tells Sam that back in the ’60s, he used to go to photo shoots with some friends and knows what he’s talking about. Helen and Byron look on expectantly as Sam is talking to himself.  Sam is afraid of screwing up.  Al tells him, “It’s 90% attitude and 10% talent.”  

Edie pops up and asks which is better – pink or blue.  Sam says, “Blue because it brings out your eyes – like periwinkles.”  This makes Edie smile and remarks that she used to pick periwinkles on the farm, then rushes off to change.  Sam and Al talk a bit more about her overdosing.  Al says, ”Ziggy says that it’s a 78% chance.  But in the meantime, Granson is the name, and photography is the game.”

Sam is looking through the lens at the models, and Al begins to tell him that he has to talk to them, let them know how beautiful they are, and use words to tell them how fabulous they are—it’s how they react and respond to the photographer that helps the shoot.  

The photoshoot continues, and everything is going well.  Edie, however, isn’t shining – she’s tired.  Sam calls for a break in the shoot and to reload the camera.  Helen rushes over to Edie and gives her more pills to take.  Edie tells her that she promised not to provide them anymore, and Helen claims she had her fingers crossed.  Helen pressures her again and pours her water to take the pills.  Helen then tells Edie that they are going to dinner tonight with clients, and she wants to look her best, so she validates that with Sam (Karl).  Helen also says if the clients get bored, she knows Karl will tell one of his fabulous stories.  Sam looks at Al, and he says, “I’ve got a million of ‘em.” Sam again says, “Oh boy.”  

Edie walks over to Sam and says, “You don’t sound exactly thrilled.” Sam responds, “It won’t be a total loss as long as you’re there.” 

The photo shoot begins again, and Sam is having a blast. He says,” This is wonderful; it’s like painting with people.”  Al starts to explain to Sam that it’s true.  To be great, you must be inspired to do the unexpected, like a lightning strike at your command.

After hearing Al explain, Sam asks his assistants to release the birds from their cages on his command. When questioned, he tells them to do it. He tells the models to try to catch the birds when they come out.   The pictures seem to work out great.

At dinner, Sam is in a solid black suit with a white rose in the pocket, while Edie is in a beautiful blue and flowery evening dress.  Sam is at the end of a story that Al is relating to everyone at the table:  Frank (Robert Trumball), Irv (John Achorn), Edie, Helen, and Byron.  As he gets to the punchline of the story, everyone laughs.  Al tells him he should double his fee.

The waiter comes and asks what they would like for dessert, and Byron tells him more champagne.  Sam asks Edie if she’d like anything else, and she explains that she’s not hungry.  Sam tells her that she didn’t eat much at the shoot, and Edie raises her voice at him.  Helen then excuses herself from the table.  Everyone stands up as Helen leaves.  Before Sam sits down, Al begins to point to Edie and says, “When you do a lot of amphetamines, you lose your appetite, you can’t eat, and you get irritable.” 

Sam leans over to Edie and tells her they should call it a night because it’s been a long day.  Byron claims it’s only an hour past midnight, and it’ll be hours before they turn into pumpkins.  The waiter returns and lets Sam know that he has a phone call.  Sam excuses himself from the table.

As Sam walks toward the phone, Helen grabs and pulls him into the kitchen and begins kissing him on the cheek, neck, and lips.  He pushes her off him and questions her about what she is doing.  Helen thinks he is dumping her for Edie.  She plucks the petals from the flower in his suit pocket and asks why he didn’t call.  Sam tells her he fell asleep on the couch.  She doesn’t believe him and tells him to prove it by having sex with her right now.  She pushes herself on him, and Al walks in, claiming that this was the best part of modeling.  

Helen pulls away from Sam and calls him a snake.  Sam tells her she’s got to believe him.  She says to enjoy it while you can.  Sam questions her what she means by that.  Helen says Edie might be younger and prettier but won’t be by the rate she’s going.  Sam asks if Helen knows about her habit.  Helen laughs.  Sam tells her that drugs aren’t something to laugh about, and Al tells him that Karl would pop a few pills himself.  Sam lets Helen know that he's given up taking pills.

