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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
This is new information to me, interesting.
Though I'm not seeing how that supposed rumor fits with the fact that it was Pratt that didn't appreciate Donna being reacknowledged in a form that made Sam's inappropriate feat in 'Star-Crossed' successful in this episode (among other things) and had tried to use Trilogy to justify disregarding that.
This was used as a reason for why Bellisario messed with her character, that he was being spiteful because of the way Donna is presented in this episode, which along with the writing of Sam's treatment of her is pretty hateful toward women and wives. I think Debra Pratt ended up disregarding it with Trilogy because she was pissed about what he did with her character (who was not originally written as an uncaring, terrible monster) and she just wanted to forget it. As feldon pointed out in either this thread or one of the other threads, this show (like other shows that were created and aired around this time) was syndicated and wasn't written with a lot of continuity in mind so it could be aired in any order, whether it was first run or re-runs -- so it was easy for Pratt to just ignore any continuity with this episode and write what she wanted, because there wasn't the emphasis on it in TV shows like there is now.

It's more about the treatment of Pratt's original character than about Sam's change being successful. I'm not sure what Pratt had in mind as whether this should've been the outcome.
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