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Project QL Intern
Jan 8, 2024
Here it is - the full long-form exclusive interview with Raymond Lee. I still can't quite believe it happened. I hope you enjoy :)

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In this episode, Sam Fain interviews Raymond Lee, who plays Ben Song on the show.

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The show has a powerful emotional impact on viewers and has resonated with many.
Choosing empathy and compassion is important in today's world.
Art has the power to influence and transform the artist.
Clowning can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and redefining oneself.
The show promotes inclusivity and representation.
Embrace changes in the show and find ways to make them work for you.
Create a safe and welcoming environment on set for all cast and crew members.
Recognize and appreciate the importance of every role in the production.
Take care of yourself to create a positive working environment.
Chemistry reads over Zoom can still be effective in establishing connections with other actors.
00:00 Introduction and Appreciation
03:03 The Emotional Impact of the Show
07:49 Choosing Empathy and Compassion
11:49 The Influence of Art on the Artist
14:57 From Kinesiology to Theater
25:09 Being Othered and Inclusivity
39:06 Introduction and Appreciation for the Show
40:02 Initial Reactions to Changes in the Show
41:15 Accepting and Embracing Changes in the Show
42:13 The Impact of the Pilot Script Changes
43:15 The Importance of the Show's Originality
44:00 Creating a Safe and Welcoming Environment on Set
45:02 Navigating Changes in Season 2
46:00 Learning from Past Quantum Leap Actors
47:18 The Impactful Moments in Season 1
48:17 The Chemistry and Connection with Co-Stars
49:45 The Importance of Character-Driven Stories
51:00 Creating a Welcoming Environment on Set
52:12 The Importance of Recognizing and Appreciating Every Role
53:09 The Impact of a Safe Working Space
54:06 Taking Care of Yourself to Create a Positive Working Environment
56:26 Recognizing the Importance of Every Role in the Production
57:52 The Impact of a Safe Working Space
59:06 Creating a Safe Space for Actors
01:01:38 The Impact of Eliza Coupe's Arrival on the Show
01:03:17 Continuing the Show without a Break
01:06:21 The Chemistry Read with Eliza Coupe
01:07:09 Eliza Coupe's Confidence and Performance
01:10:09 The Vulnerability of Characters
01:10:37 Character-Driven Storytelling
01:11:55 Difficult Scenes and Emotional Moments
01:12:31 Saying Goodbye to Co-Stars
01:13:54 Filming in Egypt
01:15:21 Running Towards the Fire
01:19:24 The Perfect Ending
01:20:50 Inspiration and Priorities
01:36:29 What Inspires You?
01:39:34 To Be Continued