405 "Permanent Wave"

Leap Date:

June 2, 1983

Episode adopted by: Rose E.
Additional info provided by: Brian Greene


In this leap, Sam is the most noteworthy hairdresser in Beverly Hills! But just as he leaps in, his girlfriend's son witnesses a murder at a drugstore next door. The boy's mother won't let him tell the police what he saw, and the killer is getting closer and closer to making sure that he never will.


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Production # : 67302

TV Guide Synopsis:
On a hair-raising leap, Sam is a male hairdresser trying to prevent the killing of a woman and her son, who's a witness to a murder. Laura: Doran Clark. Det. Ward: Harry Groener. Chloe: Lela Ivy. Kyle: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Ralph: Stephen Kay. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Beverly Hills, California

Leap Date:
June 2, 1983

Name of the Person Leaped Into:
Frank Bianca

Broadcast Date:
October 16, 1991 - Wednesday


The music from the end credits of "Private Dancer" plays at the beginning of the episode in the salon.

Project Trivia:
Ziggy is referend to as male in this episode.

Ziggy missed the anagram of Eloch being Chloe.

As Sam changes history throughout the episode, history changes around Al's present as well. This makes it difficult to predict where they will be killed.

Sam Trivia:
Sam remembers leaping with Al in "The Leap Back."


Al Trivia:
 Al appears in this episode 21 times. He uses the Imaging chamber door once.

Al's Women:
Al  remembers Ula, a Swedish stewardess, reading him bedtime stories.

The day before, he spent time with a girl that works in a carwash.

Al is jealous of Sam’s hairdressing appointment with the Van Berg twin sisters.

Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:
Al’s first outfit is a yellow suit with white pin stripes, a yellow shirt with white circle designs, and a skinny copper tie.

Al’s second outfit is a gray suit, with a teal shirt, and matching handkerchief in the pocket.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
This episode is Scott Bakula’s directorial debut.

In this episode Sam tells Kyle a bedtime story, the story is about Captain Galaxy and Future Boy. In an earlier episode Sam leaped in to the character, Future Boy.

Chloe brings a Rubik’s Cube to Kyle to do for her, because she can’t figure it out.


Regular Cast:
Scott Bakula
Dean Stockwell

Guest Stars:
Doran Clark as Laura
Harry Groener as Detective Arnie Ward
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Kyle
Lela Ivey as Chloe
Stephen T. Kay as Ralph
Christine Cattell as Mimi
Candi Brough as Elsa Van Berg
Randi Brough as Lisel Van Berg
Robert Jacobs as Frank Bianca (Mirror image)


Guest Cast Notes:

Doran Clark as Laura: Doran Clark was born on August 8, 1954 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She is an actress, known for The Warriors (1979), Quantum Leap (1989) and Too Far to Go (1979). She has been married to Peter Abrams since August 30, 1980. They have two children.

Harry Groener as Detective Arnie Ward
: Harry Groener was born on September 10, 1951 in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. He is an actor, known for A Cure for Wellness (2016), Patch Adams (1998) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997). He has been married to Dawn Didawick since September 19, 1978.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Kyle: Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt was born February 17, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, to Jane Gordon and Dennis Levitt. Joseph was raised in a Jewish family with his late older brother, Dan Gordon-Levitt, who passed away in October 2010. His parents worked for the Pacifica Radio station KPFK-FM and his maternal grandfather, Michael Gordon, had been a well-known movie director. Joseph first became well known for his starring role on NBC's award-winning comedy series 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996). During his six seasons on the show, he won two YoungStar Awards and also shared in three Screen Actors Guild Award® nominations for Outstanding Performance by a Comedy Series Ensemble. Prior to his success on television, Joseph had already worked steadily in feature films. Early in his career, he won a Young Artist Award for his first major role, in Robert Redford's drama A River Runs Through It (1992). During the 1990s, he also co-starred in the films Angels in the Outfield (1994), The Juror (1996), Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), a well-reviewed slasher sequel, and 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), opposite Heath Ledger, which has become a teen comedy classic. Following his work on 3rd Rock, Joseph took time off from acting to attend Columbia University. In the early 2000s, he broke from the mold of his television and film comedy supporting roles by appearing in a string of intense dramatic parts, mostly in smaller, independent films, such as Manic (2001), with Don Cheadle; Mysterious Skin (2004), for writer/director Gregg Araki; Rian Johnson's award-winning debut, dramatic thriller Brick (2005) (2005); Lee Daniels' Shadowboxer (2005); the crime drama The Lookout (2007), which marked Scott Frank's directorial debut; John Madden's Killshot (2008), with Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke; Spike Lee's World War II film Miracle at St. Anna (2008); and the controversial drama Stop-Loss (2008), in which he starred with Ryan Phillippe, under the direction of Kimberly Peirce. By 2009, Joseph was officially established as one a new generation of leading men with his Golden Globe-nominated role in Marc Webb's comedy-drama 500 Days of Summer (2009), also starring Zooey Deschanel , for which he received Golden Globe, Independent Spirit Award and People's Choice Award nominations. He also adapted the Elmore Leonard short story Sparks (2009) into a 24-minute short film that he directed, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Beginning the new decade, he headlined the indie drama Hesher (2010) and established himself as an action star in Christopher Nolan's Inception (2010), also starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard and Elliot Page. Balancing both independent and Hollywood film, Joseph scored another Golden Globe nod for the cancer drama 50/50 (2011), directed by Jonathan Levine and also starring Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, and Bryce Dallas Howard. He worked again with director Nolan on The Dark Knight Rises (2012), the third and final installment in the director's Batman series, for which he received a People's Choice Award nomination for Favorite Movie Actor; and snagged leading roles in both Premium Rush (2012), directed by David Koepp, and Looper (2012), reuniting with his Brick director, Rian Johnson, opposite Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. Rounding out the year, he played Abraham Lincoln's son Robert in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-nominated Lincoln (2012), with Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field. In 2016, the ACLU honored Gordon-Levitt with their annual Bill of Rights Award for furthering diversity efforts, promoting free speech, empowering women and otherwise supporting civil rights and liberties for all Americans.

