Fate's Wide Wheel Quantum Leap | Benjamin Raab & Deric Hughes (212 "As the World Burns")

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Project QL Intern
Jan 8, 2024
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In this episode, I am joined by Benjamin Raab & Deric Hughes (EP/writers - One Night in Koreatown) to discuss the writing and character development in the episode 'As the World Burns'.

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Finding moments of levity and organic humor is important in storytelling.
Chemistry and humor in the HQ scenes contribute to the character-driven nature of the episodes.
Crafting synergy between the present-day and leap stories enhances the storytelling experience.
The last leap between Ben and Hannah is a significant moment in the show.
The theme of sacrifice is explored throughout the season.
The emotional journey of Gideon Ridge adds depth to the story.
Nods to Superman and other comic book references are included in the show.
Inspiration can come from being able to pursue one's passion and work with great colleagues and friends.
Family and personal relationships can be a major source of inspiration.
Starting a podcast can be a fun way to explore different topics and connect with others.
Being grateful for the support of fans and engaging with them can bring joy and fulfillment.

00:00 Introduction and Weather Check-In
02:10 Discussion of the Episode 'As the World Burns'
03:38 Writing Jeffrey's Character
06:09 Jeffrey's Emotional Journey
08:38 Scene between Addison and Hannah
11:49 Addison's Character Arc
13:35 The Importance of Caitlin's Performance
16:18 The Scene between Addison and Hannah
19:21 Full Spoilers for 'Against Time'
21:32 The Character Arc of Addison
24:47 The Dynamics between Magic and Jen
28:47 Setting up the Project Side of the Story
34:17 Balancing Humor in the Episode
34:58 Finding Moments of Levity
35:28 Chemistry and Humor in the HQ Scenes
36:35 Character-Driven Episodes
37:34 The Importance of Reactions in the Leap and HQ Stories
38:28 Crafting Synergy Between Present Day and Leap Story
39:28 Writing a Scenario with A and B Stories
40:48 The Last Leap Between Ben and Hannah
43:58 Avoiding the Trope of Killing Off a Character
45:03 Balancing Drama, Tragedy, and Joy
46:26 The Importance of the Last Leap Between Ben and Hannah
48:48 The Real Formula and Science Consultation
50:46 Crafting the Last Leap Between Ben and Hannah
52:39 The Nature of Sacrifice Throughout the Season
54:16 The Emotional Journey of Gideon Ridge
58:11 Building the Character of Gideon Ridge
01:04:19 Nods to Superman and Comic Book References
01:10:29 The Importance of Planning and Planting Seeds
01:11:37 Shaping Season Two and the Unique Circumstances
01:12:17 Learning from Season One and Shifting the Paradigm
01:13:45 Digging Deeper into the Character
s01:15:11 Bringing the Rocket Back Down Safely
01:17:42 The Pressure of the Strike and Ending Season Two
01:18:59 Crafting Emotional Goodbye Scenes
01:20:29 The Impact of Music and Flashbacks
01:25:22 The Emotional Payoffs of Season Two
01:28:19 Crafting the Letter Reading Scene
01:31:59 Bringing Season Two to a Close
01:34:28 Remembering Matt Dale and His Impact
01:46:25 What Inspires You?
01:47:30 Inspiration and Relationships
01:48:52 What Inspires Ben?
01:50:18 Ben's Podcast
01:52:04 Derek's Current Projects
01:54:10 Gratitude and Fan Engagement
01:55:09 Closing Remarks