Helen says if he’s going to give anything up – it’s Edie, or she’ll cut off the spigot, and then we’ll see how young and pretty she is without those pills.  Or maybe she’ll accidentally take one too many one day.  Sam grabs her and tells her don’t even think about it.  She thinks he’s being too melodramatic and then walks away.

Back at the table, the men are singing and having a good time.  Helen and Sam rejoin them, and he tells Edie it’s time to go.  Helen tells him to leave her alone but smiles and tries to play it cool by saying that Edie is over eighteen.  Sam explains that he doesn’t want Edie to look over eighty if she doesn’t get some rest over the weekend.  Edie says it was a pleasure to meet the clients, and they gush over her.  Before they leave, Helen wishes them happy nightmares.

Back at her apartment, Edie asks Sam if he’d like something to drink. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and she questions him about it.  Sam tells her that he knows about the pills, and everyone can tell. She claims that she’s never taken any pills in her life.  Sam tells her what he found out from Helen.

Edie explains to Sam, “I want to quit.  I really do. Two days ago, I flushed all the pills I had down the toilet.  But I’m so tired when I wake up in the morning; I tell myself I’ll just have one or two to get going, but then it’s three or four.  And then, I need more to put me to sleep and then I wake up tired again.  And I have a job, and Helen says I have to get up for it or I’ll lose it, and I can’t lose this job because then I’ll have to go back.”

Sam hugs her and consoles her. He asks her to listen to him for a second. He says, “I know you think that Helen is your friend and that she’s trying to help you with your job, but that’s all she cares about—the job. Not you.”

Edie is adamant that she needs the job for her family, and Sam tells her that she can do the job without the pills. She doesn’t think she can, but Sam tells her he’ll help her through it.

The following day, Edie wakes up on the couch and hears Sam whistling in the kitchen as he cooks. Sam asks if she’d like breakfast, and she says she’s not hungry. Sam says she has to keep her strength up. 

For the next few hours, Edie is detoxing from the pills.  She’s fidgeting.  She’s cold, then hot.  She’s irritable and can’t seem to keep still.  All the while, Sam waits and is patient with her.  She even claimed that at one point, she heard Sam talking to someone about her.  

Al had Ziggy dig up more information on Helen LeBaron.  “Three years ago, her top model, Evaughn Monterey, almost died from an overdose of pills. Once she recovered, she left the agency and went to work for Eileen Ford. I bet we can guess where those pills came from, Sam. That woman should be put away.”

While Sam is asleep on the couch, Edie snuck out of her room and looks for pills that she has around the house.  She finds them in the kitchen and is about to take them when Sam catches her.  They fight for them, and she bites him.  While they are on the floor, Edie kisses him and wants to have sex.  When she is denied, she bates him more by saying he may not even like girls.  Sam carried her back to her bedroom, kissed her soundly, and then told her to get some sleep.

Edie walks out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. Sam is sitting at her kitchen table. She walks over to him, and he wishes her a good morning. She thinks it’s Sunday, but Sam tells her it’s Monday, and they have a photo shoot. She slept through Sunday.  

At the photo shoot, Edie asks someone to bring her a cup of coffee with two sugars.  As the assistant goes off to get Edie the coffee, Al complains not to use a Styrofoam cup – it doesn’t break down for a million years and turns the planet into a Styrofoam junkyard straight from hell.

Sam tells Al that it looks like Edie is getting tired.  Al even says the big kittie doesn’t look good either.  They have several more shots to take, and Al suggests Sam pray for rain.

Edie’s getting more irritated.  The hairstylist accidentally pokes her in the head with a bobby pin, and she claims she’ll do it herself, so she stomps off.  

The clients, Frank and Irv, are standing with Byron and Helen and are wondering if everything is okay with Edie.  Frank and Irv discuss redoing the whole thing with another model, and Helen shuts them down.  Helen says she’s probably hungry as models usually starve themselves to look good for their clients.  She tells Frank to cool it and then talks with Edie.

