Leap Date:

June 20, 1980

Episode Adopted by: Carol <aka> C_Dean n C_Al


When Sam leaps into Katie, a rape victim, no one wants to believe it really happened because the accused person is the son of an upstanding citizen in the community. Sam, with the help of Al and the real Katie in the Waiting Room, tries to make the charges stick this time.


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 (ep 4.6 / #67308)


Sam leaps in saying "Oh no not again!" and the detective asks him, "Have you been raped before?" But Sam is looking down at himself and realizes he has leaped into another female! Then he says, "OH BOY!"

Sam is fuzzy on the detailed questions that are being asked of him. Luckily Colleen McBain, his sister, is helping him fill in the blanks for Officer Shumway. Then the doctor writes him a prescription for Valium and tells him this will help him sleep. Sam says, ‘this is and anti-anxiety drug.’ When he and his sister are alone he throws it away. His sister says, "What are you doing? That’s supposed to help!" Sam answers saying "Trust me … it won’t".

Colleen has brought him some clothes to change into and she says, "DAMIT! This isn’t real. Rape doesn’t happen to my family it happens to strangers on the news. Not to my sister." Sam says "But it did".

Jim McBain is outraged! He is practically giving Sam the 3rd degree. Did you cry out, did you try to get away, did you try to fight him off. Libby buts in and says she’s been through enough tonight and takes her upstairs to take a hot bath and relax.

Later on the next day Jim and Libby are having second thoughts about Katie charging Kevin with rape. But Sam is adamant about going through with this. They are sitting in the back of the restaurant and everyone is whispering and starring in their direction.

A couple of Kevin’s friends try to talk Sam out of bringing up charges on their friend. He still doesn’t give in. He practically tells them to go screw themselves.

Nancy Hudson is the town D.A. She practices law to forget her rape experience 12 years ago. She doesn’t usually take rape cases because they are so hard to prove and win. But she thinks this one has a good chance. She has a lot of moral support coming from Officer Shumway. He is continually giving support to Sam and keeping him forging forward with the case.



Mill Valley [Marin County Court, CA]


Air Date:

October 30, 1991


Leap Date:

June 20,1980 – Friday

June 21st – Saturday / lunch and lawyers office

June 22nd - Sunday / 1st court day

June 23rd – Monday / 2nd court day



Katie McBain


Personal Review:

I didn’t pick this episode to adopt because it is one of my favorites. I love all the ~QL~ eps! But it was handy to do because it’s before one of my favorites, The Wrong Stuff, and I can watch any ep all day. :)

This is a very touching episode. Sam and Al are both very emotional regarding the rape of Katie.

Donald explored a variety of events and put Scott as Sam in these situations: rape, homosexuality, disability, discrimination / racial prejudice among others. Usually Sam and Al had the same opinions. But sometimes they disagreed. This made for an interesting episode.

In this episode you can see the great acting that Scott and Dean did. Even though I believe that they really feel for any rape victim. They both have daughters and as fathers I am sure this was an episode that touched them both and hit close to home.


Show Music & Songs:

~QL~ Music ~


Best Scene:

Sam is sitting on the gazebo swing and Al is standing next to him smoking a cigar and punching keys on the hand link.

AL: "Ziggy’s got nothing! No explanation!"

SAM: "If I didn’t leap in here to convict Kevin, then what am I doing here?"

AL: "I don’t know. In the original history, Katie left town a week after the rape and she never came back. Not even when her dad died in ’88."

SAM: "So that’s what I’m here for … to keep Katie in town?"

AL: "I don’t know … that’s a good explanation as any."

Kevin: "Talking to your-self, Katie?"

AL: "You slime ball!"

Kevin: "You shouldn’t have done it! You shouldn’t have put me through it, Katie."

SAM: "Put you through it?"

Kevin: "You should have known they’d believe me. I take a girl out for dinner and the next thing you know I’m on trial for rape." [Kevin sucker punches Sam and knocks him off the gazebo through the railing]

AL: "Sam! Get up and hit this pimple!"

Kevin: "You think that was rape? Wait ‘till you feel what I’m gonna do to you now!"

AL: "Sam! Do something! ... [Sam is lying on the ground face down and Kevin turns him over. Sam kicks him in the crotch … ouch! … This knocks Kevin half way across the gazebo] "That’ll work."