Lela Ivey as Chloe: Lela Ivey (born June 26, 1958, in New York City) is a veteran actor of the stage as well as a character actress of the small screen and cinema. Ms. Ivey is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYC). For 25 years she eked out her living as mostly a supporting or bit part actress working in television, and film while building a rather impressive theatre resume while living both in New York City and Los Angeles. Some favorite stage roles include "The Waiting Room" at the Mark Taper Forum for which she received a Los Angeles Ovation Award nomination and "The Marriage of Bette and Boo" at the Los Angeles Theatre Center for which she received a Los Angeles Drama-Logue Award nomination. She also appeared at the Ipswitch Theatre Festival in Massachusetts in "Liberties Taken", directed by Julie Taymor. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), AEA and AFTRA. Ms. Ivey is also currently serves an adjunct faculty member at Lansing Community College.

Stephen T. Kay as Ralph: Stephen Kay was born in 1963 in New Zealand. He is a director and producer, known for Get Carter (2000), Sons of Anarchy (2008) and Friday Night Lights (2006). He has been married to Piper Perabo since July 26, 2014.

Christine Cattell as Mimi: Christine Cattell is known for Christmas at Dollywood (2019), The Wedding Veil Legacy (2022) and The Real Bros of Simi Valley (2017).

Candi Brough as Elsa Van Berg: Candi Brough is known for Quantum Leap (1989), Outlaws (1986) and Calendar Girl (1993). Twin sister of Randi Brough.

Randi Brough as Lisel Van Berg: Randi Brough is known for Quantum Leap (1989), Outlaws (1986) and Pandemonium (1982). Twin sister of Candi Brough.

Robert Jacobs as Frank Bianca (Mirror image): Robert Jacobs is known for Quantum Leap (1989), Baywatch (1989) and Shag (1988).


Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap Episodes:
Lela Ivey played Lucy in the Pilot Episode (a.k.a. "Genesis").

Say What?
Sam’s hands have dye on them, but it disappears after the opening theme.

There is no Imaging Chamber door sound when Al first arrives.

Al says Bensonhust is in New Jersey. It's actually in New York.

Ziggy is called a “he”, but it has been now established at this point in the series that the hybrid computer is a "she."

Sam doesn't have the same hairstyle as his host, as reflected in the windows.

When Sam is driving, the road is empty and surrounded by mountains. But when Al appears, they are suddenly on a busy highway.

Quotable Quotes:

"Forgot where you live?"

"Why mess with perfection!"

Lady: "How’s the girlfriend?" Sam: "Great." Lady: "Pitty."

Al: "Hey, is there part of me still left in you or what." Sam: "Maybe."

Al: "You’re doing this to torture me." Sam: "Yes, and it’s working."

Sam: "This is a story about Future Boy’s best friend, Al." Al: "Best friend…thanks."

"I see what happens when we don’t do what needs to be done."

"Hey she may be your girlfriend, but she’s my connection to 50% off on Armani suits."

Sam: "See he doesn’t even know who you are." Detective Ward: "But you do."

Laura: "I think I’d like to hear that from a real doctor." Sam: "While I am."

Best Line:
"Looks like Ziggy’s going to sleep here or something. I’m going to give the memory banks a kick."


Best Scene:
Sam is supposed to do the hair of a set of twins. Al is there when they appear and he thinks that they are so beautiful. So Sam decides to make Al jealous by flirting with the twins. This way Sam can torture Al for once.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was nominated for a Young Artists award for Best Young Actor Guest Starring in a Television Series in 1993.

Synopsis & Review:

Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into Frank Bianca (leapee played by Robert Jacobs), a popular hair stylist, just in time to let his girlfriend's son Kyle (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) go next door to go buy some candy. One of the workers at the place, Chloe (Lela Ivey), tells him that Laura (Doran Clark) never lets him go off on his own. Sam asks why just in time for two gunshots to be heard. Sam tells everyone to get down and then goes off to check on Kyle who he sees hiding behind the counters. The gunman's gloved hand is visible as he shoots at Sam before he manages to duck down behind the counters himself.