At the make-up table, Helen tells Edie that she looks like crap and needs to pull herself together.  Helen puts the pills in her hand and tells her that she will not let her take everything she’s worked for and throw it down the drain.  

She tells Helen no and asks Sam for more coffee. Helen says, “Forget about your job, forget about helping your father and sister, forget about me, just throw it all away—be selfish—think only about Edie—nobody else matters—we’re just nothing.”  Edie claims she needs coffee and asks again for it. Sam forgets the two sugars and goes back to get them. Helen then drops the pills in the coffee, and she leaves.  Edie then drinks some of the coffee.  Sam asks if she’s okay.  She responds everything’s great.

Now, at the waterfalls, Mike goes over to check the light levels on Snowball. The lion roars, and he almost gets bitten. Al even says, “If it were an inch closer, they would be calling him Lefty.”  Sam asks the trainer if everything is okay with Snowball, and the trainer says everything is OK with him; he doesn’t like the water. 

Edie is sitting on a rock in a floral red and white top, a red skirt, and red pumps with her hair up in a bun. As Sam takes the photos, Edie gets up and goes to the champagne, sitting on some rocks a few feet from her. She pours some into a champagne glass and drinks.  She removes her earrings, takes her hair down from the bun, and splashes water and champagne onto Snowball.  Snowball roars at the assault of water, but Edie doesn’t stop.  Edie continues to drink the champagne and splash the lion, who is getting more and more irritated.  

Sam tells her to be careful as he stops taking pictures. Helen eggs Edie on to continue splashing the lion, and when Sam stops taking pictures entirely, Helen walks up and grabs the camera from him to take pictures.

Edie finally realizes there’s a problem and stops.  The lion roars and then turns on his trainer, jumping atop him.   Sam tells Edie to run, and she does.  Unfortunately, the lion is running after her.  Snowball catches up with Edie and knocks her down to the ground.  She is able to get up and races toward the bridge to get away from the lion.  Sam begins to race after them.

As they get to the bridge, Edie gets some tables between her and the lion.  She ducks down next to the table and looks up as the lion jumps up onto the table.  Al appears in front of the lion only to see the medication and the champagne begin to have their effect on Edie, and she slumps to the ground.  He yells for Sam to tell him that someone must have slipped something into her coffee.  The lion continues to roar as Sam comes running up.  Sam grabs a chair and puts it between him and the lion as he walks around the tables to get to Edie.

Al asks, “Sam, where did you learn to do that?” 

Sam replies, “Circus movies,” then shrugs. 

Al responds, “I shouldn’t have asked.” 

The trainer then comes up and latches the lead onto Snowball, allowing him to be led away. Then, everyone shows up on the bridge.  

Sam questions Helen about slipping something into her coffee, and Helen says she didn’t give her anything.  Sam then questions her about Evaughn Moncrief and tells her that if Edie dies, that’s murder and that he’ll make sure that it sticks. He demands to know what she was given. She finally admits to giving her Black Beauties and Dars and Fars (Uppers and Downers), and Al tells Sam she’s crashing.

Sam gets Edie up from the ground and tells her she can’t sleep and must walk. Sam asks where the nearest hospital is, and Al tells him that it’ll take forty minutes to get there on the back roads.  Sam tells Mike to get to a phone and call an ambulance – take the truck.  The clients ask what they can do, and Sam tells them to see if there’s a first aid kit in the equipment truck.  Sam then yells at everyone else to get out of here, making Edie walk beside him.  He asks her to tell him about the farm and becoming a vet.  He shows her a barn that is off in the distance and asks, where would you like to go to be a vet?  She replies, Indiana.