SAM: "I think I know … [Sam gets up and puts Kevin against the railing] "I think I know why I’m here Al." [Sam proceeds to kick some Kevin butt all over the gazebo floor! YAH!!!] "So things got a little out of control …huh? … So you slapped her … but that wasn’t enough … so you had to hit her … and then you hit her again … you son-of-a-bitch! [When Sam is done kickin’ his butt … Al ads his cigar ashes to the trash heaped on the gazebo floor! HeHeHe!!! … Mom and Dad come running outside]

Jim: "KATIE! … Call the police!"

Libby: "OMG!"

Jim: "Sweetie! What happened?"

SAM: "He tried to do it again. Only this time I wasn’t pinned inside of a car!"

Jim: "You did that … your-self?"

SAM: "Don’t act so surprised Dad, I mean after all … I am a McBain."


What would happen after the leap out?

At the end, after Sam fights with Kevin, his nose and lip are all bloody. When Katie leaps back in will she have a bloody nose and lip too? … Hummm … I don’t think so, because it is Sam’s actual body that got the bloody nose. It was Katie’s aura that Kevin hit, not Katie’s actual face.


Project Trivia:

The IC Door is seen in this episode. Al is coming out and going in.

In this and another episode someone is seen with Al in the IC. Katie in this episode, and Dr Beaks in ‘Shock Theater’ (ep3.22), but only Katie is heard. They both had to hold Al’s hand. Awww :)

The hand link is the ‘Gummy Bear’. Multi-colored little squares that flash, beep and squawk.

Ziggy is called a he in this episode.


Sam Trivia:

He remembers he has leaped into a female before.


Sam’s Best Scene:

After the first day in court and Sam faints, he’s in bed and mom is taking his temperature.

Libby: "No fever."

SAM: "Must be the stress."

Libby: "Would you like some milk and cookies?"

SAM: "Milk and cookies?"

Libby: "I … I don’t know what else to do … I … ummm … never thought I’d have to deal with anything like this."

SAM: "Either did I."

Libby: "I wish I could be like one of those mom’s on TV … say the right thing … make everything better … but Katie I’m … I’m very confused honey."

SAM: "It’s a very confusing time."

Libby: "But you know that I love you and I would do … oh I would do anything to take your pain away."

SAM: "I love you too, mom. I’ll tell you what …"

Libby: "What?"

SAM: "All of a sudden I have this … big yearning for milk and cookies."

Libby: "Ha-Ha-Ha! … Just give me a minute to bake ‘em."

SAM: "Bake them!" … [Laughs and shakes his head as she leaves the bedroom]

AL: "Moms are too much … aren’t they?"


Sam’s Best Lines:

While Sam is being questioned on the witness stand, Katie and Al are standing behind him. Even though Scott only has a few lines in this scene. He delivers his lines with such feeling and emotion. You can see it in his face and in his body language. CJF ;-)

Judge Bowers: "You may be seated. Will the state present its next witness."

Nancy Hudson: "The state calls Katie McBain."

SAM: "Please Al."

Bailiff: "Raise your right hand, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" [Just as he finishes his sentence the IC door opens and Al and Katie are there]

AL: "We did it Sam! WE DID IT! Of course it took enough power to light up St Louis for a month! But we DID IT!"

Judge Bowers: "Ms. McBain, you don’t feel faint again, do you?"

SAM: "No sir … Your Honor … I’m … I’m just fine."

AL: "Say ‘I do’ …"

Katie McBain: "I do."

SAM: "I do."

AL: "Get ready … Just relax."

Nancy Hudson: "Ms McBain, did you go out on a date with Kevin Wentworth, on the 20th of June?"

Katie McBain: "Yes … He asked me to go to dinner that night."

SAM: "Yes … He asked me to go to dinner that night."

Nancy Hudson: "Did you accept?"

Katie McBain: "Yes."

SAM: "Yes."

Nancy Hudson: "Could you please tell the court what happened on that dinner date?"

Katie McBain: "Kevin took me to O’ Petit Richard, it was very expensive and very nice. Then after dinner he asked me to go for a drive. I told him that I had to work the next day, that I’d rather go straight home."

SAM: "Kevin took me to O’ Petit Richard, it was very expensive and very nice. Then after dinner he asked me to go for a drive. And I told him that I had to work the next day, that I’d rather go straight home."

Nancy Hudson: "Did he take you straight home as you requested?"

