"The Right Hand of God"

Leap Date:

October 24, 1974

Episode adopted by: R. Joy Helvie
Additional info provided by: Brian Greene


Knocked out just as he leaps in, Sam has become Kid Cody, a boxer who's contract is owned by a group of nuns. Complicating things is a fight promoter who is forcing the Kid to throw his matches for profit. And then there's the girlfriend who wants him to retire from boxing all together.

Now he must somehow win the championship to build the nuns a new chapel and maybe save a soul or two along the way.


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Production # 65002

TV Guide Synopsis:
Sam leaps into 1974 and assumes the identity of a glass-jawed boxer whose contract is owned by two nuns hoping to finance a chapel for the poor. Sister Angela: Michelle Joyner. Dixie: Teri Copley. Roscoe: Jonathan Gries. Sister Sarah: Nancy Kulp. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Sacramento, CA

October 24, 1974

larence "Kid" Cody

Broadcast Date:
April 7, 1989

"Dancing Machine" by The Jackson Five
"Amazing Grace"
"Takin’ Care of Business" by Bachman Turner Overdrive
"You Don’t Mess Around With Jim" by Jim Croce
"Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell


Project Trivia:
Handlink: thicker, fully black plastic, more screens/lights, more bright buttons

Al's house is outside the Project.


Al Trivia:
His neighbor sleeps in the day/rebuilds car at night; Al has a house outside the PQL complex.

He snores.

He was Golden Gloves Regional Champion at age 16.


Al's Outfits:
1) Peach shirt
, gold & copper jacket, black slacks, leopard-print suspenders, gold shoes, black tie w/silver stripes at tip

2) White suit, white blouse, white shoes

3) White blouse, red slacks, checkered suspenders, red fedora w/black band, white/black/yellow/red tie


Al's Women:
Denise (met at party, she’s writing his life story)
Tina (girlfriend; sometimes cheats on her)

Kiss With History:
Sam bets on the Muhammad Ali / George Foreman fight and wins.

On television, the Watergate scandal investigation is ongoing.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
The crew arranged for some stripping nuns to visit Dean Stockwell on his birthday.

Guy Stockwell is Dean Stockwell's brother.


Guest Cast:
Mr. Jake Edwards: Guy Stockwell
Sister Angela: Michelle Joyner
Dixie: Teri Copley
Gomez: Alex Cólon
Sister Sarah: Nancy Kulp
Father Muldooney: Lewis Arquette
Chalky: James Cavan
Link: Vinnie Curto
Bartender: Rocky Giordani
Roscoe: Jonathan Gries
Tiger Joe Jackson: Roger Hewlett
Black Fighter: George King III
Referee: George O’Mara
Clarence "Kid" Cody (mirror): Michael Strasser
Ring Announcer: Daniel Valdivia

Guest Cast Notes:
Guy Stockwell is Dean Stockwell's brother.

Guests Who Appeared in Other Quantum Leap Episodes:
Jonathan Gries appears in "Glitter Rock" as Flash.


Executive Producer:
Donald P. Bellisario

Written by:
John Hill

Directed by:
Gilbert Shilton

Music by:
Mike Post

Edited by:
George R. Rohrs
Lawrence S. Breslow

Art Director:
Cameron Birnie

Director of Photography:
Roy H. Wagner a.s.c.

Supervising Producer:
John Hill

Deborah Pratt

Produced by:
Harker Wade

Associate Producer:
David Bellisario

Unit Production Manager:
Paul Cajero

1st Assistant Director:
Bruce A. Humphrey

2nd Assistant Director:
Roberto Villar

Melissa Skoff, c.s.a.

Set Director:
Robert L. Zilliox

Executive Story Consultant:
Deborah Arakelian

Costume Designer:
Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Costume Supervisors:
David Rawley
Donna Roberts-Orme

Sound Mixer:
Ron L. Collins

Stunt Coordinator:
Diamond Farnsworth

Casting Associate:
Debi Manwiller

Sound Editor:
Sam Gemette

Music Editor:
Susan Mick

Say What?
The boxing posters are set differently in the mirror and non-mirror shots.

The cardboard that Al lays down on moves slightly under his weight.

Al appears while sleeping. Did he go in there and instead of first talking with Sam, he fell asleep in the Imaging Chamber?

The handlink disappears when Al and Sam faux box in the ring.

Sam's mouthguard magically reappears after knocking out his opponent.

Quotable Quotes:
He's got more holes in his muffler than you've got in your memory.
-- Al, "The Right Hand of God"

People with monogamous relationships don't wake up with guilty consciences.
They don't have any fun either.
-- Sam and Al, "Right Hand of God"

You know I have a feeling that between you and I and a couple of guardian angels, we're going to get this job done.
-- Sister Angela, "The Right Hand Of God"

Well, in case you and Ziggy haven't noticed, they're all unscheduled stops.  The only thing I'm scheduled to do here is get my brains knocked out.
-- Sam, "The Right Hand of God."

When I was 16, back in the days when dinosaurs ruled the planet, I was a Golden Gloves regional champ.
-- Al, "The Right Hand of God"

When you're fighting for the Lord, you get inside tips.
-- Sam, "The Right Hand of God"

Sugar glazed, jelly filled with sprinkles on top!
-- Dixie and Sam, "The Right Hand of God"

Maybe that's all winning is... having the right person believe in you.
-- Sam, "The Right Hand of God"

What unknown variables?
Well, if we knew the unknown, the unknown wouldn't be unknown.
-- Sam and Al, "The Right Hand of God"

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