They keep walking, and Sam tells her his cousin grew up in Elk Ridge.  She says, near Cooperstown.  Al lets him know that her family has lived in Cooperstown for three generations.  Sam reminds her of the Tri-County Fair in Vicksburg.  She mumbles something about pumpkins, and Sam continues to talk about them.  She almost falls, and Sam calls out to Al.  Al looks at the handlink, and he tells Sam she has a 42% chance of making it, but it’s starting to go up.  

As they walk, she asks about Al. Sam tells her that Al is his dog back on the farm, but Al is insulted by the remark. He tells her that Al is a great dog—the best friend a guy could ever have.  

After Edie is in the ambulance, Helen says she’ll be fine.  Helen then goes to Frank and Irv to get a new model, and they don’t say a word but walk away from her.  The other models she tries to talk to also don’t say a word and walk away.  She then tries to speak to Byron, and he hugs her and then walks away from her.  As she begins to yell that she created Edie all by herself and can do it again, Sam also walks away, leaving her alone.  Al is the last one there before he uses the handlink to blink out.

In the last scene, Sam opens the door to Edie, who comes in this time in a short green and white outfit.  He’s telling her that she’s going to miss her plane.  She just wanted to stop by and thank him for everything.  Sam tells her that she’s not stupid; she got tired and made bad choices – we all do that.  They hug. As she walked to the door, she asked if he would ever go back to visit his cousin in Indiana.  She says she'd say hello if she came across his cousin.  She asks for his name, and Sam tells her his name.  

Before leaving, she asks Sam why he didn’t have sex with her that night in her bedroom. He wondered if he was supposed to. She half-shrugs and says I don’t know.  Sam tells her that he wanted to.  They look at each other for a moment before she kisses him.  

After the door closes, Al says, “I think you’ll be happy to know everything worked out just fine.”

Sam says, “I already know that.  She’s going home.”  He looks back at the door.  “She’s going home.”

Then, he leaps.  Synopsis by M.J. Cogburn

Personal Review by Sherdran <aka> Eleiece:

Sometimes life is so hectic and demanding, constantly crowding in on us, that we get lost, losing sight of what's real and what's really important to us. That's what happened to Edie in the original history; she got caught in the undertow and was pulled under. But with Sam's help she got a second chance to learn that it's never too late to stop and take a long, hard look at herself. She got that precious second chance to do what she needed to do, and to change what needed to be changed in her life, in order to get started back along the path to, to paraphrase Mr. Shakespeare, "To her own self be true." This episode may not be in my 'top ten favorite list of QL episodes' (a misnomer if ever there was one) but I always enjoy watching 'Strobe'.

That wrestling on the floor/bedroom scene still makes my pulse beat faster every time I watch it.


"Fingertips" by Stevie Wonder (played during photo shoot)
"Stop! In the Name of Love" by The Supremes
"You Really Got Me" by The Kinks
"Do You Love Me?" by
The Contours
"The Loco-motion" by Little Eva

Sam Trivia:

Remembers he had two cats, Donder and Blitzen, when he was growing up on the farm.

Also, while he's walking Edie around, he remembers the Tri-County Fair at Wicksberg. 

Sam's Outfits Worn in the Episode:
First (the leap-in) - Tight white pants, white shirt, unbuttoned almost to the waist and the sleeves rolled up mid-forearm, black belt with silver buckle, and black boots. Next two scenes, at Edie's apartment and then Karl Granson's apartment, he also wore a black leather jacket.

Second (the restaurant scene then at Edie's apartment again) - Black suit and shirt, white rosebud boutonnière and black boots. Same outfit, sans the boutonnière and black boots in the kitchen scene; in the TV watching scene, just the black pants and white undershirt.

Third (the wrestling/bedroom scene) - Black pants.

Fourth (the last scene of episode) - light blue-gray checked shirt, white jeans, black belt and black boots.

Al Trivia:

We learn that in the 60s he used to visit photographer buddies in New York when they were doing fashion shoots.

Cigars - 1 scene (with Sam in Granson's apartment).

Al talks about styrofoam cups, pointing out again that he cares about the environment. This was added to the script by Dean Stockwell.