Katie McBain: "No. He took me to Fort Conkite instead." [The camera moves in on Katie and Al. Sam is no longer repeating everything. Dean’s face shows so much concern and emotion. I’m sure he is thinking if this were Sophia, his daughter, ‘I’d kill the guy!’]

Nancy Hudson: "And what happened there?"

Katie McBain: "He parked the car and started to kiss me."

Nancy Hudson: "Did you kiss him back?"

Katie McBain: "At first, but then he started to get carried away and I stopped."

Nancy Hudson: "Carried away?"

Katie McBain: "He tried to put his hand up my dress."

Nancy Hudson: "Go on."

Katie McBain: "I told him I wasn’t like that, that I was a nice girl."

Nancy Hudson: "What did he say?"

Katie McBain: "He said the only difference between nice girls and bad girls is that bad girls help you. Then he started kissing and groping me again and I started to cry."

Nancy Hudson: "How did he respond to your tears?"

Katie McBain: "He slapped me. I think … I screamed … because then he hit me and pinned my arms behind me."

Nancy Hudson: "Did he slap you or hit you? You said both."

Katie McBain: "He slapped me first then hit me with his fist." [Dean looks even more disgusted and tightens up his face muscles. He looks down then back up again at the camera]

Nancy Hudson: "How many times did he hit you with his fist?"

Katie McBain: "Three or four times."

Nancy Hudson: "Did he knock you unconscious?"

Katie McBain: "I was kinda fuzzy for a while, but I don’t think I lost consciousness."

Nancy Hudson: "And then what happened?"

Katie McBain: "Then … then he raped me."

Nancy Hudson: "Did you resist him?"

Katie McBain: "Not after he hit me."

Nancy Hudson: "Why not?"

Katie McBain: "Because … I … was … afraid he would kill me!"

Nancy Hudson: "How did you escape?"

Katie McBain: "When he was through he got off me and I opened the door and I ran."

Nancy Hudson: "Did you fall … while running?"

Katie McBain: "No."

Nancy Hudson: "Did you consent to having sexual intercourse with Mr. Wentworth that evening?"

Katie McBain: "NO!"

Nancy Hudson: "Did you behave in any manner that would make Mr. Wentworth think you wanted to have sexual intercourse with him that evening?"

Katie McBain: "NO! Never … He raped me!"

Nancy Hudson: "Thank you. No further questions."

SAM: "Sighs and sniffles …" [The camera pans around the court room and back to Sam]

Sam is talking to himself or Al but others think he is talking to them, but making no sense ... 

SAM: "I must be here to press charges."

SAM: "I think that's why I'm here."

(in Nancy's office talking to Al, and cleans it up)

SAM: "I know that."

Nancy: "Know what?"

SAM: "That you're afraid of loosing."

(in Nancy's office after the consultation)

SAM: "Looks like I'm through here."

SAM: "This is not working Al!"

SAM: "huh? what?"

(in the court room waiting for Al to come through)

SAM: "Come on Al"

Nancy: "Who's Al?"

SAM: "Ahhh ... he's kinda my a ... patron saint of hopeless causes."

Nancy: "Well then ... come on Al ... we need all the help we can get."

(Officer Shumway looks at Sam as he walks away w/ a puzzled look on his face)

SAM: "Besides ... I'm still here ... so ... it must not be over yet."


Al Trivia:

Ruthie, his third wife divorced him for singing in his sleep.

Al uses some of his famous words in this episode. ‘NOZZLE’ & ‘BINGO:)


Al’s Best Lines:

SAM: "What is wrong with these people!"

AL: "They don’t believe you, Sam. Ziggy showed me a bunch of newspaper stories an they’re all slanted against the victims."

SAM: "It doesn’t change the truth."

AL: "Well what if its not the truth?"

SAM: "Oh come on Al, Katie was raped! You know that."

AL: "Oh I’m just saying … that maybe … she wasn’t raped by Kevin."

SAM: "What?"

AL: "Ziggy says, ‘There’s a 47% chance that the rape occurred after she left Kevin.’

SAM: "What does Katie say?"

AL: "She says that Kevin raped her."

SAM: "Well I think Katie … is telling the truth … don’t you?"

AL: "Okay let me play devils advocate … okay? Katie and Kevin go out to dinner they go to a restaurant … they have a couple glasses of wine and then they go for a drive … they go up to Fort Conkite and they get into a … little romantic discussion. The discussion turns to kissing and pretty soon the kissing gets passionate and then the passion gets into na-na-na daht-daht."

