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Aug 26, 2002
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November 4, 1998

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As a sixth grade English teacher, Adelaine Boyd, Sam must keep a young man from choosing a path that will lead to his death. And who is the mysterious man that wants to take Adelaine out? Are these things even connected?

Written by: M. J. Cogburn

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I really enjoyed this episode, especially the twist towards the end about Darryl. Plus, the ending was also fun.

Actually, I'm studying to be a teacher, so I found some classroom descriptions rather grim. I hope no personal experience was used in this episode. :lol
Actually, interestingly enough the part about the persuasive paper actually happened. Tyler was an actual student that I had. He was a great kid too.

I throughly enjoy teaching. I'm in my 13th year... so... I have been around the block with that one. :)