607 Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night

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Aug 26, 2002
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Queen of the Night
October 14, 1999

Hutto, Texas

From radio disc jockey to a priest, to a boxer to a chimpanzee, and now into a bodysuit?a mascot?a Hippo.

As Novatalia Chamberlain, Sam has a hard time trying to figure out exactly why he is there. An encounter with a Ouija board doesn't help Sam at all, but convinces Al that something hinky is going on. Will they figure out what Sam's there to do in time?

Written by: M. J. Cogburn

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I liked it.... BUT...

There were a cuple of things in this episode I felt didnt follow true QL style.
One: There should have been more of a Ouija board explanation, like with the whole David thing, repeating the stuff the Devil had told Sam in the Halloween/Stephen King episode.
Two: I did not like that Al "Leered" at the 13-14 year old teenage cheerleaders. Yes Al has ALWAYS been a super horndog, but always to women of age. Through out the history of the show Al was always very Fatherly to any young women Sam had dealt with during his leaps. I just though it seemed kinda DIRTY, and a bit like a pedophile, thats not how I percieved Al, AT ALL.
For the most part I like this story. However, I don't like the part with Al checking how the junior high girls. He's always been a womanizer, not a pedophile.
I agree with all above I did find that a bit wrong but i love the thought of the oujia board and the way it tied in a little to the Devil episode - it was very freaky and tensyion was a definate asspect, all in all I think it was a great episode
This was a pretty decent episode. I did like the Hippo humor, and I really wished I could have seen this episode visually, because I would have loved to watch Sam dance around in a Hippo uniform. I'm afraid that I do have to agree with Vince and Megha, though, I raised an eyebrow after reading that part.