Al's Outfits Worn in the Episode:
First (in Karl Granson's apartment) - Burgundy pants with co-ordinating belt, similar colored leather vest, white shirt w/open collar, and silvery-white shoes.

Second (at the fashion shoot {with the harem theme}) - Golden-bronze jacket, complementing patterned shirt, gold tie and medium gray pants. 

Third (in Edie's apartment when she's starting withdrawal) - Black pants, vest and shoes, a light purple vest and a wide, patterned co-ordinating tie and a metal badge/

Fourth (at the outdoor shoot where Helen puts the drugs in the coffee): Gray pinstriped suit with a black & multicolor shirt, brown paisley tie, and, dark shoes.

Fifth (last scene of episode) Dark pants and vest, vivid orange shirt and white tie with narrow diagonal stripes.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
The black and white movie Sam was watching in Edie's apartment was 'Double Indemnity' starring Fred McMurray (later of 'My Three Sons' fame) and Barbara Stanwyck (she later starred as Victoria Barkley in the TV series 'The Big Valley').

The drugs Helen put in Edie's coffee: Black Beauties (uppers), and 'Doors & Fours' (downers).

The lion knocked down Marjorie Monaghan as she ran.

Portions of this episode were filmed at Disney Ranch.

The credits scroll at the end of the episode.


Kiss With History:
Magazines mentioned that Granson worked/had worked for: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Life.

Real high-fashion models mentioned (and pictured): Cheryl Tiegs.

Regular Cast:

Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett
Dean Stockwell as Al Calavicci

Guest Stars:
Susan Anton as Helen LeBaron
Marjorie Monaghan as 
Edie Landsdale
Kristoffer Tabori as Byron Wills
Sheinkopf as Mike
Robert Trumbull as Frank
John Achorn as Irv
Gibbs as Waiter
Dan McCoy as Karl Granson (Mirror image)
Lawrence McNeal III as 
Nubian Guard
Gast as Model

Guest Cast Notes:

Susan Anton as Helen LeBaron: Susan Anton has been recognized as a multi-talented international star for more than 35 years in television, film, theater, and concert venues. She was nominated for a Golden Globe in her first film outing, Goldengirl (1979), and was soon thereafter signed by NBC to star in her own variety show, Presenting Susan Anton (1979). ABC later signed her to a development deal, where she starred in the hourly drama, Cliffhangers. She has appeared in hundreds of film and television projects over the years. Her Broadway credits include co-starring with the original Broadway cast of Tommy Tune's Tony Award-winning musical, "The Will Rogers Follies"; she also worked with director Mike Nichols in David Rabe's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, "Hurlyburly". She co-starred as "Velma Von Tussle" in the Las Vegas production of the Broadway musical, "Hairspray", opposite Harvey Fierstein, which was directed by Tony Award winner Jack O'Brien and choreographed by Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell. She went on to reprise the role for three spectacular evenings at the Hollywood Bowl with an all-star cast, which was directed and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell. She co-starred in the national tour of the Broadway musical, "All Shook Up", directed by Christopher Ashley and choreographed by Sergio Trujillo. Susan starred for seven years in the The Great Radio City Music Hall Spectacular with the legendary The Radio City Rockettes, directed by the late Joe Layton. She also toured in the Neil Simon/Marvin Hamlisch production of "They're Playing Our Song" and then went on to co-star with Elizabeth Ashley in the national tour of "A Couple of White Chicks Sitting Around Talking". She has shared the stage with legendary entertainers Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Tom Jones, and many more. She toured with country super star Kenny Rogers and had a top 10 country hit with the song "Killing Time". Internationally, she had recording success and received a Gold record for her hit, "Foxy". Susan and her husband, director Jeff Lester have called Las Vegas home for more than 20 years. In 1997, they opened their production company, "Big Picture Studios". Under their banner, Susan executive-produced the award-winning The Last Real Cowboys (2000), starring Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton, and also executive-produced the documentary, Speed of Life (2008), with Amy Purdy, the inspirational Sochi bronze medalist who was also runner up in last season's Dancing with the Stars (2005). Susan is a minority partner and celebrity brand ambassador in a new beverage company, Spa Girl Cocktails, slated to launch in late 2015.

