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i laugh my rear off every time of Sam in the Carmon Maranda outfit lol.

This episode is equal in its seriousness and humor. First of all, Sam is a woman! or rather a young lady who is a contestant in the biggest beauty pagent in the south. his outfits throughout the episode are halarious, plus the share of Al humor, especially because this leap is packed with women, making for a paradise for him.
Clint Boumaunt, the pagent photogapher was the weasel in this episode. although i found his charactor very well written and acted, the charactor himself made me mad, and i was glad of the way Sam eventually showed him who's boss with some serious girl power!
I also loved Sam's "Great Balls of Fire" rutine, that won him the pagent, and how cute it was when he got a tear in his eyes and told Al that he wished his little sister Katie was here to see him. To see what? i always ask, her brother in a dress winning a beauty pagent? what a laugh fest that would have been for her. lol. i have to say this episode was quite a laugh fest for me and my best friend. mostly the outfits like i said. The Carmon Meranda, for one thing, had be cracked up the most and then:
"I expect to see you down by the pool in twenty minutes"
*Sam nods*
"In your bathing suit"
*Sam nods agian....after a few seconds his eyes widen*
"Bathing suit!"
always an enjoyable episode.

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