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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas

played by: Michael Weiss

Job: Quasi-Living Hybrid Computer / Evil Incarnate

Dr. Nathaniel Lothoman was the next genius of our time. He built his own complex in the British Isle based on the theories of Dr. Samuel Beckett.

At present, Dr. Lothoman has changed his physical appearance. He is no longer the handsome man pictured here, but now, a quasi-living hybrid computer.

Since his change, he has become the absolute, merciless dictator of his complex. He is under the opinion that: "If it's in my complex, I own it, and that includes all humans. My word is absolute. Cross me and you probably won't live to regret it."

Those that work under Lothos, already had to pay a price, by having an implant placed in their brain, letting him see and hear all.

So far, he has only uttered one of his goals. "The only one goal that I would consider revealing to humans is my unswerving determination to rid the Earth of Dr. Samuel Beckett, Admiral Albert Calavicci and, their annoying hybrid computer. All three of which have meddled in time correcting that which I had altered for my own ultimate purposes. I will ultimately succeed in this endeavor."

Having loved Dr. Zo? Malvison before he became the power-hungry computer, he became the proud father of two daughters. Although Lothos loves his daughters, and thereby decided not to give them implants, they are subject to the same rules and consequences in the complex. He specifically separated them wanting them to grow up to be individuals and not to know of the other.