Marjorie Monaghan as Edie Landsdale: Marjorie Monaghan was born on March 19, 1964 in Orange County, California, USA. She is an actress, known for Regarding Henry (1991), Babylon 5 (1993) and Star Trek: Voyager (1995). She has been married to Grant Rosenberg since February 2, 2011. Marjorie's appearance on Q.L. was one of her first television appearances. Marjorie is 6' tall, which probably helped her get the role of Edie Lansdale (average height for fashion models is (preferably) between 5'10" and 6'). At one time, Marjorie Monaghan was being considered for the role T'Pol in the new Star Trek spin-off, 'Enterprise'. Marjorie's first acting experience was as Snoopy in a high school production of 'You're A Good Man Charlie Brown'. Her first professional acting experience was in a summer stock Equity outdoor drama production of 'Tecumseh!', based on the life of the Native American leader, playing Tecumpese, the sister of the lead  character. Marjorie is also trained in the art of theatrical combat and weaponry.

Kristoffer Tabori as Byron Wills: Official Website Born August 4, 1952 in Malibu, California, USA. He directed William Shakespeare's play, "Macbeth," at the Tyrone Guthrie Theater, 725 Vineland Place, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Yael Pardess was set designer. Mark Wendland was costume designer. Peter Maradudin was lighting designer.

David Sheinkopf as Mike: Growing up in New York City offered David Sheinkopf varied opportunities for creative expression. Appearances in television commercials such as the National Dairy Board Milk which lasted for over 5 years, and soap operas, As the World Turns and Another World. By his late teens, he felt the need to spread his wings and move to Los Angeles. At 19 he was starring in the hit series Falcon Crest, opposite Carla Gugino and Gregory Harrison, in a part he landed a month after hitting town. He continued doing pilots "The Dictator" with Christopher Lloyd and Deborah Rush, "Blade Squad", from writer W. Peter Iliff (Patriot Games, Point Break, Varsity Blues) and director Ralph Hemacker (Once Upon a Time, Blue Bloods, The Flash) and guest appearances on Diagnosis Murder, Party of Five (opposite Brittany Murphy), JAG and others. His first big movie role was as Morris Delancey in the Disney hit Newsies, opposite Christian Bale. He continued to do films but felt he needed something more. He found that designing and building things filled the void. He began building and designing sets for music videos and commercials, working with the talents of Nelly and Sugar Ray as Well as directors such as Paul Boyd and Mc G. Loving the work of making things with his hands, he started his own company building high-end custom pieces for celebrity clientele Like Toby Mcquire and Ian Ziering but wanted to blend that passion with his earlier one for acting. Working on HGTV's Design on a Dime launched him in that direction. After four and a half years and over a hundred shows, he realized that helping people with the design problems of their lives felt good. He continued on that road, working on The Greg Berendt Show and Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine, a great web hosting medium. When he was offered an opportunity to co-executive produce the true-crime series "I Met My Murderer Online", he jumped at the chance. His skills as a narrator came in handy as well as his production design abilities. Writing episodes as well, gave him the confidence for the next season and everything after. He had truly become a Swiss army knife.

Robert Trumbull as Frank: Robert Trumbull was born on February 8, 1938 in San Rafael, California, USA. He was an actor, known for Undercover Brother (2002), Pootie Tang (2001) and Quantum Leap (1989). He died on August 11, 2006 in Milan, New York, USA.

John Achorn as Irv: John Achorn was born on July 27, 1946 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is an actor, known for Night of the Comet (1984), Beverly Hills Cop (1984) and Teen Wolf (1985).

Nigel Gibbs as Waiter: Nigel Gibbs is known for The Truth About Cats & Dogs (1996), Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) and Eagle Eye (2008).

