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Originally Posted by Al The Observer
I have noticed a "nitpick" in this episode. Five minutes and forty-five seconds into the episode, Father Mack holds up a Philadelphia Guardian newspaper dated August 19, 1963, featuring the headline "Youth Hit By Train." Upon closer inspection, the article just below the headline and next to the picture of the youth reads that Dianne Feinstein is up 13 percentage points against her opponent in next month's election for the Democratic nomination for California's gubernatorial race. The date of the election: June 5.
Freeze-framing on the newspapers is always a hoot. There are a couple of howlers in Trilogy, I think - instead of the local murder, the article has to do with construction at LAX. Whoever had the thankless task of preparing the prop newspapers clearly didn't anticipate DVD technology revealing the fact that they only replaced headlines, not articles.
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