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This was a well-done episode. All the characters were believable (yes, even the nit-picky first-pew ladies), and well-acted. I think the little guy who played Joey did a fantastic job. Also the actor who played Father Mack. You could see his hands shaking as he was doing the drinking scenes. Nice attention to detail.

I didn't like how Al seemed afraid to enter the church. Yes, I completely understand his anger over his father's death, and how he would be reluctant to ever have anything to do with his childhood faith (Roman Catholicism) again, but fear? The way he looks around with trepidation at his surroundings each time he's inside (or at the doorway of) the church? That seemed unrealistic to me. When a person stops believing the faith they were raised to believe, especially for a reason like Al's, I don't understand why there would be fear of coming into contact with symbols of that former faith. Irritation, yes. Anger, yes. Fear? No.

Though taking a knee and saying a prayer for Sam was touching. I liked the little bit at the end: "Thanks."

This episode still gets an Excellent from me.
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