Dan McCoy as Karl Granson (Mirror image): Danny McCoy Jr. was born in 1960 in Torrance, California, USA. He is an actor, known for Quantum Leap (1989), Capitol (1982) and Murder, She Wrote (1984).

Elizabeth Gast as Model: Elizabeth is an American actress. She is the second child born to John and Gayle Gast. She started her career at age 15, winning "The Look of the Year" modeling contest in St. Louis, Missouri her home town. She then signed with the John Casablanca's Elite modeling agency in New York City where she immediately started modeling, doing commercials and studying acting. She grew up watching old films with her father which she says sparked her love of film and acting. She has had the pleasure of working along side Kevin Spacey in the film "The Life of David Gale", playing his wife and Josh Lucas in "Second Hand Lions" and has a long list of commercial credits. She was married director Joe Napolitano until his death in 2016 and has two children, Michael and Grace.

Say What?

Edie's cat stays in the exact same spot from one day to the next. The cat also falls asleep instantly between shots near the end.

When the lion is sprayed with wine, his mane is dry, but in the next shot it's wet.

Dates don't add up: Sam leaps in - Late afternoon, Tuesday, June 15, 1965; he gives Edie a ride home after the shoot wraps for the day, interacts with her & the cats. Later he goes to Karl Granson's apartment. Next day, Wednesday June 16, 1965 - Sam has the photo shoot (the harem theme) where he interacts with Edie (periwinkles). Later that same evening, Sam goes to dinner with Edie, Helen, Byron and the clients. Still later that same night, he gives Edie a ride home, this time interacting with her about the pills. They talk and he stays with her to help her over the pills. Next day, Thursday, June 17, 1965 - Edie wakes up to find Sam cooking bacon in her kitchen. This is the day and night of the paranoia, the wrestling scene, and the bedroom scene. But then there's that three-day gap from Friday to.... Monday, June 21, 1965 - Edie comes wandering into the kitchen wrapped in a towel (and one over her hair); Sam tells her, "You slept through Sunday. This is Monday, and we've got a big shoot today." We know what happened on Sunday (Edie slept), but what happened to Friday and Saturday?

A lesser 'say what?" was in the scene with Sam and Edie talking about the things she's going to get for her family. Sam says, "Your dad's getting the combine, your sister's going to school, but you never said what you're getting for your mom." But, when Edie first brought the subject up, she never mentioned a sister. Obviously this was a point of re-writing that didn't get cleaned up.

Quotable Quotes:

Don't worry Carl, lions never eat photographers, they give them indigestion.
Though I understand they nibble at the slow ones now and then ...
-- Helen and Byron, "One Strobe Over the Line"

It's like [the cat] just leaped in out of nowhere.
You gotta be careful when you do that.
-- Edie and Sam, "One Strobe Over the Line"

This was always my favorite part of modeling actually.
-- Al, on finding Helen and Sam in a clinch, "One Strobe Over the Line"

Do you like cats?
Yea, ...little ones.
-- Edie and Sam, "One Strobe Over the Line"

My dog, Al ... on the farm.
... Best friend a guy could ever have.
-- Edie, Sam and Al, "One Strobe Over the Line"

This is great Al!  It's like painting with people!
-- Sam on photography, "One Strobe Over the Line"

Best Line:
Sam, breathlessly, to Edie: "Go to sleep."

Best Scene:
 (Sam is asleep on the couch. Edie sneaks out of the bedroom to search for some pills. She eventually finds some in a sugar bowl in the kitchen cupboard. Just as she's about to take the pills, Sam suddenly grabs her arm.)

Sam: "Give me the pills!"

Edie: "I don't have any!" (She struggles to get away from him but Sam hangs on tight.)

Sam: "Give me the pills! ... Edie...Edie...."

Edie: "NO! Let go! Let go! Let go!"

(They struggle around the living room for the pills. They stumble; Edie falls backward. They continue to fight for the pills. )

Sam: Give me the pills. Come on, stop it! Stop it! Give me the pills!"

