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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
It's not bluntly stated, but the specified fact that Peg didn't win her pageant ("I would have won had one of my batons not failed to ignite") is a pretty clear indicator that Clint still had her photos since as Al pointed out the nude contestant photos were most valuable when they were of winners. So someone with motives like Clint certainly wouldn't sell nude photos of any less. It's also strongly hinted at in the scene where she fired him when he says "You've got too much to lose" with this condescending expression and tone that's saying "You know what I can do to you *****!"

Another thing that can be considered is if you pay close attention Sam and Connie end up destroying two roles of film, one could speculate that one roll was Peg's.

I'm pretty sure the only reason he'd ended up selling Connie's photos to some sleazy calendar in the original history was because she'd vanished and thus couldn't be blackmailed and she couldn't have taken out a lawsuit against him without coming out of hiding.
But when Peg introduced herself to Sam, she said she was Miss Deep South in 1946, as well as parroting off a string of other pageants she had won, with just that other exception because her batons failed to ignite. But that wasn't the Miss Deep South pageant.

Lovely to see you back here btw SBF

Edit: I think you're correct that because there were two rolls, the other roll was probably Peg's photos. He must have quickly retrieved it for when Peg grilled him about taking the photos of Connie, just to prove that he still had them and would take her down with him if he went down.
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