608 I'll Be Home for Christmas, Part I

I'll Be Home for Christmas, Part I

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Aug 26, 2002
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I'll Be Home for Christmas, Part I
December 17, 1953

Outside New York City, New York

Sam leaps into Janeen Perry, a psychiatric nurse in a New York county mental hospital. He discovers that he's there to save the life of Janeen's neighbor, Emma, from an apartment fire.

As a major snowstorm moves towards Sam, Dr. Beeks has begun to worry about Al's ability to function under difficult personal circumstances. Both the approaching storm and Al's situation put the Project and Emma at risk.

Written by: A. J. Burfield

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I also enjoyed this episode. It was a great way to incorporate the project, as well as Al's past, into the leap. I can't wait to read the second part.

I had one quesiton though that perhaps the writers can answer. The year in this episode was referred to as 2000 (back at the Project). Yet in the last episodes, the year was 1999. Was this an oversight, or did a whole year pass between episodes?
While I've been reading through all of the episodes in TVS 6 I wanted to comment on this one in particular. I haven't read part 2 yet at this point. But this episode was really very good; well written. The story line is excellent. I enjoyed it immensely!