617 Intersection With a Leaper

Intersection With a Leaper

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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas
Intersection With a Leaper
September 28, 1979 / September 12, 1994

Mountains near Ruidoso, New Mexico / Burbank, California

When Sam leaps first into Joshua Raddick, then into Nick Clement years later, he helps to unravel a mystery that has plagued Joshua's twin sister, Olivia, for half her life: what really happened to her brother sixteen years earlier? And would Joshua ever come home again? Is the truth really out there?

Written by: A. J. Burfield

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This was a decent episode. I felt pretty bad for Sam throughout, considering his situation. However, I was happy at the ending.

Anyways, I can't wait to read the season finale. I'm sure that I'll be quite satisfied.
I thought this was an excellent episode! Between the two leaps, the development of the problems with the first host and the script, the story was so well done. One of the best in this season I felt.