The owner of the pharmacy, Phil, was killed and witnesses saw Sam and Kyle running into the store. Sam did not see anything significant and Laura won't let Sam tell the police about Kyle although Detective Ward (Harry Groener) suspects that he saw something. Sam further worries Ward when he needs to look in his wallet to get his home address and doesn't realize that he lives on top of his store. Sam does get to have some fun, though, brazenly flirting with two gorgeous blonde twins in front of Al just to get revenge for Al always complaining about how Sam handles women whether he flirts with them or not.

Sam tries to convince Laura to go to the police but her husband was killed after agreeing to testify to a mob killing she witnessed and so she is too scared to let him. Sam independently tries to get Kyle to describe the killer to him but Kyle says that he can't really remember. He knows that the man was white and in a suit but he mostly just saw the man's shoes which had money in them.

Kyle also remembers that the man who shot Phil was arguing with him first and said he didn't need any more of Phil's junkie money. Al examines Phil's financial records and finds out that he was in deep debt awhile ago but has since managed to pay back all of his creditors with interest and had $200,000 in the bank. The obvious conclusion is that Phil was selling drugs illegally. The biggest customer was Eloch and so Sam tips Ward off to this but can't explain how he knows.

Because Al says that Kyle's body is found on the way to Frank's cabin and Laura's body is never found at all, Sam is taken by surprise when gunshots come through the apartment window and Chloe suffers a flesh wound. Sam goes back to the pharmacy to see if he can find anything and manages to locate a penny. When he returns, Chloe tells him that Laura took Kyle out to Frank's cabin.

Sam decides that it's gone too far and he disobeys Laura's wishes and calls Ward. He learns that Ward has already left as a woman called twenty minutes ago and gave her location. It might have been Laura but Sam is still concerned and takes off after Laura. Since he has to borrow Chloe's car, she insists on coming after him.

Al reports that Laura's car is wrecked in an accident but she and Kyle are both fine. When he checks in on Ward and tries to will the detective to go faster, he notices that the man has a penny on the top of his shoe and realizes that that was where the penny Sam found came from and thus Ward must be the killer. Sam thinks it's okay because Ward is going to the cabin and Laura and Kyle are stranded ten miles away but they manage to hitchhike to the cabin.

Ward arrives before Sam does and hits Laura over the head before chasing after Kyle. Kyle's leg brace makes it difficult for him to escape Ward but eventually he gets to the lake and Sam dives in after him. Sam assures Kyle that he is safe but this is premature as Ward has arrived and points a gun at him. Sam gets a terrified Kyle to tell Ward that he has no idea who Ward is so killing him is not necessary. Ward points out that Sam knows, though, and so is prepared to shoot them both. Sam tries to shield Kyle with his body when suddenly Ward falls over, dead.

Chloe got out of the car and shot Ward dead for shooting her. Sam thinks that they are safe until she points the gun at him. Sam realizes that Eloch is an anagram for Chloe and that they really should have realized this sooner. Sam tries to stall Chloe while a bloody Laura sneaks up behind Chloe with a heavy tree branch but Laura ultimately collapses just before reaching her. Chloe spins around to look at Laura once she hears the fall and Sam takes that opportunity to put both himself and Kyle underwater.

Kyle just hides while Sam finds Ward's gun and, when Chloe won't surrender, is forced to kill her. Back at the cabin, Sam finds out that Kyle goes on to win a medal in the special Olympics and when he automatically calls Kyle his son ends up proposing to Laura who accepts... a few seconds after Kyle accepts first. Source

Production Credits:

Theme by: Mike Post
Music by: Velton Ray Bunch
Co-Executive Producer: Deborah Pratt
Co-Executive Producer: Michael Zinberg
Supervising Producer: Harker Wade
Produced by: Jeff Gourson, Tommy Thompson
Produced by: Chris Ruppenthal, Paul Brown
Created by: Donald P. Bellisario
Written by: Beverly Bridges
Directed by: Scott Bakula

Executive Producer: Donald P. Bellisario
Associate Producer: 
James S. Giritlian
Coordinating Producer: David Bellisario
Story Editor: Paris Qualles

Director of Photography: Michael Watkins, A.S.C.
Production Designer: 
 Cameron Birnie
Edited by: M. Edward Salier, A.C.E.
Unit Production Manager: Ron Grow
First Assistant Director: 
Ryan Gordon
Second Assistant Director: Kate Yurka
Casting by: Ellen Lubin Sanitsky
Set Director: Robert L. Zilliox
Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Costume Supervisor: David Rawley
Art Director: 
Ellen Dambros-Williams
Sound Mixer: Barry D. Thomas
Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth
Sound Editor: 
Greg Schorer
Music Editor:  Bruce Frazier

Panaflex ® Camera and Lenses by: Panavision ®

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Copyright © 1991 by Universal City Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Bellisarius Productions and Universal, an MCA Company

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