SAM: "Yah I know …"

AL: "Okay … you know … then when they’re done … just say … for some reason they get into an argument."

SAM: "About what?"

AL: "I don’t know … say … oh ahhh … another woman … there’s always another woman. Katie gets angry … she gets outta the car and hitches a ride home."

SAM: "And gets picked up by strangers."

AL: "Hummm!!!" [Making a fist to let Sam know he hit the nail on the head] "Or … it could just be one guy! He sees that she’s tipsy and he sees that she’s hurt … she’s alone … he takes advantage of her … he rapes her … roughs her up … drops her at a hospital. Who’s the guy? She doesn’t know … she never saw him before. But she’s hurt and angry and humiliated … so who’s the only guy she can take it out on?"

SAM: "Kevin."


SAM: "Only it didn’t happen that way."

AL: "But you don’t know that for sure."

SAM: "Why would I have leaped in here?"

AL: "I don’t know … I don’t know … some …"

SAM: "Katie was raped! And in my heart I feel … that Kevin did it. Now unless you or somebody else can show me a reason to believe differently I’m going to do everything I can to prove Kevin is guilty."


Al’s Best Scene:

Al pops in via the IC door and Sam makes an excuse that he is tired, he was talking to his sister in the bedroom.

SAM: "About time you got here!"

AL: "Well I was stuck in the waiting room. The girl that you leaped into is all … balled up … in the fetal position, she’s layin’ there, she can’t say anything, she won’t do anything … just lay there and shake. Verbena’s with her."

SAM: "She was raped, Al."

AL: "Oh she was … raped …"

SAM: "Yah …"

AL: "Oh … ahhh … did they get the nozzle that did it?"

SAM: "Well … yes and no … ahhh … I mean she went out with this guy a couple of times … so no one will believe that it was rape."

AL: "Ahhh … ya mean the, oh the girl says no but really means yes crapola! What a shame! What’s his name?"

SAM: "Ahhh … Kevin … ahhh … Kevin Wentworth"

AL: "This guy was never charged with rape." [Punching keys on the hand link]

SAM: "Gaw …" [Turns around with a disgusted look on his face and sits on the bed]

AL: "Here I’ll run down his bio for you. He got a baseball scholarship to Arizona State, he got married once, he got divorced. OH! Here’s something … his wife charged him with emotional abuse. Ahhh … of course this isn’t for ten years."

SAM: "Well it’s NOW for Katie!"

AL: "Ya know …" [Chuckling] "these abuse cases and divorces you never can tell. I … my first … first … sec … first … no third … fourth … yah third wife, she charged me with abuse for singing in my sleep. [Scott is looking at Dean like ‘what the hell are you talking about?’]

SAM: "You sang in your sleep?"

AL: "Uh-huh" [puffing on his cigar] "I can’t … let’s see it was … it was … Volare …"

SAM: [Grunts]

AL: "Oh whoa … Cantare … oh-oh-oh-oh …" [Singing w/his hands together like a pillow next to his cheek w/the hand link in between & holding his cigar … eyes closed and hand link squawking]

SAM: "AL! AL!" [Looking at him starting to say something and raising his eyebrows with a quizzical smirk and smile]

AL: "Ahhh lee … lou-lou-lou-lou …"

SAM: "AL!"

AL: "Huh? OH! … Sorry … I’m sorry …"

SAM: "Look my gut tells me that I’m here to stop Kevin from abusing anyone else the way he did Katie."

AL: "Well Ziggy agrees with you, he says you’re here to charge this guy with rape!"

SAM: "And then I can leap?"

AL: "Probably."

SAM: "Probably? Al I can’t testify! I wasn’t the one who was raped!"

AL: "Oh? Did I say probably?"

SAM: "Yes you did!"

AL: "Oh ha …no I meant defiantly! You can leap defiantly! With an 89% probability."

SAM: "AL!"

AL: "That’s the best I can do!" [Dean is waving his arms and Scott is giving him the squinty eye look … lmao]


Al’s Outfits:

1) Light Olive Green long sleeved shirt w/ over sized silver studs on the collar, down the front and on the cuffs. Light Olive Green pants w/Brown belt. A large round gold ring on ring finger of right hand.

2) Wedgwood Blue shirt w/ large Black buttons down the front, Black and Silver leather jacket, Black pants & a silver triangle bolo tie.