(In her desperation to get the pills, Edie bites Sam's hand then tries to get away from him. But she stumbles against him and they fall to the floor. Sam wrestles with her, finally pinning her down.)

Sam: "Stop it! Stop it!"

(Edie stops and just lays under him, panting heavily for a few seconds before kissing him.)

Edie: "Umm... kiss. Kiss."

(She wraps her arms around Sam and kisses him hard. For a few seconds Sam responds then...)

Sam (breathless): "No. No, you don't want this."

Edie: "Yes...I do."

Sam (breathless whisper): "No, you don't."

(He rolls away from Edie, laying beside her, still breathing hard; his left arm is caught slightly under her right shoulder. Edie taunts him as she jerks her shirt down.)

Edie: "What's the matter? Don't you want to do it? Or can't you? Maybe you don't like girls."

(Sam reacts to Edie's last scathing comment. He catches his breath, then gets up, grabbing her up in his arms and carries her into the bedroom. He dumps her on the bed, tosses her legs out of the way then yanks her into a tight embrace and kisses her passionately. Then his self-restraint reasserts itself, and he releases Edie, pushing her hands away as he steps back from the bed.)

Sam (still breathlessly): "Go to sleep."

(Sam turns and moves out of the bedroom.)

Production Credits:

Theme by: Mike Post
Music by: Velton Ray Bunch
Co-Executive Producer: Deborah Pratt
Co-Executive Producer: Michael Zinberg
Supervising Producers: Harker Wade, Robert Wolterstorff
Co-producers: Paul  Brown, Jeff Gourson
Produced by: Chris Ruppenthal
Created by: Donald P. Bellisario
Written by: Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by:
Michael Zinberg

Executive Producer: Donald P. Bellisario
Associate Producer: 
James S. Giritlian
Executive Story Editor: Tommy Thompson

Director of Photography: Michael Watkins
Production Designer: Cameron Birnie
Edited by: Robert E. Pew
Unit Production Manager: Ron Grow
First Assistant Director: Ryan Gordon
Second Assistant Director: Rob Mendel
Casting by: Ellen Lubin Sanitsky
Set Director: Robert L. Zilliox
Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Costume Supervisors: David Rawley & Donna Roberts-Orme
Sound Mixer: Mark Hopkins McNabb
Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth
Sound Editor: Paul Clay
Music Editor: Donald Woods

Panaflex ®  Camera and Lenses by: Panavision ®

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Copyright © 1990 by Universal City Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Bellisarius Productions and Universal, an MCA Company


In the thirty-fourth installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast, Albie and Heather discuss season three, episode four “One Strobe Over The Line”. There are first impressions, an episode recap, thoughts and opinions, listener feedback, and two great interviews, one with Susan Anton, who played Helen Le Baron in One Strobe Over The Line, and an interview with the author of the Quantum Leap novel Independence John Peel.  Also, two great segments from Christopher DeFilippis, Origin Story,  and Quantum Leap Radio Sightings: 3.4 One Strobe Over The Line. Also an article from Hayden McQueenie about wibbily wobbly timey wimey bits in Quantum Leap.

00:00:00 – QLP opening Susan Anton Quantum Leap
00:03:13 – Hello – First impressions
00:05:50 – Episode recap
00:15:45 – Main discussion/Episode breakdown
01:04:20 – Interview with Susan Anton
01:32:39 – Promo for Back To The Future: The Animated Series Podcast
01:33:53 – Promo for Thinking Outside The Long Box
01:34:41 – Promo for The Quantum Leap Podcast Short Fiction Contest
01:36:01 – Clip from The Leap Back with Marjorie Monaghan
01:42:03 – Christopher DeFilippis Origin Story
01:48:06 – Interview with John Peel
02:30:30 – Feedback
02:36:07 – Hayden McQueenie
02:58:34 – News
02:59:21 – Trivia
03:02:05 – Quantum Leap Radio Sightings: OSOTL
03:04:14 – On the next episode
03:06:27 – Credits
03:07:43 – Bloopers are back…

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