3) Peach suit w/ White, Gray & Rust multi-colored designs shirt & gold colored watch w/ brown band on left wrist.

4) Orange Nauru collar silky shirt, Cream colored pants, Brown belt, a White, Brown, Rust & Olive-Green paisley design vest, the White tennis shoes w/ black toes and heels & Gold colored watch w/ brown band on left wrist.


Al’s Women:

3rd wife … divorced him for singing in his sleep …


Miscellaneous Trivia:

Al popped in 7 times

Al smoked 6 cigars

United States / in 1980 = [Population] - 225,349,264 … [Forcible Rape] - 82,990



Quotable Quotes:

AL: "Sam! Get up and hit this pimple! … Sam do something! ... That’ll work."

Nancy Hudson: "You lie to me I’ll drop your butt so fast you won't know what hit you" [Al almost drops the cigar out of his mouth] LOL :-0


Regular Cast:

Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci

Deborah Pratt as Narrator/Ziggy (voice)


Guest Cast:

Eric Bruskotter as Glen

Mark Conley (I) as Bailiff

Michael Griswold as Dr. Samuel

Eugene Lee (III) as Officer Shumway

Nancy Lenehan as Colleen McBain

Aaron Lustig as Judge Bowers

Pat O'Neal (I) as Randy

John Petlock as Brian Chadwick

Penny Peyser as Nancy Hudson

Cheryl Pollak as Katie McBain (mirror)

Arthur Rosenberg as Jim McBain

Amy Ryan (I) as Libby McBain

Matthew Sheehan as Kevin Wentworth

Liz Vassey as Paula Fletcher



Executive Producer & Created By: Donald P Bellisario

Theme By: Mike Post

Music By: Velton Ray Bunch

Co-Producer: Deborah Pratt

Co-Executive Producer: Michael Zinberg

Supervising Producer: Harker Wade

Produced By: Jeff Gourson, Tommy Thompson, Chris Ruppenthal & Paul Brown

Written By: Beverly Bridges

Associate Producers: Julie Bellisario & James S Giritlian

Coordinating Producer: David Bellisario

Story Editor: Paris Qualles

Director Of Photography: Michael Watkins

Production Designer: Cameron Birnie

Edited By: M. Edward Salier

Unit Production Manager: Ron Grow

Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Art Director: Ellen Dambros Williams

Sound Mixer: Barry D. Thomas

Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth

Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision

Sound Editor: Greg Schorer

Music Editor: Bruce Frazier



Miscellaneous Trivia For Guest Cast / Guests Who Appeared in Other QL Episodes:

Eric Bruskotter as Glen played in 3 ~QL~ episodes: playing ‘Beau’ in episode: Memphis Melody - (episode # 5.21) and playing ‘Red’ in episode: Liberation - (episode # 5.13). He was also in Major League: Back to the Minors (1998) as 'Rube Baker' ... w/ Scott Bakula as ‘Gus Cantrell’. JAG (1995) playing ‘SP Drum’ in Brig Break (episode # 1.8). One of my other favorite shows [other than ~QL~] is HBO’s - Six Feet Under (2001). He was in three episodes, playing ‘Keith's Partner’ in Back to the Garden (episode # 2.7) and in The Invisible Woman (episode # 2.5) and in Driving Mr. Mossback (episode # 2.4). Scott Bakula also had a recurring guest cast role in this show, Designing Women (1986). Eric played ‘Burton Riffel’ in Oh, Suzannah (episode # 1.18) and in Reese's Friend (episode # 1.16). But not with Scott ... :(

Aaron Lustig as Judge Bowers was in an episode of Enterprise (2001) playing ‘Guri’ in The Catwalk (episode # 2.12) and Star Trek: Voyager (1995) playing ‘Doctor’ in Ex Post Facto (episode # 1.8).

Cheryl Pollak as Katie McBain (mirror) was in an episode of JAG (1995) playing ‘Gloria Goldberg’ in Lifeline (episode # 6.22). She was the post-production supervisor for Dandelion (2003), one of the creative consultants for The Sterling Chase (1999), a post-production supervisor & producer for Betty (1997) and The Ticket (1994). What a busy woman!

Liz Vassey as Paula Fletcher was also in another episode of ~QL~ Goodbye Norma Jean playing ‘Barbara Whitmore’ (episode # 5.18).

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